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Electric Radiant Heat – Low Cost House Warming

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We as consumers dream up all kinds of ways to upgrade our homes. From stain-proof carpet, to solar panels for reduced energy bills; we are always looking for something that improves our standard of living, and hopefully, reduces our standard of spending.

Radiant Heat is one of these upgrades. It is a luxury you will not think about, but you'll miss if it's not there. When most people think of radiant heat, "Warm Floors" typically come to mind. Radiant heat, however, does a whole lot more that warm floors.

Radiant Heat is capable of heating an entire house, and is far more comfortable and efficient than forced air or convection heating.

In space-heating, occupants feel more comfortable even when the space air temperature is maintained lower than typical forced air heating. Radiant heat results in less heat-loss from a room. Forced air registers and baseboard heat strips are always located on outside walls between windows. These systems heat air that comes in contact with the external windows and walls to temperatures much higher than the desired room temperature. This results in more heat-loss from the space. Heatizon System's products provide a uniform heat flux from the floor into the space, resulting in less heat-loss from the room.

Mass Warming results in less temperature variations in the space being heated. The flooring material is heated by the element which then radiates the heat into the space. The floor surface can be maintained at a very uniform temperature which results the hot and cold temperature swings that occurs as other systems cycle on and off. Warming the mass of the floor results in what is called thermal capacitance. This allows the space to remain warm even when extreme temperatures occur. Essentially, heat energy is stored in the mass of the floor and other objects in the space. This applies to any type of floor – wood, concrete, tile, etc.

Efficiency levels of Heatizon Systems are excellent. When compared with a heat pump, forced-air furnace or baseboard heating system, Heatizon Systems low-voltage products are more efficient watt for watt. An article in the July, 1996 ASHRAE Journal, "Radiant Heating for Thermal Comfort" reported on experimental results comparing a heat pump, baseboard heat and radiant heat. The radiant heating system consumed 33% less energy than the heat pump system and 52% less energy than the baseboard system.

Reliability of Heatizon Systems are superior. The entire system is solid-state, has no moving parts to wear out, and has nothing that requires routine maintenance. There are no water lines to break or crack. Our products have been satisfying the needs of hundreds of customers since 1979. Both z-mesh and Tuff Cable are easy to repair in the event they get cut or damaged. The controls allow for power failures or spikes, yet brings the system back on-line as quickly as possible.

Comfort of radiant heat is superior because the radiant heat flux is uniform through the heated space. There are no "point-source" hot spots like there are in baseboard and forced air systems. Thermal comfort is sustained as the system cycles on and off, because the heated mass temperature remains almost constant.

Convenience of installation is superior to any other system. There is no ducting to deal with, no lost floor or wall space. Other than a thermostat, Heatizon Systems products are out of sight. Retrofitting is easy. Adding the system to an existing space is much easier than installing a hydronic or high voltage system.

Safety is a major advantage of the Heatizon System. Heatizon Systems products are ETL listed to UL standards 1673,1693, and 1561.

Quiet and clean. The Heatizon System produces no more noise than a light fixture. There is no fan starting and stopping, no filter to change or clean, no valves to wear out, and no pipes to rattle.

Life-Cycle Costs are less, especially when heating exterior concrete surfaces. The cost to replace a driveway, sidewalk or patio is many times the cost of the Heatizon Systems products.

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Source by Dan Davidson

General Electric (NYSE:GE) Holdings Decreased by Commonwealth Equity Services Inc

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Interior Lighting for Different Rooms in the House

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The lighting in our homes is one of the most important aspects when it comes to design and aesthetics. The right interior lighting can set the mood, making people comfortable and at ease instantly. But how do you choose lighting for the various rooms in your home?

How you choose to light the kitchen is vitally important. Not only is it advisable to keep the mood relaxed but it must equally provide adequate levels of light to work in a safe manner. Subsequently spot lights are a good investment for the kitchen, particularly if placed underneath the cabinets so that they light the worktops effectively.

The living is one room of the house where the interior lighting is imperative; it should set the mood perfectly. Subsequently your choice of lighting should include a dimmer switch as this will allow you to adjust light levels in relation to the amount of people, activities and mood. Lamps can also be effectively used in particular dark areas like corners.

For the dining room it is also important to ensure the mood is correct. It can also be advisable to make the most of classical elements such as chandeliers or lamps. Low lighting levels are advisable, try to imagine the restaurants you have visited, how many are brightly lit with industrial styles?

In the hall you want just enough light to see where you are going, rather than brightly lighting the worn carpet or hardened floor. Up-lighting can look good in hallways, and as this the first room guests will see when they enter your home, there is a chance to add some design flare.

In the bedroom there are a number of ways you can go, obviously you do not want it too bright and it can be fun to use lights that will cast shadows across the room. In addition, if you have the opportunity to install a light switch by your bed it can be worthwhile, allowing you to turn the lights off without the arduous trip back to bed in the dark.

Bathrooms are one of the rooms in the house that can benefit from imaginative interior lighting. Too many people simply bung up one light and leave it at that but with clever wall lights and spotlights it is possible to create some aesthetically pleasing effects.

Source by Horace Tait