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Solar Power – History

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Solar power has been part of the way people cook, warm their homes and meet the energy needs of their life for thousands of years. In ancient Greece, builders would face the homes to obtain the benefits of the winter sun. In fact, some people believe that as early as 212 BC solar energy was being used by Archimedes. Legends tell of how Archimedes used reflective surfaces to burn enemy ships. It was not until the 1860s that solar energy moved from passive use of solar energy to a more active use.

August Mouchout in 1861 invented the first solar motor. However, the high costs of production in the 1860s could not compete with fossil fuels. Many believed that the supply of fossil fuel would never run out. When the price of coal dropped the high cost of the proposed solar powered motor doomed it to failure. This did not even stop or even stifle interest in solar power.

John Ericsson, also known for the design of the USS Monitor created a parabolic trough collector. This technology and way of solar energy collection was used for more than a hundred years later with little change in design. Around 1900 William Grylls Adams discovered the effect of sunlight on selenium. The selenium released electrons and contributed to the production of electricity.

It was not until 1921 with Albert Einstein's Nobel Prize winning research on photoelectric effect that solar energy started to gain a foothold in research and development. It took an addition 32 years before Gerald Pearson, Calvin Fuller and Daryl Chaplin of Bell Laboratories developed a solar cell made of silicon that was capable of producing an electrical current that was measurable. This is where solar power began to become an active development product for energy research.

The largest difficulty solar power faced was cost. In 1956, just three years after the development of the first silicon cell the cost for a single watt was $ 300. The 1950s and 1960s however, saw some advancement due to the Space Race. Many satellites and spacecraft make use of solar panels for their electricity needs.

When the Arab Oil Embargo doubled oil prices in 1973, solar energy became top on the list of energy research as government leaders looked for a means of reducing the dependence on fossil fuels. As a result, the US government invested in alternative energy research and the silicon cell produced in 1953. The use of solar energy as a main alternative although would not appear until the 1990s when costs declined and allowed solar energy to become competitive against fossil fuels.

Solar power gained international notice when in 2002 Japan installed solar panels on 25,000 rooftops. Large-scale orders such as this one drove market prices down and increased demand for solar panels and solar powered water heating devices. This in turn increased research into materials, designs and improvements to help make solar panels and cells produce greater amounts of electricity in smaller spaces.

Source by Dan G Carter

5 Ways You Are Guaranteed To Fail With Your Network Marketing Opportunity

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"The greatest success of all time is the rate at which we can achieve failure." I read that somewhere and when you stop to think about it's implications in entrepreneurship no truer words have ever been penned when it comes to describing any network marketing opportunity.

The failure rate in the MLM industry is steady fast at 97%. It looks like we have the system for failure down pretty good. Here are the five sure fire ways guaranteed to fail every time with your network marketing opportunity.

One: Repeating old Network marketing training (condensed version). Make a list of everyone that you know. Rate them on your scale of 1-10 or 1-5 according to how well you know them. Invite some friends over but do not tell them what it is about. When you get someone to come over then spring your presentation on them. Tell them all about your product, opportunity and compensation plan on several pieces of paper. It is a numbers game, you have to sort they tell you. Keep positive, you can do it. Yeah right! Look at the figures. 97% failure rate tells the story here.

Hundreds if not thousands of top MLM leaders offer fully automated MLM systems online. They offer up to the minute video training on exactly how and who to recruit, where and how to find them and how to cash in on multiple streams of income. That is not network marketing training for 97% failure though so be fair warned.

Two: Believe "it is a numbers game". You have to sort through the duds to get to the studies, that is what you are taught. If only 3% of all of your contacts will join you then are not you dealing with the wrong leads? Of the 3% who do join you, (using your list) guess what? 97% of them are going to fail right along with you. It is a numbers game all right but these are the wrong numbers. There is a better system than that of stupidity and failing 97% of the time. The numbers game that you want to employ is success above and beyond the 60% – 80% or more

Automated system can bring 8-10 highly qualified network marketing leads to you and your opportunity every day. That is 8-10 network marketing leads or prospects who are already interested in what you have to offer.The network marketing training with modern up to the minute automation is the way to go.

