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Merchandising a Retail Store

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Hello, hope you are all fine! We are going to talk about “Merchandising a Retail Store” today. Walking by a store and looking in the window makes you decide to go in or go on, unless you are already going there for a specific reason. So merchandising your windows is your 1st major outlook. What do we put in there? How do we arrange it? What is the theme? Give these all much thought before you begin. And remember you must change your window at least monthly, if not more depending on what type of store you have.

I would like to talk about 4 different types of store Clothing, Auto Parts, Electronics, and Sporting Goods. For a sporting goods store you really only need to change the window seasonally, and only part of the window. The reason is you want fishing, weight equipment, clothing, and all of your goods that make year around sales, yet you want to change part of your window for seasonal product. We do hunting in November, football starts in August, fishing and water sport product you display in summer, and there is spring and fall product, yet overall you want almost all your product in the window always, yet highlighting a part of it seasonally.

Now a clothing store looks at things differently. They also have seasonal displays, but they must change weekly to show all the various product they have for each season. Also keep in mind to make sure your windows stay interesting. In merchandising boredom is the worst thing you can have. It makes customers bored. Keep them interested in your store. While also watching your product and making sure to merchandise product that must sell at a certain time be it clearance product or seasonal that must sell during that particular season or time. Also in clothing, employees must consistently fold product and put it back in the right place. Well get to cleanliness later.

An electronic’s store can put all their product in the window because it sells year round. They must still change it to keep interest, or a particular product they are promoting at a certain time.

Auto parts stores are the easiest because their product sell year round, so the window just needs to reflect all their product. You usually see them bulk display, like stacks of ice-deicer for your car in winter and coolant in the summer. We’ll talk more latter about bulk displays.

That is all about window displays. In the window or the store there are 2 types of displays the 1st being bulk displays, the 2nd is 3-D displaying. Bulk displays is when you see 1 display with boxes of brand new product that you can grab then take to the checkout, like DVD players, at gas stations window cleaner, mulch in summer, it’s stacks of product that you yourself can grab then take to the counter. 3-D displays include much thought. They are high, middle, low. There is much product in 3-D displays. It is what it means, when you look at it it is 3 dimensional which means appearing to have depth or thickness along with height and width, having a convincing or lifelike quality, it’s the most interesting display to look at. It usually moves you. Next time your in a store look around and see if you can tell the difference of these 2 types of displays.

Remember your stores displays need to be clean, organized and you MUST get your employees focused on this. If you went to a grocery store found milk and yogurt that is supposed to be cold in the cookie dept. that with other disorganized issues you would never go back. Merchandising along with organization is the most important jobs you do in the Retail store environment. The next make sure every product has a price on it, EVERYONE…! If someone does not know how much it is they will NOT buy it. They don’t want to embarrass themselves to ask or to take it to the register then not have enough money, and they shouldn’t have to! Mark every piece of product with a price.

Here we go this is my 6 ways you must merchandise product.

1. You must have the right product.

2. It must be in the right place.

3. You must have it at the right time.

4. It must be in the right condition.

5. You must have the right quantity.

6. You must have the right price and marked.

If you follow these 6 facts, you and your store will win, if not you will probably lose. Merchandising is an art and takes practice and an eye. It’s a creative art also, you can test different idea’s, create new ways, work with your eye in how it looks, after all that’s what your customers do. Surprise them…!

Have a great day, I hoped you learned something about Merchandising a Retail Store.

Teddy Mueller 2007

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