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Enjoy Antique Charm With Gas Lighting Fixtures

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Before the electric light bulb was invented, gas lights illuminated numerous streets in towns and cities around the world. Electric powered models have long since replaced most of these old lighting fixtures. However, there's no escaping the unique vintage charm of these old fixtures, and many people have come to appreciate their design and workmanship. It's hard to believe that gas was once in standard use in homes and many building as well, but at the time it was considered a step up from using the old oil lamps that required the burning of oils made from fish, petroleum, beeswax or olives .

Back in the day, gas lighting made city streets a lot safer for the average citizen, which led to better community living. They were also responsible for increasing the productivity of factories, which could now run around the clock because the gas was cheaper and a more stable form of lighting. Because most of these lighting fixtures were made during the old industrial age, their design has been frozen in time. These days, when you go to look for gas lighting fixtures, it's to add a bit of warmth and antique style to your home.

Modern gas lighting fixtures give you the best of both worlds: the look and feel of old world elegance combined with the modern convenience of electric lighting. This look is particularly popular in such cities as Charleston, NC and New Orleans, LA. Of course, you can live anywhere in the country and still enjoy a nostalgic trip down memory lane with these unique fixtures adorning your walls. The vintage design of fixtures made for gas light is a great way to establish some mood lighting in a living room or even on a back porch.

A lot of modern lighting inspired by the original designs use copper, and either clear or muted shades of glass. This makes gas lighting fixtures the perfect accent piece for a space where you want people to be able to kick back and relax. They are not designed to be flashy or sleek. Instead, they give off a quiet illumination that is great for reading a book, doing homework or simply listening to your favorite music. As soon as you place one of these old-style fixtures into your home, you'll understand why they are still treasured by people today. Yes, they are that special.

Another great thing about these fixtures is that you can indulge in a look from yesterday, while using energy-efficient light bulbs inside the lamp. While this is not a requirement, energy efficient lighting is the wave of the future and you'll be able to find the perfect light bulb for your gas fixture, if being green is important to you.

Of course, the most important reason why you want this type of gas lighting is for the design. And, you'll be able to find a good selection of fixtures that go well with many rooms in your home. Take some time to browse the selection to see which specific designs you think mesh best with the décor in your rooms. You want to be sure to select the best gas fixture that will fit perfectly in the mood you wish to create.

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