Three: Buying network marketing leads, genealogy list or biz opp leads .. Lets take a close look at this one. How much MLM success can you really expect from buying your leads? Slim to none! (another 97 percenter) Most of these leads are generated from taking surveys. Surveys on just about any subject other than their interest in an network marketing opportunity that is.

Four: Use the "three foot rule". How dumb is that? Let me give you an example of just how dumb that is. Let's say you are the owner of your favorite NFL football team. Instead of scouting college football players and drafting them from their college football teams, (based upon their abilities and interest in playing football) you just employed the "three foot rule". Is that a good strategy for building a successful football team? Well guess what it does not work for building a successful network marketing business either. The "three foot rule" is close to the number one reason people fail at a 97% rate with their network marketing opportunity. Just because people are within three feet dose not good network marketing leads make.

Five: Promoting "we do not sell anything". Nothing could be farther from the truth. It does not matter what anyone says if you are in the mlm business you are in sales. Period. Accept the fact and deal with the truth. You are sold on the idea, you are sold on the product, you are sold on your network marketing opportunity and you are sold on the fact that you can do it. Only when you convince (sell) someone to join you, or buy your product do you get paid. The very fact that you only get compensated (paid awards) for either one of two activities, distributing products and recruiting prospects is the very definition of sales.

If you want to make it big time with your current opportunity then be sure to keep these five guaranteed failure strategies at the forefront of your marketing. If on the other hand however, you want to take your MLM business to the highest level then invest wisely in yourself and put the online version of modern network marketing training to work and let it take you over the top (Total Ongoing Prosperity).

Source by Doug Monroe

Light of the Future – Hybrid Solar Lighting

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Hybrid solar lighting (HSL) is not anything like solar power that converts sunlight into electricity. Through the use of optical fibers, HSL captures sunlight, channeling it and piping sunlight into a building. When there is little or no sunlight, these fixtures use electricity so that constant lighting is achieved.

Collector units, positioned on the top floor of a home or building, can provide as much as 50 percent of sunlight for indoor lighting. This is far superior to photovoltaic cells, which convert only 15 percent of sunlight into electricity, which then has to be changed back into light. An incandescent bulb uses only about 2 percent of this conversion and, yes, there is a lot of heat and energy wasted in this traditional lighting technology.

The use of incandescent light, a wonderful innovation of the past, served us well for decades, but has brought us to a crucible threshold. Research for alternative energy sources grows more important every day as we see our utility bills rise and our environment heat up because of our dependence on fossil fuels.

This type of Lighting employs a direct and efficient use of sunlight. HSL fixtures generate much less heat than regular incandescent fixtures, and, compared to fluorescents, the fixtures emit a full spectrum light, rather than the limited frequency spectrums of fluorescents. There are many advantages to using full spectrum light. The human eye and brain responds positively to full spectrum light because it replicates sunlight.

In retailing, colors of products are enhanced by full spectrum illumination. Shoppers, it is proven by retail research, feel good about buying in a full spectrum environment. Currently, HSL can save the most financially in commercial applications, and residential uses are being researched for the near future.

Hybrid Solar Lighting is employed by four foot wide mirrored dishes on rooftops equipped with GPS chips. Track the sun and focus the sunlight down into a single cord of 127 optical fibers. This light-conducting, flexible cord is a "pipeline" to HSL fixtures equipped with diffusers, which spread the light into room. One mirror collector can power eight HSL fixtures, which can illuminate an area of ​​10,000 square feet. The collector removes infrared blades and this makes HSL light fixtures cool enough to touch. The advantage of this cool operating temperature would be to reduce use of air-conditioning.

