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Remodeling Your Closet is Easy and Affordable

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Imagine waking up in the morning and being frazzled and hurried before you even walk out the door for work. Does this sound familiar to you? If you have a closet that is in disarray, there is a good chance this describes every morning of your life. If you are unable to find matching outfits, shoe pairs, or even a pair of pants, you probably need to evaluate your situation and get your closet under control. A messy closet can affect more than just your morning routine. If your morning starts off rough, it can set the tone for the rest of your day. You may have to skip breakfast or you may miss your carpool or bus. If you are digging through piles of clothing to find something suitable to wear, you may arrive at the office disheveled and wrinkled. It will not take long for co-workers and supervisors to notice you are not looking your best. If you are dealing with problems like these, all due to a messy closet, it is long past due time to get things in order. There are simple, affordable solutions for creating an organized closet. Start by making sure there is ample lighting in the space so you can see to work, and so later, you will have no trouble viewing your wardrobe. You may have fluorescent lighting in the space, so replace any T8 ballast that are broken, or get replacement ballast if necessary. This ensures you will have no problem seeing your workspace while you assemble an organized and efficient closet space.

The next step is to clear everything out. Sort items into piles that you want to keep and that you want to throw away or donate. Once you know what will be left to store in the space, you can choose the appropriate organizational materials. Determine how many hanging clothes you have so you can have enough hangers on hand. Consider multiple garment hangers that take up less space and allow you to hand multiple pairs of pants or shirts on each. Have any seasonal items stored properly so they are fresh and clean when their season rolls around again. Next, make sure all of the items you will currently be using are dry cleaned, ironed, and in good repair. There is no sense keeping items in your closet if they can not be worn immediately.

The final step for getting your closet organized is to determine the best way to store your accessories. There are numerous options for shoe storage. Many experts recommend giving each pair a plastic box to keep them dust-free, and then placing a photo of the shoes on the outside of the box so they are easy to see. Others think shoe racks and over the door shoe bags work just fine. Your decision can be made based on the amount of space you have and your personal preference for viewing your shoe collection. The same is true for ladies' handbags and other accessories like scarves and jewelry. Once you are organized, you will have time to enjoy your mornings.

Source by Connor R Sullivan

It's Time to Call a Plumber: Plumbing Problems You Should not Try to Fix or Do Yourself – Hire a Pro

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There are many issues that come up when it comes to plumbing and many people try to deal with these various plumbing issues on their own which could end up costing them hundreds of extra dollars and in some cases thousands and thousands of dollars. When this is the case, it's time to call a plumber.

Toilet Repair

Most plumbing repair jobs are reliably easy to fix, but having said that, there are a few plumbing jobs that must not be touched by anyone without expertise in the field of plumbing. A good example is the repair of a broken toilet. Toilets are something every household needs, and can not function without, but here are a few reasons why you should leave the plumbing to professionals. Fixing a broken toilet whether it is a clogged toilet or busted pipes requires fair knowledge in terms of pipework as well as water-flow. The worst thing that can happen to you while repairing your broken toilet is having it backfire on you. Not only do you have the potential chance to lose the functionality of your toilet, but you could also potentially ruin other pipes.

Hot Water Heater Repair

Water heater Repair is more straightforward compared to toilet repair but it still has the same relative problems as repairing toilets. If you are a complete novice, you could end up damaging the pipe work when attempting to do Water heater Repair, which could cause flooding as well as potential burns if it ends up bursting on you. If your water heater is central, you could also potentially cut off the hot water supply to the other parts of the house. In this scenario if you are totally unlucky, you might even end up spending more money on carpenters and other tradesmen to repair the damage done to the entire house when you were trying to do some Water heater Repair on your own.

