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Guinea Pig Housing – Understanding Your Options

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Having a pet guinea pig can be a very rewarding experience, especially if you love cute little furry pets. Of course, owning them still requires a little bit of preparation, initially the most important of which will be the housing. Housing is important to plan beforehand because there are many different options, as well as many things to learn about in regards to the health and lifestyle needs of the guinea pig as a pet.

Just as a side note. It would also be good idea for you to learn about all these things before you actually acquire your first pets. Doing this will help you prepare for ownership and you will be know exactly what you need to do and buy in order to provide your pet with quality care. Certainmore some initial study on the topic of cavy care will help you to establish a care budget, as you will be able to estimate how much money is needed on a monthly basis. Your budget estimate should include food, nutritional supplementation, bedding, feeding equipment, care and medical equipment, a vet permit and let's not forget housing equipment among other things.

There are many different options for housing your cavy, but the first factor you should consider is size. Of course, the more you plan to have, the bigger the cage should be. The more space you can provide for them the better, because cavies also need some space to move around in for them to be healthy. For one guinea pig, a space of 7 square feet should be enough, although it would be better if you could give more. Add two square feet guinea pig that you add to your family, so two cavies means 9 square feet, 3 means 11 square feet, and so on so forth.

There are also many different options for the actual physical housing. The hutch is the most traditional kind of housing for guinea pigs. A hutch is just a box or a cage that has a mesh or wire front for proper viewing. This is the most basic type of housing and should be enough for basic needs, although not much else.

Guinea pig cages, on the other hand, were once the most popular form of housing especially because there are so many different sizes and types. However, cages are slowly becoming less popular because they are becoming too small as compared to the newer forms of cavy housing.

Last but not the least is cubes and coroplast cages for guinea pigs. Unlike other small, domesticated animals like rats and hamsters, guinea pigs do not jump or climb up their cages. Because of this, cages without ceilings are perfect ways to keep them in the house. Not only does this give them a bigger world, it also makes it easier for you as the owner to clean the cage and pet you furry companion.

Source by Kate S Myers

Industrial Lights And How They Are Used

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In considering industrial lighting for your business, there are several types to choose from. The following information will give you an overview of these different types of lights, some of the pros and cons of the different types and what industrial lights are used for.

Lighting is made for many different applications in the industrial world. Some of the needs for these lights would be lighting for spray paint booths, lighting that is explosion proof, marine lighting and lighting that is manufactured specifically for damp environments.

There are three main types of lights that are made for industrial situations, LED, halogen, and tubular fluorescent. Lets take a look at these different types and discover a basic knowledge of how each one works.

LED, or "light emitting diode" lighting comes in a variety of colors including green, yellow and red. They are almost indestructible and use very little electricity to run, making them very cost efficient. They contain two diodes, a positive and a negative. The current flows from positive to negative and this creates the light that you see. They give off less heat than an incandescent light does, making them great for industrial workplaces but the actual lighting components may be more expensive than traditional fluorescent lighting fixtures.

Another type of industrial lighting is halogen. Halogen lights are also a cost saver. They give off a lot of light and use minimal amounts of electricity. In a halogen light, the bulb is filled with an inert gas (or halogen), and inside this inert gas is a tungsten filament. The filament heats up while the halogen keeps the filament from burning itself out.

Finally, the traditional lighting in most workplaces has been the fluorescent tubular variety that we are all familiar with. In these lights, a long cylindrical tube is filled with mercury vapor, and a phosphor. The mercury vapor reacts with the phosphor when an electrical charge runs through it, creating the light. These lamps also need a ballast for controlling the electrical current that flows through them. In the past, only larger fluorescent bulbs and fixtures were available but in keeping with the times and the needs of different applications, smaller fixtures and bulbs are now being made.

Sometimes a hand held device is needed for use in tight spaces. Handheld industrial lighting is available and can be used where you need a light that is portable. Engine repair, aircraft maintenance, marine applications, and inspection of electrical panels are all examples of where industrial handheld lighting would do the job.

Magnification in industrial lighting is also an option that is available in table top units. These are basically a magnifying glass surrounded by a light, typically fluorescent, which is attached to an arm that adjusts to the height you need for what you are inspecting.

Lens protection is often a requirement and is available for many applications. This lens protection keeps the bulb from breakage, and protects it from dust that could cause explosions in the workplace. Lighting that is explosion proof is essential for dust filled areas. These areas could be grain bins, feed mills, sawmills and gypsum plants. Certain metal operations (such as aluminum grinding or sanding) and many foundries also need these explosion proof fixtures because of the explosive nature of the metallic dust that work works.

