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Digital Photo Frame in a Digital Video Phone

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A digital photo frame is the best way to show a large number of photos in such a small space. Couple that with a digital video phone that replaces old-fashioned phone service. One phone gives you low-cost phone service and a continuous revolving digital photo frame.

Money saving phone service:
Digital phone service that includes local and long distance calling for a low fee is just what we need. An adapter or a video phone the service provider offers is connected to your high-speed internet service you already use and you are ready to make calls. International calling plans cost less for regular calling if you are not using video to video phone calling which is of no extra cost. You can save up to 50% on your phone bill with digital service.

Video calling:
Call someone and talk or call someone with the same video phone and see them while talking to them. Everyday activities, occasions or holidays are more special when you can join in together no matter how far apart you live. You can plug into a larger monitor or television for more of a feeling of being there with friends and family. Do not forget to take pictures with your video phone of moments to remember and save them in the digital photo frame.

Digital photo frame:
Photos show happy times and people we love in the digital photo frame. Watch the continuous show right on your phone. Simply load photos onto a USB and plug it into the phone and choose which ones you want. You can save pictures you take with your phone and save them into your revolving show. There are options to choose from so you can customize your show.

Modern technology is giving us more for less. We only have to take advantage of it to save money and have more joy and fun because of it. Distance from each other is not as much a problem. Taking a picture on a video call and saving the moment and seeing it when you want to on your phone when you're not using it are two great uses in one. All of us have photos we love to see. Copy them on to a USB and put them in your digital photo frame in your digital video phone. During the coming holidays this phone will be a constant joy and will keep on showing joyous memories all year. You should spend a little bit of time to further check out this phone.

Source by Carol Platt

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