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Add A New Life To Your Scooter

Posted on January 23, 2018 By In Uncategorized With no comments

The scooter industry is going through a boom phase. All thanks to the variety of upgrades and accessories that has remodeled the look of a classic scooter. Some very popular models of scooters come with wheels as big as that of a motorcycle. Other scooters are available with engine size ranging from 250cc up to 650cc. The modern day scooters are available with four stroke engines and their performance can easily be paralleled with a motor- cycle.

Although most scooter retailers have a variety of upgrades and accessories stocked up in their stores yet you might sometimes get a better bargain online, for your scooter parts and add ons.

Baskets, lockable trunks, handle bar grips, mirrors, seat covers, kid's seat, extra battery charger are some of the extras that you can add on to your scooter.

Most scooter accessories can be bought either new or old depending upon your preference and how much you are willing to spend on them. However before buying old parts make sure that they are in a good condition or else they too might have to be replaced soon.

In order to make your scooter road worthy make sure that its turn signals breaks, headlamps, and chains are intact. This will ensure safety for both the rider as well as the vehicle. Other safety accessories that are a must with a scooter are helmets; drive belts, alarms and locks.

Since the markets have roled out so many different types of scooters, which vary in shapes, sizes as well as functionality therefore their accessories also differ from model to model.

Scooters are not just economic to use but their size and maneuverability also makes it easier for the riders to scoot out those areas with heavy traffic jams. In comparison to other vehicles scooters have a better fuel average, which makes them a popular choice with most people who do not want to spend a ransom on commuting.

Good maintenance is the key for keeping scooters in an impossible condition. However there are some parts that might need replacement with time. So the minute you notice any defect such parts make sure to replace them immediately. After all it's always better to be safe than sorry!

Source by Jason Uvios

Is Buying A Battery Powered Fan A Good Option?

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The sudden increase in high rise buildings in Atlanta has brought about a drastic change in the weather conditions in the city. There are more cars on the roads, and many more manufacturing units are being set up in the city on a regular basis – all of which have resolved in soaring mercury levels in the city, especially during the hot summer months.

Ceiling fans have proven to be an effective way to beat the heat in Atlanta and are being installed by Atlanta electrical contractors in the homes of many residents. There are a large number of Atlanta residents who are now opting for battery powered fans as compared to conventional fans, and for good reason.

A standard ceiling fan is usually affixed to one place and is powered with the help of electricity from the main power supply. On the other hand, a battery operated ceiling fan is portable and is powered by batteries, rather than the conventional power supply. These fans are lightweight and are mostly wireless so that they can be easily transported from one place to another and can even be used in a room where there are no electrical outlets for inserting the plug.

A battery-powered fan also proves to be extremely useful in providing air circulation during outdoor activities, picnics, sporting events, camping, etc. where there is restricted access to power supply.

Advantages of using a battery powered fan

Several Atlanta electricians recommend using battery operated fans because of their proficient cooling, portability, and in-built power source. These fans are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The numerous other reasons to opt for these lightweight energy efficient devices are as follows:

  • The same fan can be used in different places as per your need. These fans are available at cheaper prices as compared to normal ceiling fans. You can also seek help of electricians to install solar battery fans that are now easily available in the market. These solar powered devices would help you lower your electricity bills further, as they make use of a renewable source of energy for charging the battery.
  • These fans are easy to use and have excellent safety features. Battery fans are generally wireless devices, so, you do not have to worry about injuries caused by normal wired table fans due to tangled wires lying all over the floor.
  • A battery-powered fan could be used for cooling the room even during a power outage during hot summer months. These fans help in removing dampness in the room and also increase the airflow, which helps in dispersing odors.

These above advantages make it very clear that a battery-powered fan is certainly an excellent option. Based on your location, a battery-operated fan can also be a necessity. Talk to your electrical contractor in Atlanta and learn more about these useful devices today.

Source by Terrell McCall

Do You Still Drink Tap Water? What Is the Best Source of Water for Your Body?

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It is funny but I have never really thought about water until I left New Zealand. The water there has always been pretty good and it tasted really good, so I just did not really think about it. It is kinda ironic since water is such a massive part of our day and is so important to keeping us really hydrated.

Since being in London and Spain, the water has been less than favurable. Where we are staying at the moment, the water is very hard. It has a huge amount of lime scale and the owners suggested we should not really drink it. What they drink here is spring water. It is so cool! In the middle of this little town, is a spring fountain. It has water flowing out of it all year round and it is cold and tastes amazing. One of our jobs in this job we are doing, is to fill up water bottles every few days to supply us and the guests with spring water.