There are also DC versions of industrial lighting. Moving vehicles must carry yellow lights that make them easily visible as they travel around the workplace. Cranes and tow motors need them as do hand lift trucks.

As you can see, considering these lights for your business, there are a few types and style to choose from. This has been an overview of these different types of lights, how the work, and what industrial lights are used for.

Source by Rocfly Lee

The Many Benefits of a Retractable Cord Reel

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If you’re tired of electrical power cords laying all over your home, garage, or office, it’s time you start shopping for a reliable, high-quality extension reel. While there are many types of extension reels available, among the most durable and convenient types to use are retractable reels. Outlined below are some of the most attractive benefits of retractable cord reels, and why these are highly useful for any home or office setting.

Organize electrical cords and extension wires

A retractable cords reel keeps electrical cords in place, especially when not in use. In general, it is used to wind cords, cables, and wires – especially electric cords and extension wires – in one place. There are several types of extension reels, including regular, hind wind, wall mounted, bucket, and retractable reels. There are other similar types as well. Since a retractable cord reel does the winding on its own, organizing all your cords and wires is almost effortless.

Self-stop or self lock features

Since retractable reels are self-winding it’s easy to assume that these are complicated to use. However there are features which keep the cords from winding themselves while you are using them. A self-stop mechanism automatically locks the cords in place so that you can use the wires conveniently and safely. After using the cord, one tug will send the cord winding on its own, keeping the electric wires in an easily accessible but organized place.

Ensure safety

Dangling or scattered electrical cords are a potential hazard, especially if you have small children in your home. Loose wires all over the floor may also cause stumbling accidents. A retractable electric reel that winds the cords and keeps them in place helps you ensure safety and orderliness around your home or office.


Many retractable reels are designed to suit a variety of settings. These reels are always handy to have around the home and the office, but they may be useful in vehicles, boats, hospitals, and health care clinics as well. There are models specifically made for medical use, or those designed merely for use indoors. These retractable power cord reels may be mounted on different surfaces, from walls and floors to benches and ceilings.

Electrical cord reels can come in many different types but a retractable cord reel, such as the Coleman Cable Retractable Electrical Light/Power Cord Reel, makes keeping and winding your cords a simple and effortless task each and every time.

Source by Julia Spence-McCoy

The Stretch List

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We all have things that we know we should be doing or need to be doing. Things that we know will make us better guitar players and musicians, and yet we consistently avoid doing them. It’s the grudge work, the stuff that’s sometimes not fun and may even be intimidating. Perhaps for you, these things may include sight-reading, practicing with a metronome, ear training running through new chord voicings, learning theory, or even writing music.

Make a list of things that you know will benefit you but you tend to avoid. Call it your “stretch list” meaning things that will make you stretch and grow. Every day you pick up your guitar, pick one thing on your stretch list and start with that. Maybe picking up your guitar and practicing is even on your stretch list! Spend a good amount of time on that area. I suggest about one third of your practice session should be spent on the weak spots. By starting with doing something on your stretch list, you are creating a new powerful habit. If you stick to doing this, after a while, you will do the things on your stretch list naturally. It won’t be so much of a challenge getting yourself motivated to do the things that are important. It’s not always easy to focus on bringing up your weak spots. But if you do, some of those “problem areas” may become your strengths.

So before you pick up your guitar again, make a “stretch list” and commit to using it until you master it!

Source by John Maurice Doyle

How to Install Chrome Mirror Covers Or Overlays

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How do you install mirror covers? Easy as 1, 2, 3. The ambient air temperature needs to be 60 degrees F (15 degrees C) or above for installation. This temperature will provide the best adhesion for the adhesive. When you receive your mirror covers look to see if there is a list of items that should be enclosed. Usually you will have a cleaner, sometimes an adhesive promoter, and the covers. If the cleaner is not there or if you prefer you can use straight rubbing alcohol to clean the outside surface of your mirrors. You just want to make sure there is no oil, wax, bugs, or grime that might prevent the adhesive from sticking. Before you remove the adhesive backing, be sure to test fit the covers. I can never say that enough, always test fit any type of aftermarket accessory. Test fitting does 2 things for you: 1. It gets you more familiar with the best way to put the cover on. 2. Test fitting lets you see how they will look before you install them. Most times something can not be returned after it has been installed because it can not be resold. When the test fit is complete, remove the adhesive backing, install the cover and hold firmly in place applying consistent pressure. I like to use a towel and wipe firmly from the center to the edges to remove any air bubbles that might be trapped under the adhesive. Polish your mirror covers up, stand back, and admire. I bet you’ll be quiet impressed with yourself.

