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Buy Gold in Wholesale

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Buying gold in wholesale refer to buying gold or gold jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or any other gold items in a bulk. Wholesale gold buying in bullion ie in the form of bars and coins is generally done on a one to one basis. Many customers indulge in wholesale gold buying also from the purpose of reselling the same in the open market for a higher price, to make money.

Identify legitimate sellers

Those interested in buying wholesale gold jewelry must however identify the legitimate wholesale gold suppliers. The Internet is a good source to find out about the wholesale gold suppliers that can supply you bulk of the metal in bullion at extremely competitive prices.

Key parameters of identification

The trick here is to identify genuine wholesale gold retailers. There are two most important factors that you can take into consideration while identifying a gold jewelry retailer. First, as a wholesale supplier the company or individual would be interested in selling bullion or jewelry in bulk with minimum orders. Second, if the seller is a genuine wholesale seller, he would ask for your tax identity or even reselling permission number to verify your legitimacy as a businessman. Using these two techniques you can easily identify the genuine wholesalers from discounted retailers or the fake ones.

Be alert while dealing online

The online wholesale companies generally set shop online for cost cutting purposes. This calls for special attention from the buyer's side to avoid getting fooled. While dealing with such a company online, you need to first ensure that you are buying a genuine product and not imitation. The wholesale companies selling real gold will mention against the product or its category 'authentic', meaning it is real. However, beware of advertisements that read 'gold plated' or 'realistic', as in most of the cases they denote fake.

Use wholesale directories

To find these wholesale sellers, you may browse through their directories that are generally a free source of the required information. For example, if you are looking at a gold necklace at wholesale price, simply go to Yahoo or Google and type gold necklace 'wholesale only' in the search box. While searching, try typing out different, yet related keywords such as 'manufacturer' or 'distributor' and then combine such words to get the desired results.

Be sure of your purchase

Most wholesalers may want to sell bullion or gold in bulk only; since, it is important for you to decide what exactly you would like to buy before putting your money in the merchandise. You must also check out if the company you are dealing with has an exchange or refund policy, or a 100% cash back guarantee. Finding this out is important, as it will ensure a replacement or refund, if you are not satisfied completely with the product on delivery, or if the item is in lesser quality than you had expected.

Visit trade fairs and shows

If the online medium does not interest you, you can visit a few trade shows and fairs organized for promoting wholesale gold jewelry trade. You may also choose to join a discount club, where you can find all types of jewelry at discounted retail prices. This could possibly be the next best option after buying gold in wholesale.

Use Auction Sites and Specialized Jewelry Sites

One of the very best ways to get deeply Discounted jewelry is to use auction sites like EBay or specialty jewelry sites that have relationships with such suppliers. EBay has many legitimate wholesalers as well as private parties looking to sell jewelry they no longer need, or stores looking to clear out their inventories. Make sure you carefully check feedback on the sellers and obtain their ratings. If the jewelry you are planning to buy is expensive, then you should use eBay's escrow service, though it is available at a particular price.

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