Clogged Drains

Lastly, fixing kitchen or bath drain clogged pipes. Usually when you think of a kitchen or bath drain clogged, you assume that it would be reliably easy. Well think again, if you find that you live in an old house, or you just do not unclog your drains very often stay, hair, and other big particles tend to build up and historically clog your drain. At times clearing drains can be reliably straight forward, but only if you have straight pipes. Plumbers have a myriad of tools as well as expertise in removing pipes and other types of drainage materials. Why waste time and spend so much emotional effort when you can just give a plumber a call when fixing Kitchen or bath drain clogged pipes.

In the end, there is many more issues that can occur that you just should not deal with on your own but these are just some of the most common. When these issues arise you should not try to handle it on your own to save money. Instead, you should know when to walk away and realize it's time to call a plumber.

Source by Timothy Spruill

Do I Hire a Professional Plumbing Service for Hot Water Heater Repairs?

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Easy Hot Water Heater Repairs with a Professional Plumbing Service

So you just got home from a busy and tiring day and getting ready for a relaxing hot bath. To your horror you realize the water completely freezing cold as you turn on the tap. The water heater system in your home is the most likely source of this issue.

This type of water heating problem can be a major pain, and seem to happen at the worst of times. Luckily hot water heater problems are easy to deal with when you call a professional plumbing service.

Potential Plumbing Problems

Finding out the exact cause of the problem is the first step to efficiently solving the lack of hot water. Having a basic understanding of the type of heating system in your home is always handy, so you don’t feel completely lost on the occasion that something does go wrong.

Depending on the system installed in your home, you might have a gas water heater or an electric water heater. Also in many newer systems, a tankless water heater is used to provide a continuous flow of hot water to the home.

Keep in mind that problems with hot water supply could be something really simple. Maybe the thermostat is just on too low a setting. So do check to make sure it’s not something obvious before calling the local plumbers.

A tank based will over time gain a buildup of sediments and scale. This will decrease the performance and can easily lead to the tank overheating. Occasionally the tank will need to be drained to get rid of all that clogged up sediment to keep it in good working condition. If you attempt to drain the tank yourself, make sure you take safety measures. The power supply should be switched off to prevent any injuries from occurring.

Another common issue is damaged or broken pipes. Fixing or replacing pipes can be particularly tricky at times when you don’t have easy access to the problem area. An experienced plumber will be able to handle such situations with ease.

Expert Plumbing Service

If you aren’t a DIY expert, then your best (and safest) option is to hire the services of a professional licensed plumber to find and fix the problem. Plumbing issues can potentially become worse if you ignore them. So don’t hesitate to call your friendly local plumber for a thorough assessment and advice on the situation.

Better yet, don’t even wait for problems to ‘surface’ in the first place. Prevention is always the best policy. The cost of the occasional water heater maintenance is nothing compared to paying for a completely new system.

Source by Timothy Sjobeck

Solar Power Is Gaining Popularity

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Things are starting to look up for solar energy. Historically, the cost to utilize solar panels was far too impractical for many consumers and companies. However, the high costs of this energy source are gradually starting to plummet, which makes it extremely appealing to those who can now afford it. Many real estate companies are frantically installing solar panels on businesses while financing companies are creating financing plans to make solar power more realistic for people.

A New Era for Energy
From 2009 to 2010, solar power installations grew by 102 percent in the United States and they are expected to continue to grow in the years to come. By 2016, it is expected that solar power will be able to compete with fossil fuels even when the federal solar subsidy shrinks by two-thirds. While the electricity produced by natural gas still remains roughly 3 times cheaper than solar power, the cost is falling faster and more solar energy is being planned than any other power source available. The total share of power that solar energy has is small small, but there is great potential for growth.

In September of this year, Exelon and NextEra Energy, two of the nation's largest utilities, both acquitted a large California solar power farm in the early stages of development. In addition, another utility called NRG Energy publicized their plan with Bank of America and the real estate firm Prologis to spend over a billion dollars to install solar systems on 750 commercial rooftops.

