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Wires and Cables: Follow These 5 Steps to Make Your Room Look More Tidy

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Along with the advancement of technology the use of wires and cables have increased tremendously too. Though your office or house has the best of furniture, the most high class technology equipments or your walls are painted with the most attractive colors, but if your office or house has wires or cables scattered, it will automatically give the place a messy look. Wires and cables are things that make the place look more untidy.

Wires are used for almost every household or office equipments, and it is very important you know the exact method of hiding them or storing them in a way that they do not muddled. These wires and cables not only make the room look disorderly, but can also prove to be dangerous and time consuming.

Below are some of the ways in which you can organize the chaotic wires and cables at your place:

  1. The first step to start untangling the wires is to know which wire is for which device. Identify each cables use and application. This can aid you to locate the wires that are of no use. All you have to do is disconnect them.
  2. Ones that you have successfully identified each wires function and separated them from each other, the second step is to discard the broken wires. Throw away these wires to avoid any use of them in the coming future and causing of any accident.
  3. After discarding the unused and broken wires, the next step is to label each wire. Since you have already found out the function and use of each one, make it a point to label each cable with its purpose. You can also write the name of the equipment that the cable is been used for. This will enable you or any other person to identify each wire in the future.
  4. After this, make a cluster of wires that are used for similar purpose or same device. Bunch all the wires of the same equipment together and tie them with a thread or a Velcro. By tying these wires together you can hide them even properly.
  5. Lastly, hide all these wires in a place where they will not be visible from. You can either hide it behind the computer cabinet or under the carpet. Make sure that you would hide it in a place where they are out of reach of children and at a place where there are no chances of catching fire.

Following these steps can help you organize all your wires and cables and make your room look neater and attractive.

Source by Suraj Dodeja

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