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Get the Direct Vent Water Heater When Installation is Difficult

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Do you have one of those spaces in your home meant for the water heater but the space is set up at a very weird angle? If this is your case, or if you are just wanting to switch from electric to gas, then you should definitely go with the Direct Vent Water Heater. The water heater has a two pronged venting system that is built inside the unit that will bring air in from the outside while venting it through the wall instead of through the roof. This unit also has a combustion chamber that is air tight so back drafting will not happen.

Back drafting with the traditional heater is when gas fumes escape out of the water heater which is dangerous to the inhabitants of the home. There are many manufacturer companies of these products but Rheem is at the top of the list for being one of the favorite and most well-known. They have several different models of the Direct Vent Water Heater including the Rheem RTG-53DVN-1 heater. This unit has the output of 21,600 – 145,000 btu's. Rheem has a series of these heaters, and you will usually choose which model you want by how many bathrooms you have in your home.

The Rheem RTG-53DVN-1 Direct Vent Heater is the perfect for the home that has only one bathroom. It will cost you around $ 650.00 but could be less or more depending on where you purchase it and what kind of deal you can get. They also have a tall natural gas water heater that has the capacity of 50 gallons. This unit which has model number DVG65-50T42-NV. This is a natural gas model that can vent through the wall or the roof. You will find that it has two inches of non-CFC foam insulation that will keep the water hot once it has been heated.

The tank of this Rheem Direct Vent model also is lined with glass in order to make sure that there is no eration that occurs over time. These tanks are environmentally friendly and can save the homeowner a good amount of money on their energy bill. Rheem is very popular because they supply the customer with standardized warranty and parts plans as well as giving the customer the option to extend their plan in order to make them feel more secure in case anything should happen to the water heater.

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