Here’s some more interesting notes regarding chrome mirror covers or chrome mirror overlays:

What are they? They are a cover that is placed over the front side of your existing car, truck, or SUV exterior rear view mirrors. Most mirror covers are made from an ABS composite material through an injection molding process and chrome plated. Some manufacturers have developed special branded products that are specific to that vendor such as 6061 T6 billet aluminum by Action Artistry.

Why would you want mirror covers or mirror overlays? Most people get a set because they like the look and style it adds to their vehicle. It’s a way to give your car, truck, or SUV a little bit of a custom look without investing a lot of time or cash. It’s a way to stand out from the crowd just a bit. If your one of those people who can never remember where you park and have been known to stand outside someone else’s truck (it looks just like yours), pushing the little door unlock button, and thinking what’s going on? A set of mirror covers can save that embarrassing moment when the real owner has to ask you to move so they can get in their truck. Perhaps there was a small incident with a drive up window or one of those pesky concrete post, you know, the really bright yellow ones. If you have a scratch or crack in your existing mirror, a set of covers is a great way to make that go away. You won’t be reminded that you are a bad driver every time you walk up to your vehicle and your insurance company will never have to know.

Who makes them? Putco, Auto Ventshade, and Action Artistry are some of the most popular manufacturers. GM, Ford, Mopar, and Toyota all make mirror covers or overlays if you want to stay with an OE product.

Where can you get mirror covers? Most any automotive aftermarket accessory store like Cabelas or Jegs should have them on the shelf. You can order them on-line from hundreds of etailers.

Are mirror covers available for my vehicle? Probably. To find out, just search for them on-line. Search for Chevy HHR chrome mirror covers or Dodge Ram chrome mirror covers or whatever vehicle you have and chrome mirror covers.

What do I need to know before I get ready to purchase a set? You need to know the year, make, and model of your vehicle. If there are any special options on your exterior rear view mirrors it would be good to have that knowledge. My vehicle has exterior accent lights in the bottom of the mirrors that come on when the engine is off and you shut the doors. They stay on for about a minute then shut off. Turn signals are option available on exterior mirrors. Before you make a purchase give your mirrors a once over and become familiar with them and you won’t have any problems.

There are many aftermarket automotive accessories that install with adhesive like door handle covers, rocker panel covers, head light and tail light trim rings and covers, and brake light covers. This installation process works for all of them. So go crazy and customize your ride. Here’s an interesting article with pictures on a Ford F150 we put chrome accessories on.

Source by Renae Watkins

Caravans Have Come A Long Way Over The Years

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If you are new to caravanning, want to return to caravanning or think "there's no way I am getting a caravan" then read on …

Caravans have come a long way over the years, and if your memories of touring caravans are cold draughty damp things, you should really take a look at the latest models. Also, if your memories of campsites are wet damp fields with cold smelly toilet blocks, you should have a look at today's campsite / caravan parks, you will be surprised.

So what is different in caravans today?

The easy answer is a great deal, but if you still are not convinced, pop along to your local dealer and have a look. That's what I did a few months ago and have never looked back. As a comfortable base for other adventure and outdoor activities such as mountain biking, canoeing, walking and just about anything else, the modern caravan is a great place to stay. If you choose your sites carefully (I would always opt for the Caravan Club sites without a bar / club specifically if you have a young family in tow!) You can be assured of a high spec, clean facilities in some great locations.

A caravan today comes with: (some of the items below are sold as extra's)

mains and battery power

Dual gas / electric blown air or wet system heating

Double glazing

Electric showers

Full oven and hob

Fridge or fridge / freezer


CD Radio

External gas point

Pumped water

Electric flush toilets

Door and window flyscreens

Sliding sunroofs


TV aerial And much more. Modern caravanners have a whole host of additional items for their caravans including:

Satellite TV

Caravan movers (essential if you opt for a big caravan in my opinion)

The list goes on!

Suffice it say, the modern caravan is well equipped and a home from home. The modern caravanner can now tour all year in excellent comfort. Modern caravans are constructed to high levels of quality and thermal insulation so no more cold nights. A comment made recently by someone viewing the inside of a modern touring caravan was that you would not get this level of comfort and luxury staying in many of the UK's leading brand hotels (he stated the brand but I can not afford the legal costs !).

