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6 Tips On Choosing And Doing Business With Wholesale Wine Distributors

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When choosing wholesale wine distributors to work with, there are a few areas to look into. Choice of wine, order quantity, reliability and quality of service will determine which wholesale wine distributors you should work with. Here we will look at 6 aspects.

1. Popularity of wine. This differs from country to country and state to state. For example, if your area is affected by anti-French sentiments, the sale of French wines would no doubt suffer. This will give you an idea which wholesale wine distributors to consider.

2. Minimum order quantity imposed by the wholesale wine distributors. It does not take rocket science to figure out that the more the order, the better the deal. However, if you do not have a big enough cellar to store the wines, it is pointless. Here, you have 2 options, order in smaller quantities or look for a distributor that will help you store the wines.

3. The profile of your target customer. Are you targeting the masses that will go for more economical choice of wine or are you selling to a selective group of people who only want the best? This will affect your choice of wine and consequently the wholesale wine distributors to work with. For example, although the price of French wines is affected by fluctuations in Euro against the US dollar, depending on your area, you might still be able to find customers who value quality more than price.

4. Is the packaging appealing and attractive? Do not underestimate the power of visual representation. French suppliers for example, have suffered loss of market share due to centuries of traditional methods, marketing, and labeling restrictions compared to new world wines.

5. Go for unique selections to differentiate yourselves from the rest of the retailers in your area as well as the big boys. This way, you will have higher chance of obtaining a steady pool of customers for your wine selections.

6. Check for any legislation within your area that affects the price of wine. For example, some states in US restrict that wholesaler must buy from wine makers at a mark up of 33.3% and retailers must sell at a mark up of 50%.

Knowing how to choose and work with wholesale wine distributors is one thing but finding a reputable and reliable distributor is another. Go for online distributor directories that feature reviews on wholesalers. One of these directories even has a forum where members who are retailers post comments on distributors. Joining these forums will give you a head start when dealing with the wholesalers.

George Tho is a webmaster and lover of ice wine. Read his review on an online directory with a database of over 4000 suppliers and wholesalers in different trades that has been reviewed by its staff and members together with a lively forum filled with retailers that will help you find reliable wholesale wine distributors here.

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