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What Makes Quality Electrical Cables Different From Low Quality Cables

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Buying power cables and wires can be quite a difficult task, if we do not possess much knowledge about them. Using improper cables for power transmission can prove injurious to life and property, as they always bear a risk of power leakage and short circuits. Although there exists a wide range of electrical cables in the market, choosing a quality brand often makes a tedious task when the market is filled with substandard duplicate wires. The first thing people need to check before purchasing wires or cables, is the reputation of the brand that they choose. A brand which has consistently maintained its reputation is more likely to produce quality cables over others.

The brands that are maintaining a steady growth and reputation, ever since their inception have concentrated on using advanced technologies, they have revolutionized the wiring industry by producing quality cables and wires that aid in effective transmission of electricity and signals. The major factor which identifies reputed brands from ordinary power cable brands are, their construction and production. Cables are created as per the international wiring standards, these cables bear a safety shield, which generates electricity leakage and curbs short circuits. The latest innovation which has made them more competitive in the wiring and cable industry is known as Triguard technology.

Emphasizing on saving electricity and enhanced security, the Triguard technology concentrates on increasing the efficiency of the wires, with its uniform power distribution mechanism. The wires maintain a steady flow of electricity which allows superior performance, even during energy fluctuations. Saving a whopping 25% of energy, these electrical cables also prevent electrocution, and its fool-proof construction is designed to reduce the chances of short-circuits. Comparatively lighter in weight than other ordinary brands, these wires are durable and function efficiently even after prolonged use. As the wires are stringently checked by the experts at their individual labs before dispatch, the brand ensures that the cable would function efficiently without compromising on performance.

However, as with all cables, these cables need to be maintained as per the guidelines, for a longer life. Rigid handling and subjecting these cables to harsh conditions, which may not be suitable to its functioning, will typically hamper their life span. Here, it is necessary that various safety measures and maintenance techniques are followed to enhance the durability quotient of these cables. Efficient for house wiring solutions, these cables are also extensively used in various industrial and mechanical applications. Moreover, with its competitive pricing, these cables are also pretty reasonable, which makes the cables affordable for one and all.

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