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Getting the Best Out Of Your Marvel Clear Ice Maker

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Measuring only a mere 15 inches wide, the Marvel Clear Ice Maker provides you with beautiful, restaurant-quality ice at quantities perfectly suitable for your household use. And you can now have a steady supply of fresh "" ice cubes with its crystal clear, perfect symmetrical shape to quickly chill your drinks without the usual undesirable odor and taste. "wide openings for portability and space management. It also features an exterior primarily made of powder-coated steel with full-wrapped stainless steel doors for easy maintenance. And you can even fit it under tables and counters. Its front-ventilation system makes it practical to be installed with zero tolerance on the space of your cabinetry or leave it freestanding.

The features of the Marvel Clear Ice Maker include the auto defrost. It naturally saves you time and effort as you have perfectly no need to turn the unit off manually just to wait for the melting of the ice in its sides. For any household operation, this ice maker is ideal as it can manufacture and store up to 35 pounds of ice daily. It shows off its high-efficiency microprocessors that give greater temperature control just so you can have that steady supply of fresh ice for your needs. Its durable construction introduces a very efficient compressor with its commercial condenser, a highly effective fan motor for long lasting operations. Take note of the rest of the specifications below to fully comprehend the beauty of the Marvel Ice Maker.

• Can be readily built in on any cabinet space with its leveling feet for adjusting the height.

• Its surface exterior is durable, and at the same time attractive with its baked acrylic enamel finish.

• It has a temperature range of 30 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

• The compressor is ideally designed for the most favorable cooling performance. It operates quietly to a whisper.

• The ice maker requires water pressure of 20-100 PSI with a.25 "tubing for the water feed.

• A drain is required. It accepts 5/8 "for the drain tubes and 1.5" drain pipe.

• With its professionally-styled handle, it can achieve a field reversible door swing.

• Dimensions: 34 "height x 14 7/8" width x 24 "depth

• For its electrical components, it features 120 volts / 3A running / 15A start-up.

• With its 100-pound weight upon shipping, you will get a year parts and labor warranty. Units are usually shipped in 3-4 business days.

People are asking if all ice makers in the market today produce similar types of ice. With your Marvel Ice Maker, varieties of shapes will all be available to you, the actual cubes, crescent types, the cylinders and shot glass type. The best that you can get is the clear, gourmet ice without the impurities that gives off vague and cloudy appearance just like that of regular ice.

Take advantage of the Marvel Clear Ice Maker. Not only do you get that perfect fit in your bar or kitchen cabinet, you also get to enjoy it with a level of style and its unmatched quality.

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