The fixture uses photo sensors to switch to electricity when sunlight illumination is weak, so that the fixture is always emitting a steady illumination. On a sunny day, a fixture can offset as much as 80 percent of artificial light. On a dark day, the illumination from sunlight might reduce to as much as 5 percent of required lighting for a given area. Light traveling along optical fibers grows weaker the longer the fiber cord is. Roof top collectors with shoreer "pipelines" to fixtures located directly below would have been the most powerful and efficient. Cost research for HSL's aims at an expenditure of $ 3,000 per 10,000 square feet. This means that payback for the purchase of technology, for example, in Hawaii, would be approximately 3 years. For northern areas, the cost for HSL applications would have to be reduced further to make HSL's a viable lighting technology for colder regions.

In field tests, interestingly, the solar fixtures emit a reddish light at sunrise and sunset. Test subjects responded positively to this change in color. This response can be attributed to the changes of natural light in sync with our circadian clocks (natural body rhythms.) This could explain why skylights in retail spaces have proven to increase sales. And because Seasonal Acquired Depression Syndrome is directly related to light (actually the lack of it, especially during winter months), exposure to extended periods of natural light during the winter months could prove to be a welcome aid to those that suffer from this syndrome. Where skylights in commercial spaces have proven to positively effect sales and retailing ambiance, HSL technology has an advantage of providing constant natural light and increasing that positive trend.

Source by Lois Dewitt

Choosing the Ideal Power Bank

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There are many names that can be used to refer to a portable battery and they include power backup, pocket power cells, fuel banks, portable chargers, battery packs and so on. Regardless of what you decide to call them, they are still the same thing. The aim is to charge the tablet or phone without necessarily having a power outlet.

They come in all sizes. There are smaller sizes that are ideal for the smartphones and the bigger sizes that can cater multiple charges and are ideal for charging your tablet.

There are some that have cables while yet others include multiple ports to allow you to charge multiple devices at the same time.

For smartphones and tablets

There are many reasons as to why you need a portable battery for your gadgets. The most important one is how life is made easier by using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. When they run out of power, they become useless to us until we power up again.

If you have a one, you will enjoy a lightweight charging option on the go. You only need to have it pre-charged and then you can connect it to the phone when the need arises. After you invest in the best one, then you will not have to worry about dealing with a low battery at all.

Choosing the ideal one

There are some tips that can help you in getting the ideal option for all your needs. There are many things to consider and they include:

  • The size: this is not about how well it fits the pocket. It is about the power that can be carried within. Many of the options available usually has a number at the front that lets you know about mAh. This means milliamp-hour. When the number is higher, it means there is more power stored within and mire recharges doe the smartphone. Bigger mAh is also ideal for the bigger gadgets.
  • Power output: you need to consider how fast you will be able to charge your gadget using the alternative charging. It is important to be able to charge the phone/tablet as fast as possible. Your standard USB port on the component can fit the standard cable. However, it is important to know that the transmission can vary a great deal, depending on what you use.
  • Number of ports: this has to be considered especially if you will need to charge more that one device at a time. When it has a bigger battery, then you will discover that it may have more parts to make it possible to charge more than one phone or multiple gadgets at a time.
  • Cable: Each device has to come with a cable to facilitate charging. This can be a USB standard cable or the micro USB cable. It is important to know that it has to be charged beforehand. Some come with extra cables. This can be an important addition as it can help if you need to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Source by Shalini Madhav

How to Keep Your Penis Hard Longer for Absolute Sexual Pleasure

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If your concern is how to keep your penis hard longer during your sexual activities, you do not have to worry anymore because several breakthrough products can help you address this concern. There are several products in the form of oral pills, topical oils and transdermal patches that are proven to be safe and effective in helping men sustain a rock-solid erection and achieve better performance in bed.

It is every man’s desire to make his partner happy in bed. Optimum sexual performance is sometimes hard to achieve for some men due to several factors. Stress, anxiety, lack of confidence and premature ejaculation are just some of the factors that hinder them from getting the most out of their sexual experience. Situations that keep men from keeping a hard penis for a long time can be humiliating and, in a way, it can also be degrading.

