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Push-On Fittings – A Snap?

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Repairing any of the (CTS) copper tubing size pipe is a snap or is it?

Actually it is when you use Shark Bites (R) or any brand of Push on fittings. Any home owner that knows how to use a tape measure and a pipe cutter can fix any leak or break in there water line or main as long as there pipes are copper tubing size.

What pipes are considered copper tubing size pipe? Many home owners may not know what kind of pipes they have in their home. There are many types of pipes and tubing that are used in a home. The most common are of course the obvious "Copper".

However, a lot of homes depending on the age may have polybutaline tubing which has been outlawed as a potable water source in a home or business. If you live in a home at least 30 years old you could have galvanized pipe or copper which were the norm.

Copper tubing size pipes are:

CPVC pipe . This is a tan plastic water line and comes in sizes of 1/2 "to 3/4"

Pex tubing: This is the newer piping and quickly becoming the norm in newer homes and condominiums as well as in commercial, industrial and it is also being used in fire sprinklers systems too. It was first introduced around ten years ago as a replacement for polybutaline piping. There are many manufactures of pex tubing such as Zurn and Wirsbo pex.

Copper: Copper is my personal favorite. This piping is what I cut my teeth on during my apprenticeship.

It is only natural that manufactures of push on fittings created them to fit on any copper tubing size pipes.

Installing a Push-On fitting

Installing a push on fitting is super easy. All you have to do is clean the pipe and push on the fitting until you hear a snap or click sound. That's all there is to it, it's really a snap.

When you purchase push-on fittings your going to need the "U" shaped tool to remove the fitting if you make a mistake. Shark bite (R) or push-on fittings can be found at your local plumbing shop. They are a little expensive, but you will make the cost back in time and ease of use.

Source by William R. Cato

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