So we have established our living area is comfatable but what about those cold blankets and wet fields. Well the wet fields, come with camping I am afraid to say but on many campsites / caravan parks there are alternatives with hard standing areas and the like, and of course, some camps have invested heavily in land drain. But most of the time it's sunny, so what the heck!

Campsite facilities have improved no end, there are still those campsites with cold and draughty shower and toilet blocks but the major are well built heated matters. Some even have baths and piped music and if you have youngsters a lot of sites have specific facilities for toddlers and babies.

Pitch types have also changed with the introduction of super pitches, that have electric, water and TV point plus direct waste connections but you would not want that much luxury would you? You could have stayed at home, right?

That is the beauty of caravanning and motor caravanning, you can choose to go on a field somewhere with little or no facilities or you can choose to go on to a campsite with full amenities and high quality facilities. Likewise the caravan or motor home you choose can be basic or luxury depending upon your budget and preference. You end up visiting places you would never have gone to because it is so easy.

Whatever you choose I know you will enjoy it ……… and before long you will be touring Europe with your caravan or motorhome and this opens up another world of holidaying in the great outdoors.

Source by Chris Cooper

Canvas Versus Metal Truck Bed Covers

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Pickup trucks are popular with tradesman and workman alike. The bed tray in the back means that they can carry their tools, equipment and supplies very easily from worksite to worksite. But an open bed is asking for trouble. Not only can the supplies in the back fly out due to the wind created by the moving truck but also makes them vulnerable to passing thieves. Ask any tradesman who has had their tools stolen and you will know how much of an inconvenience this actually is.

So what is the solution? Truck bed covers are a piece of material or metal that stretches over the bed to keep the tools or supplies that are in their safe. There are a wide range of bed covers that will suit any budget and situation.

A canvas truck bed cover is made from a single piece of strong material and is tied down to the truck using rubber rope or clips. They are the cheapest bed cover that you can buy but are still functional. The only two disadvantages is that they can require a little bit of effort to take it on or off, and will not keep them the safe from thieves who can life up the canvas.

A metal truck bed cover is constructed from aluminum and has a number of advantages over canvas. The main ones are that they are stronger and can be locked down to stop unwanted people from peering into your bed. However, they are more expensive than canvas bed covers.

Source by Annette C. Coleman

Federal Firearms License Kit Review

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To become a federal firearm dealer, one needs to get a proper license from a federal agency. Although there are many websites that claim to help you with the process, not all of them have the complete information or a detailed step by step process to get the license. In order to help you with this problem, this article aims at providing a review on a website, Federal Firearms License Kit that is not only informative but also legal and provides answers to all your questions regarding getting becoming a federal firearms dealer.

The website operates in a completely legal way. It also offers its subscribers with different packages to choose from depending on what they are looking for. The first package offered by this website consists of a detailed set of instructions and all the forms required for the license application. Subscribers who choose this package provided with free software about gun collection. Apart from the detailed set of instructions and forms, the second package offered by the website provides the users with a software about EZ and A & D records. Both these packages grant the subscribers full access to the members' only area, bonus gifts as well as full online help support.

Some of the attractive bonus gifts provided by this software include a free issue of the master whole sale list and FBI NICS updates including other critical details. This information is definitely a must-know for the federal firearms dealers.

Once the user signs up with this website, he is provided with an instant access to each and every section of this website. The website is designed in such a way that the user can not only have a look at all the features but can also easily work through them. The information provided in the Gunsmith section can help the subscribers save a lot of money. To give the subscribers a feel of real life circumstances as a federal firearms dealer, the website includes a guide about the various situations that one may come across. In a way, this guide can be considered as a preparation manual for the newcomers.

There are also detailed information and instructions about the C & R licensing conditions which helps the subscribers to weigh their stand. All the forms included in the website can be easily viewed and downloaded. The other important files that one can download from this website include a BATF-Approved Acquisitions & Dispositions Book which helps in recording the gun sales and a starter guide to help in establishing your business successfully.

So if you look carefully, the website covers each and every aspect of the business. The interesting part is that it is completely affordable and all the payments are made through a secure server which means you do not have to worry about any kind of theft. If you have any more questions then do visit the website today and take a look at what it has to offer.

Source by Ashton Pereira

Cheaper Digital Phone Service With a Digital Video Phone

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Digital phone service is cheaper due to modern technology. The savings include basic service, free long distance, and lower-cost international calling. Connect a video phone to your broadband internet and benefit from the cheaper cost. Enjoy seeing the person you are talking to.