The Installation of Solar Panels
Solar installers and companies that build own and maintain solar systems are now making the money they need to grow thanks to the falling prices. They are now able to provide solar power systems that are affordable, which appeals to homeowners who want to save on their electric bill, not just reduce their footprint. The reasons why companies can maintain such an affordable price is mostly because federal and state subsidies pay for a portion of the installation. Other advantages include:

  • Because it is generated near where it is needed, power does not have to pass through hundreds of miles of wires, transformers and other equipment.
  • In September, Google announced it would create a fund that local installers in every state can get to so they could offer consumers no-money-down plans.

Solar Panel Manufacturers
Many solar panel production companies are having a harder time maintaining their high profits due to shrinking subsidiaries and the excess of solar panels on the market. As bigger companies enter the market, the supply will increase and the cost will likely go down even further. The falling profit margin is scaring investors and stock prices for solar panel manufacturers are falling, meaning the market will not get any easier for small solar panel makers. While it's been a hard road for solar panel makers, it has been a blessing for companies that market and install solar systems, for companies that make electronics and other parts for solar systems, and for solar customers.

Source by Kathy S Mitchell

Product Manuals Defined

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As a manufacturer or marketer, you may currently be contemplating what documentation your product will need. Depending on how complex your product is, and whether it's designed for a consumer or commercial customer, you might need to produce only one manual, or a complete suite. Here is a suggested list of manuals, and what they should contain.

Quick Start Guides may be part of a User Manual or a standalone piece. Appropriate to both consumer and commercial equipment or software, they tell the user how to operate the basic controls and make the product work. They may also touch briefly on more advanced functions so that the reader can try them out. Some one-page guides are essentially "wordless", using illustrations, numbers and arrows to show how to connect components together or work through setup menus.

Installation Manuals (other than software) are typically used by a manufacturer's field service / installation personnel or factory-trained subcontractors. They are written for specialized commercial equipment such as medical scanners, boiler equipment or a recording studio mixing console, to name just a few examples. Calibration and customer acceptance procedures could also be included.

User Manuals are intended to give in-depth instruction for the proper operation of the equipment, but may include assembly information. An example of this would be a barbeque manual. User manuals should include safety warnings, either at the beginning and / or at specific points in the manual where they apply. Manuals for commercial equipment will be written for an educated audience with training in a particular field. Simple troubleshooting and minor maintenance information are often included. A monograph published by pharmaceutical companies to instruct doctors in the application of a particular drug could be another type of user manual.

Service Manuals are written for factory-trained personnel. They should contain safety information, particularly where electric shock, crushing, chemical or any other hazards may arise when servicing equipment. More often than not, they contain troubleshooting guides, exploded mechanical drawings and / or schematic diagrams (for example: hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical or electronic). Removal and replacement procedures for failed subassemblies are written and illustrated in detail. Calibration or alignment procedures could also be outlined as a follow-up to the replacement of a subassembly.

Overhaul and Maintenance Manuals should include instructions for performing preventative maintenance such as lubrication procedures or calibration checks. They should contain the same kind of safety information as service manuals. They may go one step further than service manuals by providing instructions for corrective maintenance (removal, overhaul & replacement) for failed subassemblies, down to the component replacement level. They may include troubleshooting charts, as well as calibration and alignment procedures.

This is by no means a strict guideline for producing your manuals, but it should provide a sense of what each type of manual typically includes. Once you decide to start on your documentation, use a technical writer who can work with your team to effectively communicate this information to the intended audience. Poorly written or formatted manuals will do harm to your company's reputation and may leave you open to liability. Plan your manuals early in the design phase to ensure you have them available when the product ships.

Source by Gordon H. Wood

Nokia 6300 – A Masterstroke by Nokia

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Resembling Nokia’s earlier top selling model 6100, the all new Nokia 6300 is an upgraded and enhanced version of its predecessor. Touted as the next best seller, this handset incorporates appealing looks and high-tech features that the manufacturers can be proud of.

The dimension of 106.4E43.6E13.1 mm proves the compact and slim stature of the Nokia 6300. Weighting only 94 grams, the handset fits quite comfortably into your hand and pocket. The most outstanding feature of the phone is its QVGA resolution (240×320 pixels, 31×42 mm) display that is highly impressive. The 2 megapixel camera is equally useful in offering you slices of your life in great picture quality.

