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Budget Economic Heaters

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Electric heating can be expensive, however here at e-tradecounter we aim to provide for all levels of heating, be it for domestic or commercial use.

DeLonghi Curved Fan Heater (SKU: HVE134),
The DeLonghi Fan Heater is a small portable heater designed for on the spot heating around the home or office. The small size the DeLonghi Fan Heater packs a powerful punch at 2.4kW, it also comes with the option to have half heat, which produces 1.2kW. One of the most impressive features is the frost protection. Using the inbuilt thermostat the DeLonghi Fan Heater can turn on when the temperature drops below 5 degree centigrade, this is useful feature due to the damage frost can cause in the colder sessions.

Also with the DeLonghi Fan Heater comes the automatic cut out control. Should the heater ever became covered the DeLonghi Fan Heater will cut out and stop before causing a hazard. Highly economic and complete with a fan function for rotating cool air in the hotter months the DeLonghi Fan Heater has an incredibility low price.

Dimplex Portable Fan Heater (SKU: DXFF20TS),
The Dimplex Portable Fan Heater Range is a large portable fan heater range from Dimplex. Affordable, economic and backed by a major brand name, the Dimplex Portable Fan Heater is ideal for a wide selection of applications. The range also features heaters with LCD screens to create a greater degree of accuracy when monitoring the heater and temperature.

With its easy to use controls and wide range of features the Dimplex Portable Fan Heater is perfect for around the home. With added features on different models expanding the functionality of these little portable heaters, ranging from 2kW to 3kW you have a heap of options for what suits you. One of the major advantages of the Dimplex Portable Fan Heater over other electrical heaters is the light weight, with all the models under 2kg.

Dimplex FrostWatcher Convector Heater (SKU: FW600),
Unlike the other heaters this particular model is not the most powerful or the largest, in fact it is the smallest of the three. This plays to its advantage as it only weighs 1.12kg, making it perfect for taking camping or in a caravan. Designed for low level localized heat, the Dimplex FrostWatcher is designed to be placed where you need the heat. Unlike the other models which are designed for heating a room or space the FrostWatcher is designed to simply keep away frost.

Designed to be left on for long periods of time and with no moving parts the Dimplex FrostWatcher was made to run all day and run simply heating a selected space, manufactured with safety in mind and fire resistance coating to ensure safety. Unlike unlike the other heaters the Dimplex FrostWatcher has to be wall mounted. This may cause some problems.

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