Using male enhancement products does not make you less of a man. In fact, they can take your sex life to new heights, beyond your imagination. Imagine making your partner happy in bed and sexually satisfied. It does not only give you immense pleasure, it also boosts your confidence in bed making you a man of self-esteem. Sustained erection, better stamina and intense orgasms can be achieved by using the right products. You can even be discrete about how to keep your penis hard longer.

Male enhancement pills such as VigRx Plus, ProSolution Pills and Magna Rx provide a solution. These pills are taken orally as directed just like other oral supplements. They promise the amazing benefits of better sexual performance. These pills are made from all-natural ingredients with high safety profiles. Prescription is not necessary to be able to purchase them. So if you want to keep your penis hard longer during sex, consider the benefits you can get out of male enhancement pills.

Another safe, effective and fast acting option comes in the form of topical erection oils like Maxoderm, VigRx and Vivaxa. Erection oils are applied directly to the area of the penis to maximize and sustain erection. The potent ingredients are absorbed by the skin of the penis and reach the bloodstream to increase circulation around the penile area which results to rock-hard erection and a pleasurable sensation. You will absolutely experience optimum sexual pleasure and satisfaction instantly.

Maximize your sexual potential and boost your confidence in bed. Provide an effective solution to your personal concerns on how to keep your penis hard longer by using products that are safe, effective and clinically tested.

Source by Aaron L

History of Orient Watch

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Who is Orient Watch?

“Orient Watch has always focused on mechanical watches, primarily automatic watches with its own in-house automatic movements Orient was once part of the “Big Three” watch companies in Japan along with Citizen and Seiko. In the 70s, when mechanical watch companies faced hardship from the mass introduction of inexpensive quartz watches, Citizen and Seiko took the path of mass producing quartz watches, Orient stuck with what it did best, making mechanical watches.”

– Discount Watch Store web site, July 2006

Orient Watch was founded in Tokyo by Shogoro Yoshida, more than a century ago in 1901. And though the world was a very different place back then, everyone still needed to know what time it was – much like today’s world.

In those early watch making days, Orient Watch had some competition in the watch industry at home. Seiko and Citizen were big names in the watch making industry, and for many years Orient was ranked number three when it came to watch companies.

Mechanical Watches

“What sets Orient apart from other watch companies is really the fact that Orient has always been focusing on making its mechanical movements better and more reliable. It is unusual today to find a watch company that makes its own movement selling watches at prices offered by Orient.”

– Discount Watch Store web site, July 2006

From the early beginnings to today, Orient Watch has been focused on making the best mechanical watches that money can buy. The history of Orient Watch is interesting because Orient Watch is a company that started out with a good idea, and never once veered onto a different course. The long years have helped Orient Watch to produce high-quality, long-lasting watches that anyone can afford.

The History of Orient Watch, Today

“In 1985 Orient and Seiko established a joint factory. Orient produces a range of automatic and quartz watches ranging in price from reasonably inexpensive (about 50USD / 50Euro) to very expensive (7000USD). Orient Star and Orient Star Royal are the middle and high-end brands, with the Royal Orient being their flagship line.”

– Orient Watch Company, Wikipedia, July 2006

Today, Orient Watch is known all over the globe. With manufacturing facilities in Singapore, Brazil, and Japan, Orient Watch today offers more styles and types of watches than ever. Today, Orient Watch offers watches in many designs including quartz, light powered, and of course mechanical.

“In the Japanese market, we supply high-quality watches, such as “Orient Star Royal,” our prestigious mechanical watch series, which our customers want to carry with them for many years. In overseas markets, our strategy is to develop new outlets for our products mainly in countries and areas with high potential economic growth, and increase our sales of budget-price watches.”

