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The Pros and Cons of Electric Air Compressors

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In homes and commercial establishments a number of jobs have to be accomplished that require the use of air compressors. These units do not do anything themselves and just provide compressed air, which is used to run a variety of air tools. In the modern world, electricity is the most easily available fuel and the units that operate using it are commonly known as electric air compressors. These units have a variety of pros and cons and an individual or organization should weigh them properly prior to investing in these compressors.


  • An excellent benefit of these air compressors is that they do not require much cleaning and maintenance thereby saving a lot of time and effort and consequentially money in the long run.
  • These units are extremely environmental friendly and do minimal harm to our fragile planet. The use of electricity makes them an excellent choice for the future.
  • These units are priced lower as compared to options that use other fuels like gas and hence provide a better return on investment. This makes them the first choice of a vast majority of individuals and organizations all over the world.
  • As the supply of electricity is not hampered by low or high temperature conditions, these units can operate equally effectively in cold weather conditions and on high altitudes without any trouble.


  • Commercial establishments and industries that use these air compressors have to keep back up generators to tide over periods of power failures. These add to the cost of the set up and also have to be maintained separately.
  • The cost of electricity can be much higher as compared to gas and within a few years of operation it negates the initial cost advantage of purchasing these units especially in an industrial set up where they are used for prolonged periods of time.
  • These units can only be operated in areas that have a nearby electricity connection. This hampers the portability as they have to be plugged in a power source at all times.
  • These compressors are not as powerful as the gas powered units and are since not the first choice in the industrial set up where they need to power large tools and heavy machinery for prolonged periods of time.

As per a vast majority of reviews, these units are much in demand due to their ease of operation and low maintenance requirements. Here, electric air compressors are ideal for homes and shops but not the best available choice for large commercial establishments and heavy industrial set ups. The final choice should be made by individuals and organizations after carefully looking at the exact requirement and the conditions where the units have to be used.

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