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Obama's New Jobs – Do You Qualify For 5 Million New Green Collar Jobs?

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The Stimulus Package introduced by President Obama tries to open up new job opportunities. 5 million new green collar jobs are what the people are looking up to. A green collar job is something that connects you to your environment. It reiterates to any job that at the end of the day contributions to the environment in some way or the other at its own level.

Various activities included in the green collar employment opportunities are as follows:

· Generating electricity with the use of renewable or nuclear energy

· Manufacturing jobs that produce goods being used in the renewable power generation

· Agriculture jobs that supply soy or corn for transportation of fuel

· Wholesalers specializing in renewable sources & energy efficiency products

· Construction & installation of energy & the pollution management systems

· Government administration of the environmental programs

· Supporting jobs in various fields such as engineering, research, legal & consulting fields

The government along with some NGO's started certain programs. Here are a few of them:

o One of the programs is the Apollo Alliance's New Apollo Program. It proposes a $ 500 billion investment over 10 years for creating 5 million green collar employment opportunities. These jobs will be in the fields of industries including renewable energy; transit, energy efficiency & transportation; and research & development (R & D).

o The Center for American Progress & the Political Economy Research Institute plans to invest $ 100 billion over 2 years in order to create 2 million employment opportunities in various areas like building retrofitting, construction of some "smart" electrical grid, wind & solar power, expansion of transit & the freight rail grids and the next generation bio fuels.

o According to a report given by Global Insight for the US Conference of Mayors states that the renewable power generation, the building retrofitting, & the renewable transportation fuels will be generating 1.7 million new jobs by the year 2018 and again 846,000 jobs in various areas including engineering, research, legal & consulting positions. This number would be up to3.5 million employment opportunities around 2028 & 4.2 million by the year 2038.

Source by Sani Orman

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