Anywhere …. So it kinda got me thinking about water and I wanted to really explore which water we should drink.

First off, I should stress how important water is to the body. We need water to really hydrate our cells. All types of health issues are related to simple dehydration within the body. When we are children our bodies are made up of 85% water and by the time we reach adulthood, this drops down to 75%. What is interesting is the correlation within people who are suffering from an illness, where that figure can be as low as 52%.

The problem with being dehydrated is that the body will source the water it needs to nourish the important cells from what it terms "less important cells" to survive. It will there before draw that water source from muscle tissue, organ tissue or bone tissue. What is really interesting is that the brain is made up of 85% water and without sufficient water, it is easy for us to go into a state of stress, depression and feelings of overwhelm – an interesting one!

Now, typically most of us drink tap water. When I was in London, I just could not even consider drinking tap water. It just tasted bad! Little did I know that the water there gets recycled up to 7 times in some places! This means we are drinking all the stuff other people have treated off – yes it has been recycled but there are things in that wee, that can not be taken out! Things like anti-biotics, the synthetic hormones from the contraceptive pill, medications from various different people etc …. That is all in the drinking water and on some level we are taking this in, if we drink tap water each and every day . Not a really nice thought!

What's worse is that water contains all sorts of chemicals to try and keep the water free from bacteria. They add Fluoride to the water which has been proven to cause Alzheimer's. Now, I do not know about you but the last thing I want to do is add chemicals and things into my body, that it simply needs to clean out again!

The next obvious option then becomes bottled spring water. Well, though this sounds really good, the water is beloved into plastic bottles. Water is super absorbent and will draw out whatever substance it comes in contact with. In this case it is plastic. Plastic contains Xenoestrogens which simply much with our natural hormonal balance and put an extra strain on the liver. They also add things to the water to prevent it from "growing".

See, here's the thing …. Spring water is a pure and alive source of water. It actually has life force within it. It contains minerals and oxygen and those, when left to stand will "grow". Now, though this sounds like a bad thing, it is actuallyt he best source of water for our bodies.

Let me explain. Our bodies work the best when we give it things that match it's natural cells and receptor sites. Like when we give our bodies natural hormones. They simply work. The minute we give our bodies things it does not recognize, like synthetic products and drugs, it does not know what to do with them. When we give our bodies real foods, which are taken straight from nature, it knows what to do with them and can absorb it's amazing nutrition. Give the body a portion of a plant (like Asprin), it is more likely to develop side-effects. The same applies to spring water.

Spring water, when examined closely contains tiny molecules that form perfect shapes, which fit in, like a puzzle into our bodies' cells. It nourishes those cells perfectly and gives them perfect hydration. When we alter that design, the molecular design of the water, it makes it harder for our cells to draw out the hydration element of the water. Because why, we are never really fully hydrated from tap water or bottled water. It is no longer the same water. It has changed its molecular structure. Heat, movement, light and even loud noises will affect this molecular structure.

Have you ever wondered why spring water has always been touted as "The Fountain of Youth" or that that it contains "Magical Properties" in certain areas of the world? Why do we have things like Roman Baths and why areas with spring water are often considered sacred?

Spring water contains energy. It draws this energy from its source. See, Spring water comes from reservoirs deep within the earth. This water has an electric charge from the Earth's Electromagnetic Field. It is not touched by any of the contaminants from farms or pollution. It does not end the run off from factories or any kind of nasties that exist. It is pure and contains heaps of natural minerals that it has bought with it, in it's absorbable state for us to absorb.

So, how do we find a good Spring Water?

It sounds complicated but it is actually quite fun and easy when you start exploring! I have found it a great adventure to seek out Spring Water on my travels so far! Naturally, having one right here in this little town where I am currently living is a great bonus! The best source of information is on a website devoted to finding good and safe natural springs. It reports on where you can find springs and shares personal experiences of people who have drunk from that spring.

You can also watch a great video on how to assess a Spring's safety by watching Daniel Vitalis share his experiences. There are more videos on his website . If you find one and it is not on there, please share it so others can enjoy it too!

I have found 3 springs so far! One was Aylesford in the UK, one in Wanaka in New Zealand and now one in Cortes De La Fronterra! It is very exciting and it always makes me feel like I am going back in history!

It is an amazing feeling to go back in Nature and find pure water! It is always refreshingly cold and just tastes so soft and pure!

Have you had any great experiences with water and your healing journey with Endometriosis? Have you got a water filter? Do you have a spring nearby? What do you know about water that you could share?

Source by Melissa Meyer