The in-built 7.8 Mbytes of memory and 128 Mbytes MicroSD(TM) memory card that is included in the phone’s start-up kit seems enough to store all your favourite songs and videos. The connectivity options too are available in abundance in the Nokia 6300. Wireless connectivity is offered through Bluetooth that makes transfer of data an easy task between different compatible devices. The USB connection enables seamless transfer of data between the PC and the handset. Moreover, the Nokia 6300 also comes equipped with tri band technology which works over GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900, providing network coverage over the majority of the United States and Europe.

There is no dearth of entertainment features as well in the Nokia 6300 The embedded music player can play music in MP3, MP4, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, H263 & H264 formats. The built-in FM radio feature too comes handy when you need to know the world news, latest happenings, as well as listen to a range of songs in different genres. Be it entertainment, business, connectivity or simple telephonic conversations, this handset proves to be a jack of all trades! With such looks and specs, this master stroke by Nokia will definitely outdo its predecessor in terms of sale and popularity.

Source by Adam Jaylin

Copper Repipe And Plumbing Specialist Info

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There are several reasons copper repiping becomes imperative. Some people require it because they found a leak in their existing pipes. In some cases, you want it because the water pressure in your home has reduced severely. And some people realize the need of cooper repiping once they notice rusty color in their pipes. Repiping is probably the rarer home improvement tasks individuals coming, as it's less evident than new furniture or upholstery. However, in the long run it can save you lots of money, preventing a pipe burst, a flooded basement, or even worse.

What is copper re-piping? Copper re-piping needs to be done to change the old pipes, which may have severely rusted or have deteriorated as time passes. Just take a look at the homes that are built more than 25 years back. Usually they are piped with typical iron pipes. And these older homes have galvanized pipes too.

Copper Repipe But in both cases, the pipeline was surrounded in zinc coating. Naturally, as time passes, the zinc breaks down and the pipes start rusting. When that happens, adapting to copper repipe is your best option. Repiping removals and / or bypasses the existing system. Like aged residences, older commercial buildings also need copper repiping.

Who can help? There are lots of plumbing companies who do this. Just hire a dependable one. Call a few and have them to pay a visit to review the problems. Ask them to leave a quote. That way, you can compare some multiple quotes. But also be aware the quality of work they offer.

Copper Repipe Specialist – What do they generally do?

But repiping happens to be an intensive and thorough job. So it's better to let the professionals manage it. The experts first figure out the present pipe pattern. Then they make new copper pipe matching the previous piping. Their job is to run the new copper piping precisely along the current pipes. This makes their copper repiping job easier. Veteran repiping technicians bring along necessary tools like elbows, adapters and other threading equipments.

Cleaning those fittings as well as the pipe is also part of their job. When they're done with all that, they use flux paste (a type of acid used for cleaning and soldering the copper). But cleaning essentially needs to be done before soldering. Once they've cut the outdated pipes, they will sold in fresh copper repiping. And that's it! But it double checking help can ensure the cold water has been really connected to the cold water pipe – not the hot water one.

Rust progressively accumulates with the pipes, hampering the water flow and creating even more build-up of ugly and stinky gunk or slime all through the plumbing system. You get water that is rusty, smelly, and low in volume. Cleaning up all that does not seem sensible any more. So, copper re-pipe is a good means to start things over fresh and new. And copper pipes have a reputation to last for decades. Unlike galvanized or iron pipes, copper do not deteriorate as time passes.

Copper re-piping, like said earlier, is a practical solution for common residential homes, commercial buildings, apartments, and condominiums. A less expensive option could be modern plastic polymers repiping (a recent development in construction industry). But compared to copper repipe solutions, this is far less viable in terms of durably.