– Mitsuo Mimura, President Orient Watch, Orient Watch web site, July 2006

Orient Watch

For more than a hundred years, Orient Watch has been a well-known and respected name in the watch making industry. Today, many other companies try to reach the success and the high standards that Orient Watch has set. When it comes to mechanical watches, Orient Watch is the first name in the business. For high quality at an affordable price, Orient Watch is one of the better choices in watches. But don’t just take my word for it. Let the history of Orient Watch speak for itself.

Source by Zai G Zhu

Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

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If you are having a pirate party, a mermaid party, or a beach party, send the invitations out on parchment -rolled into a plastic bottle with colored sand in; color the sand with food dye. Place a little plastic Nemo in the bottle.

If it’s a pirates, cowboy party send the invitation out as a ransom note! A dinosaur party can have conventional invitations but tied around the necks of plastic dinosaurs. If the party has a cartoon theme get the kids to dress up in that theme if they want.

Disney Characters are depicted in cheap coloring books and the kids can color in the characters and they can be cut out for the invitations.

Underwater parties can be held in the garden with a paddling pool and plenty of water pistols. Sand can be piles in boxes to look like chests and cheap toys can be hidden as both favors and prizes.

The kids can actually walk the plank using milk crates. Equally a castle can be made out of cardboard boxes, and the dollar stores have many Childs toys suitable for a castle knight or princess party.

If the kids are a bit older uses natural props and throw a kids star gazing party. Incorporate it with a sleepover. Rent a telescope a sneak a little education into the event. Cover the food table with a black cloth and cut out silver stars and moon shapes.

Cover the plates with metal foil and hang shapes from the trees, have a look at Christmas decorations or have a craft table and let the kids make their own. Use star shapes to cut out sandwiches and pizzas. Theme party ideas and supply are not restricted to birthdays a star gazing party can celebrate the longest night of the year or midsummer.

Find free printable invitations online at:

Source by Nina Romanov

Why Would A Doctor Need To Re-Break Your Bone?

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If you hear your doctor say that he needs to re-break your bones, what would you feel? You may feel confused and scared because in most cases, bones need to be treated and not broken by a physician. However, you did not hear the doctor incorrectly. He is in fact telling you that he needs to break your bones so that he can proceed with the treatment. If you want to know why it has to be done, then you are on the right page! This article will tell you just why this procedure is needed.

Here’s the thing. The term used is “re-break.” This means that the doctor is going to break again a bone that has previously been broken before. In a more technical term, this is referred to as fracture reduction or resetting. It is the procedure that aims to restore and align correctly the broken bones.

The first and main reason why re-breaking is necessary is that the bones heal incorrectly sometimes. When your bones break, they become deformed. When they heal by themselves, they are still deformed and this condition may have some problems. First, bone deformity can affect how you move. You may not be able to move as freely as before if some of your bones are not aligned correctly. Second, bone deformity is not visually pleasing. It does not look good therefore a lot of people undergo resetting of the bones.

There are two types reduction method. The first method is the open reduction. This usually does not involve re-breaking because the fracture is still fresh. This is a condition wherein the broken bones cut the skin and are exposed. It could also mean that the surgeon exposed the bone to better dissect the tissues affected by the fracture. The second type is the closed reduction. In this procedure, the bones are not exposed in the air. The skin may be cut but the bones remain hidden beneath.

After the re-breaking of your bone, your doctor will proceed to aligning the bones so that when they heal, they will heal in the right manner and position. Painkillers and sedatives will be given in order for you not to feel the pain so much. After the whole procedure, your doctor may either use implants or casts. For bone fractures that are quite severe, implants may be necessary to add internally to hold the bones together. However, if the bones were just slightly fractured and can heal by themselves effectively, casts and tractions are enough.

Always listen to your doctor about what is best for your condition. They know exactly what you need. Do not be afraid to ask questions if you have worries about the procedure. For more information about healthy bones, consult your doctor, osteopath or physiotherapist.

Source by Karen Wentworth

How To Give Her The MOST INTENSE Orgasms Of Her Life (7 Types of Orgasms And 7 Hot Sex Tips)

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Women love to be slowly tantalized, and driven slowly, past the brink to a shuddering conclusion! You can do it with 7 different orgasms and using 7 different tips. How can you lose with these PROVEN techniques?