Digital Phone Service:

Digital phone service uses your broadband internet connection, DSL or cable, to call anywhere worldwide. Once connected to the service you can use your phone like you always have. If you hook up the video phone you can see who you are talking with provided they have one too. This service is called voice over internet protocol or VOIP. Long distance including Canada and Puerto Rico is included in the low monthly fee. You can save up to 45% on your monthly phone bill. You do not need a computer to use this service. Coming soon is wireless internet usage with the video phone.

Digital Video Phone:

This telephone has a greater quality video than other video services you have heard of. It offers traditional calling features you are used to plus video messaging and soon to come three-way video conference calling. It is simple to connect to start using right away. You can connect it to your big screen television and really feel included in the activities. How exciting it could be to watch your grandchildren, friends or family open appointments on Christmas morning no matter where you are. Even more exciting you can take a picture and save it in your photo frame in the phone when everyone is using their video phones.

Digital phone service is cheaper, faster-growing, modern technology all of us can benefit from. Whether using a phone adapter or a video phone you come out on the saving end of the old telephone service fees. Digital phone service and phone keeps you so connected to loved ones and friends. Use one and experience the joy of special occasions as if you are there. Do not wait to experience it. Life is too short to miss out on whatever joy you can get from it.

Source by Carol Platt

Run Faster and Longer – Compression Sport Socks

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Top athletes are sporting them: more and more sportsmen and women can be seen wearing knee-high compression socks. That goes for the Olympic games, many running events and several other types of sport; running – triathlon – athletics – ball sports – speed ice-skating – skiing.

Socks with a defined compression have a positive effect on performance and regeneration before, during and after sporting activities. If you pay attention you will notice that today more and more athletes are wearing socks with compression when they run through the winning posts.

However, not every compression sock offers the same level of effective support .. Only some of the manufacturers have the benefit of years of experience in medical compression therapy and have optimized their products for the special needs of competitive sportsmen and women.

Medical Background

Compression sports socks should have the following advantages:


– stimulate the blood circulation

– can increase performance through a better oxygen supply

– aid in regeneration

– help to stabilize the muscles

– reduce muscle vibration

– improve proprioception

– can help prevent injury

In order to achieve these aims two of the properties of the sports compression socks are of prime importance:

Compression Pressure

The aim of compression socks is to improve the supply of oxygen-enriched blood to the muscles. How is this achieved? In order to understand this one must know the effect of medical compression on the body and the blood circulatory system.

The Compression Gradient

As well as the strength of compression pressure, the correct pressure gradient is essential. The blood needs to be transported out of the calf back to the heart – against the pressure of gravity.

Therefore, the pressure needs to be strongest at the ankle (the farthest point of the calf from the heart) and to drop off gradually as it goes upwards.

What does partial compression mean?

As to my knowledge "partial compression" is related to the marketing terminology of just one compression sport sock producer. The desired effect of compression for sportsmen and women (leaving aside the stabilizing effect) is to achieve a better supply of oxygen to the muscles through the blood circulation. This involves a faster transport of 'used' blood from one's legs, which can then be enriched with oxygen and transported back to one's muscles.

In order to achieve this, as well as a sufficient strength of compression, the compression must be at a falling GRADIENT (or anatomically / medically graded). This means that at the lowest point (here one's ankle) the compression is stronger and falls off as it goes up the calf. In this way the blood is transported back to the heart faster. If the pressure were stronger at the top than at the bottom, this would obstruct the backflow of blood to the heart. The socks would then cut into one's skin and the effect would be counterproductive.

For this reason, there is never "partial" versus "full" compression. There is only effective compression.

Some so-called compression socks have the same amount of pressure throughout the sock. This does not help to speed up the desired backflow of the blood supply, but at least it is not harmful. However, if the backflow is stopped or disrupted (partial compression), it is hard to imagine a positive effect on the oxygen supply.


– Before training or competitions to avoid heavy legs, on long journeys and to activate the muscles

– During training or competitions for better blood circulation, more energy and as an injury prophylaxis

– After training or competitions for a speedy regeneration (for faster lactate decomposition through better blood circulation)


In comparison to "normal" sport socks the compression socks are not really cheap.

Depending on the brand and type you choose you will face costs from on $ 40 up per pair. However you need to consider, that if the socks are well made, they will last much longer and of course you will take profit from the above mentioned advantages. Enjoy running!

Source by N. Al-Badri