Copper re-piping might seem like an expensive option at the first thought. But the benefits of it will outweigh the costs involved. So, even if you do not think you may need copper re pipe immediately, it should be in your plumbing upkeep plans at the very least.

Source by Bryan Street

Bathroom Decorating Ideas – Fixtures and Hardware and Mirrors – Oh My!

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For most homeowners, the bathroom is an area where we spend time preparing for the things that are important in our lives. It's also the place where we keep many of our cherished personal belongings. It stands to reason that such a vital living space would be warm and inviting with a décor that compliments our lifestyle. Does your bathroom make the grade?

If your bathroom is not the luxury spa setting that you've been longing for, you may be considering a remodel. But with Remodeling Magazine reporting the average mid-scale bathroom remodel costs $ 15,789, it makes sense to seek budget-friendly ways to update your aging space. Beautiful baths help sell homes and enhance a homeowners' enjoyment of their living area. How can you revitalize your bathroom without breaking the bank?

A little paint goes a long way!

Painting a bathroom is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make a significant impact. Color choice is crucial, and you need to think through other design decisions before making a final selection. Earth tones are popular right now and offer a more enduring style than some of the trendier hues. Spending the time to find the perfect color will make it easier to achieve the bathroom transformation that you are looking for.

Hardware to the Rescue

Changing your cabinet hardware is an easy and inexpensive upgrade that provides quick results. Most home supply stores offer a selection of styles in updated finishes. Brushed nickel, pewter, and or oil-rubbed bronze are popular selections that coordinate well with current lighting and fixtures, towel bars, knobs, pulls, and switch and receptacle covers.

Look in the Mirror

What about that huge, unframed mirror hanging on the wall? The mirror is the focal point of your bath, and the one bathroom appointment that you look at more than any other. Should not your mirror get a facelift too?

Replacing the entire mirror can cost big bucks. They are usually stuck to the wall with glue, creating a nasty mess of torn sheetrock when removed. A better option is to frame your existing mirror, a process made easy by web sites that offer a variety of frame styles and colors that are custom cut to your mirror dimensions. These websites walk you through measuring, ordering and installing your frame. The pre-taped back makes installation quick and easy because the frame presses right onto the mirror's surface while it is still on the wall. The frames cover ugly clips and even work on mirrors that bump against an adjacent wall or sit on a backsplash. When choosing a mirror frame be sure to consider paint color, plumbing and electrical fixture finishes, and hardware style.

Fix Your Fixtures

Updated plumbing and electrical fixtures can be just the finishing touch you need to make everything come together. New electrical fixtures that add beauty and soft lighting with shades or sconces can be positioned above or near your (newly framed) mirror. These accent your room's greatest focal point, so be sure to select a style that is right for you and makes a statement in the room.

Plumbing fixture styles and finishes have increased dramatically in recent years. Even the less expensive brands are offering an abundance of choices. Be sure to choose a style that compliments your other upgrades (hardware, electrical fixtures, mirror frame), and make sure that the manufacturer offers a good warranty on the finish.


Performing all or even a few of these easy upgrades can breathe new life into your bathroom. For a fraction of the cost of a full-scale renovation, you can go a long way toward creating the bathroom of your dreams.

Source by Cari Delille

Dirt Cleaning Machine to Keep Your House Clean and Fresh

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In the earlier days people used to do all the house hold work by themselves. But in the recent days the machines have replaced the works of the people. Yes, many gadgets and newventions have been made in the world. It has made the work of the human very easy.

No strain is needed for these types of machines to be operated. These types of machines just require some amount of electrical power supply for it to operate perfectly. When this electrical supply is given and the machine is switched it operates under good condition and gives us the desired output that we require. There are many popular machines available in the markets. But some are quite more popular for their efficiency and the work being done. One such machine that comes under this category is the dirt devil vacuum cleaners. One can easily get a clear cut idea from the work dirt devil itself.

