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Motor Scooter Reviews – A Wide Range Of Brands

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Back in the old days when motor scooters were not readily available, owning one was always a problem when it came to the availability of spares. Although scooters were available from foreign countries, the parts were not that easily available which made it difficult to own scooters. But now, with the wide range of brands available from many major companies, owning these vehicles is much easier today.

Immediate access to spare parts and service centers is one of the most crucial factors in owning any vehicle. But with the introduction of major scooter brands in the US, the likelihood of failure and repairs is getting extremely rare. Some of the major vehicle manufacturers from Japan like Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda and Suzuki have come out with nice scooter models in the higher price range. Some of the best vehicle manufacturers in the world are naturally high, making the quality of these vehicles. Vespa scooters from Italy's Piaggio are another famous Italian brand, which has been around for so many decades.

People who prefer US brands can opt for Cushman motor scooters, which are made in Augusta Georgia. Textron, Inc., which is also the owner of other famous brands like the Cessna aircraft, and Bell Helicopters own the company. Cushman scooters were even used by the military instead of larger automobiles and some of them could be seen in the war movies of yesteryears. These scooters have a long back as well as a long history.

More Asian brands from countries like Korea and Taiwan are becoming popular in the mid-range category. Although these are not high-end models like those from the Japanese manufacturers, these are moderately priced models which are good in quality and reliability as well. For people who are looking for functional models with a great price tag, models from these upcoming eastern countries would be an ideal choice.

The cheapest models of motor scooters are available from various companies in China. Some of these brands are good for the price at which they are available and others are mediocre at best. If some one is looking for a model at rock bottom prices that they can use for a couple of years before discarding, Chinese models would be quite suitable for the purpose.

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