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Making Blueberry Coffee Cake in Eight Simple Steps

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Do you sometimes wonder how else to use the sweet blueberry fruits? If you have freshly picked blueberries in your kitchen, use them for cooking. This is another way of eating these delicious fruits. How exactly do you use the blueberries in cookery? It is rather simple because all you have to do is to learn how to make a blueberry coffee cake. Being the best cook that you are, preparing and baking this coffee cake is simple. One of the reasons why you want to try it is that the cake is a delicious accompaniment for hot morning coffee.

You can serve it with a snack for breakfast. Needless to mention, your family members will love your cookery. They will only if you bake the cake correctly. Many types of blueberry coffee cakes exist and they require slightly different ingredients. For a start, you could learn how to make a yummy coffee cake using streusel topping. The ingredients are available available in your nearest shopping store. You will even notice that you have most of them in your kitchen already. A good general recipe for cooking tasty coffee cake using blueberries has these ingredients:

• Two cups of flour

• A half cup of butter

• A cup of fresh blueberries

• A quarter cup of powdered sugar

• A cup of sugar

• A half teaspoon of salt

• Two teaspoons of baking powder

• A teaspoon of vanilla and

• One big egg As you can see, the above ingredients are easily available. You have no excuse to make for not trying this recipe. After trying it, you will probably create a recipe of your own. If it is good, you will be happy to share it with your friends and family. In the mean time, lets analyze the steps you should take to bake a blueberry coffee cake. In eight steps, your cake will be ready for twelve servings:

• Pick a slightly big bowl and mix in it the brown sugar, flour, and cinnamon.

• Add-in the butter until the whole mixture is crumbly

• Your streusel topping is now ready and you should keep it aside

• Once you have done it, the next steps will help you make a coffee cake. These include:

• First, preheat your oven up to 350 degrees F.

• Use non-stick cooking spray or oil to cover the bundt pan. In a big bowl, mix the butter until it is smooth. Add sugar and stir until fluffy. Then add the mixture to a blend of vanilla and the big egg.

• In a different bowl, whisk your flour, baking powder and salt. Beat it into the butter mixture first and then in a portion of milk many times.

• Apply approximately half of the butter in theiled bundt pan. Then, pick your cup of blueberries and spread them over the butter. Over the blueberries, spoon the remaining batter. Further, splash the streusel topping you set set at the start over the butter.

• For about 45-52 minutes and at a temperature of 350 degrees F, bake your cake until it turns light golden brown.

• Wait for a cooling period of an an hour. Then place the blueberry coffee cake over a wire rack and dust it with powdered sugar.

Source by G. Smitty

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