Yes, it a cleaner machine that is used to remove dirt from the invisible areas and congested areas in the house. But one may think that why this vacuum required for that. Here goes the answer for that question, the machine when switched on creates a pressure inside it to operate and then when near the area which is to be cleaned, due to the pressure it creates suction in that particular area and then absorbs all the duct particles in that area.

Moving into the past to know when this machine was first invented, we come to know that this dirt cleaner machine was invented for the first time by the concern named as dirt devil in the year 1905. From then they have been making experiments and have let out many such cleaning gadgets in the markets. The main advantages of this vacuum cleaner are that, they consume less amount of power and they are very light weighed. This is the reason for their growing popularity and demand for the products.

Once the dust particles are removed from that particular area there is a separate storage bag termed as the dirt storage bag. The dirt that was collected goes into that gets stored. This bag can be removed and cleaned very often when ever needed by the customer who uses this. So there are many other very good features available in this vacuum cleaner machines. So trying getting one and clean your house with out strain.

Source by Simon Kendal

The Professional Investors Plan

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The art of using high-leveraged activities.

Here I would like to make just a few suggestions that will hopefully save you from wasting years of hard effort only to learn in the end that had you invested using a better strategy, you would have realized more profit, happiness, satisfaction, control and free time as a result.

I'm not going to make you wait to find out the secret, so here is the crux of this technique. FIND'EM, DO NOT FIX'EM! It sounds easy, does not it? Please continue reading to get the full flavor of this topic. There are a few steps to follow if you are to succeed in using this method and you will really need to understand before you go and do it. I need to stop here and take into consideration the new investor who does not have a war chest of greenbacks to get started with.

If you're just beginning or starting out with a small amount of capital then you will most likely have to find'em and fix'em on the first one or two properties. By finding them and fixing them, then selling on your own, you will limit the amount of initial expense that you incur. Naturally you will keep more of the profit as a result. The trouble with this technique is that you eat up valuable time that could be more profitably spent on finding more great deals!

Here is what I am saying. If you spend your day painting a property, how much have you saved or earned? Let's say a painter at $ 30 an hour multiplied by eight hours equals $ 240 dollars a day. You, in effect, have given yourself a new job that pays $ 30 dollars an hour. Instead of painting, let's say you hire the painter so that you can go hunt down another bargain property with a $ 20,000 margin of profit. Let's also assume that it takes 100 hours of effort to find, fix and sell this property; $ 20,000 divided by 100 hours equals a $ 200-per-hour rate of pay. Do not do $ 30 when you can do $ 200!

By doing the first property using your own time and labor, you may get most of that $ 20,000 dollar profit when you sell, but it will generally take you an average of three months to do it, or 480 hours. That boils down to $ 41.66 an hour and you can not look for more great deals. What this will do is give you the capital to pay someone else to do the labor on the next one. Once you have your nest egg you can begin to pay up to $ 5,000 for the labor to include materials. Now you let the lower wage scales do the dirty work of cleaning, repairing, painting and installing new fixtures and you no longer spend your more valuable time doing the low paying labor jobs, so now you can quite feasibly make $ 20,000 and spend $ 5,000 to do it. This leaves you with $ 15,000 profit divided by 100 hours, which equals $ 150 an hour or five times the pay of the painter! Do not be a laborer if you do not have to be.

I hope you see how it pays to find them rather than fix them. Granted your going to have to learn this higher skill of finding and evaluating good deals, however, through "Magic Bullets" I've given you at least 150 ways to find those deals, such as from bandit signs, newspaper ads, bird dogs, professional search services and so forth. You have the invitation to launch a campaign that will yield plenty of these deals.

Once you find what appears to be a motivated, distracted or disinterested seller, your next skill set will be to evaluate the property to insure that a profit will result if you do proceed. Here again, you're focusing on plumbing, electrical, foundation, structure, roof and location, as the rest will generally be cosmetic repairs that can be done quickly and inexpensively in an effort to realize the true value without going broke!