This is a mind blower! Use extreme caution – because you need a place where she can scream, convulse, and go nuts!

1st Technique.

You want to start at the top, her head and go south. Give her a no-touch orgasm by stimulating her brain. You can do that by describing, in great detail, with her feedback, how you’re going to give her orgasms.

Make sure start with a hot fantasy or sex game that she wants. Make it tailored to her. If you get her involvement she will be really hot. This can be a very, very intense and large orgasm.

2nd Technique.

Now, go down to her breasts and give her a breast orgasm. You can do that by teasing her at first on her nipples. Then slowly add more and more sucking pressure. The more of her breast that you can place into your mouth the better it will be.

Ask her for feedback. You don’t want to hurt her but you want to use the maximum suction pressure.

3rd Technique.

Heading down, you take your clitoris in your mouth and slowly suck it. Then you lick the end and pull it. Then withdraw, and let it go. Retreat and tease her. Make her come to you. Let her arch her pelvis off the ground and impale her clitoris on your mouth or hand.

4th Technique.

Now, go to her g-spot and slide your finger or tongue inside on it. She will convulse and start to twitch if you’ve used the other techniques to this point. Of course, at any time you can give her tons of combinations. There are 7 to the 7th power or 800,000 combinations.

Use an upward motion, so you hit her g-spot firmly. Use a steady rhythm until she starts shaking.

5th Technique.

Inside herself, 8 inches inside, is her deep vaginal spot. You can reach that with your penis, deep vaginal vibrations from previous orgasms, or with your hot ejaculate. She can straddle your lap, lean back and you can reach all of her vaginal hot spots with each stroke.

6th Technique.

Female ejaculations. Women would like to try this orgasmic sensation. Usually stimulating the g-spot will bring this off. It requires deep, intense, and long pressure.

7th Technique.

When you give her an intense g-spot orgasm you can set her up for a delayed, or residual orgasm. It can happen 1-2 days after the sexual stimulation. Then she might be driving or cooking dinner and start to convulse and have a nice orgasm.

Once, you know these 7 types of female orgasms, you can put them together in combinations. You couldn’t use all the combinations if you tried this several times per night for the rest of your life.

Source by Rachel LaDue

How to Avoid Regaining Weight After a Diet

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The majority of people who have tried diets have lost weight with one way or another, but only a small part of them has succeeded maintaining the new weight along the way. You see, losing weight is just the beginning, and not the end; This is not a 100 metres race but a marathon. In general, serious indications that you have indeed succeed in maintaining the new weight will be shown after the completion of one year.

So how to avoid regaining weight after a diet?This depend mostly on you and the diet you have followed. If your target was to lose weight quick just for looking good in the summer, or for some occasion, then you have surely chosen some crash diet. That means you are already in the wrong path; basically you don’t care what happens next, and therefore, you will regain all the previous weight at some point.

If on the other hand, feel determined to lose weight and stay thin for the rest of your life, you will need to try better and harder. You should find a programme that not only helps you lose weight but educates you about health, nutrition, and fitness. During diet you should learn, how to eat the right foods, in the right amounts at the right times, and how much of activity you need to do. Basically is all about finding a balanced diet plan.

Another reason why people regain weight easily is because they are afraid of the word maintenance, to them it means more diet. Of course that’s wrong; in the maintaining period, people get often advised to increase gradually the quantities they eat, only this time with the correct eating and drinking habits:eating slowly and consciously, eating many fruits and vegetables, healthy fish and meat, legumes, dairy, drinking lots of water.

There is no more need to be missing any of these foods from your menu. Also do not forget that exercise is key on keeping you in good form. It’s equally important to keep a journal for at least a year or more in order to keep track of any changes (good or bad) in your weight, so you would always be able to correct something wrong and move forwards.

Source by Yannis Mihanos