Once you have some accurate figures relating a probable sales price, the cost of materials, labor, marketing time and transfer costs you can project your profit. Will it yield $ 20,000 or more in 90 days? It should! If not, then you may consider passing on the transaction and continue the hunt for another property that does satisfy your strategic objectives. Side note here: Often when you walk away from deals like this, they end up coming back to you later when the sellers can not sell. You'll have an opportunity to lower your offer to an amount that will satisfy your objectives and it will usually be accepted at that time.

Let's assume that you have found and evaluated the property. Now you will need to negotiate the sales contract and buy this property for the lowest possible price. By having your own offer sheets, sales contracts and financing in place, you can move swiftly to acquire these moneymaking assets. As there are so many creative ways to finance real estate, I'll only touch on a few here: owner financing, subject to existing loan, leases w / option to buy, HUD 203k rehab loans, conventional bank loans, assumptions, all cash , etc. You will see what type of financing can be used as the deals begin to take shape. Just be prepared to use the method that will work when you make your offer. Hint: It helps to be pre-qualified and if possible to have equity lines available to tap into if necessary.

Now that you have found, evaluated and acquitted the property, you will have to affect the repairs. I did not say you would have to do the repairs yourself, remember? Here is where you play Mr. Egypt General Contractor; by hiring licensed and bonded professionals who come highly recommended you to begin to pass off the labor issues back to the lower earning wage scales so that you can get back to finding more good deals.
Note: One trick to getting good workers and companies is to ask appraisers who they would recommend for certain jobs if they needed work done. Appraisers know a lot about value, folks! They seldom steer you wrong so build your network through their referrals.

Another way to save money is to begin getting familiar with local suppliers of all types of construction materials. I'm not talking truss members and cinder blocks but you will have to create your repair list often, otherwise known as a punch list. You can create this list of items that you will need to fix or replace in a few short hours. By using your notes from your initial evaluation, you'll be half way home. These items may include tile, vinyl, carpet or wood for floors, toilets, faucets, sinks, tubs, vanity cabinets, mirrors, towel bars, light switches, electrical receptacles, light kits, ceiling fans, knobs, handles, locksets and paint to make the property look and smell new again. Now you can spend another eight hours shopping for and scheduling the dates of delivery and installation for the larger items but that is where your labor ends and you revert back to the supervisor role of periodic inspections to insure the employers and contractors are getting the job done on schedule.

Up to this point we have done four things: We have found, evaluated, accepted and are repairing. With these steps behind you, the next step will be to start the marketing efforts to find a buyer for this beauty. By pricing it right and advertising it for sale to the entire market of potential buyers, the word will get out. You can help that word get around by using newspapers, yard signs, corner signs, word of mouth, flyers, fact sheets, neighbor alerts, network partners and a host of other avenues of approach that can almost guarantee you a steady stream of buyers when the time to sell is near.

So you have found, evaluated, acquired, repaired and marketed the property. Now the final step is to get the sales contract signed and a closing date scheduled. This should all be completed in about 90 days and you will have cleared no less than $ 15,000 as a result. Your results may vary – it could be lower, and quite possibly could be higher depending on how good you are! I'm giving you the overview here. You will be doing many tasks along the way that are not being explained in depth here.

You will have capital gains taxes. However, when you keep every receipt and use a CPA to do your taxes, the process will be fairly painless. This work will pay very well regardless of that fact. By having two or three of these rehabs going on at any one time and having just one closing a month, you should be making over $ 100,000 a year, after Uncle Sam gets his.

Many highly trained or experienced investors never even touch the property. They simply find great deals, handle some paperwork and sell it for less than they could get if they spend more time on it. These people are leveraging their time and techniques to squeeze out the maximum profit in the shortest possible time with the least amount of effort. I do not condone being a paper pusher and taking advantage of other people's ignorance or misfortunes by doing paper trades. I personally have a hard time finding value in deeds done by using such methods. This is why I have given you a value-driven road map to follow in this brief report. I sincerely hope that you will create value for those that depend on you to deliver in an honest and caring professional manner. Happy hunting!

Source by Dan Auito