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Jetty Park in Cape Canaveral, Florida

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JETTY PARK, 400 Jetty Park Drive, Cape Canaveral, Florida 32920, is 35 acres of beach fun, fishing, camping, picnics and more for a day or for a whole vacation. Featuring a 4.5 acre beach, 1,200 foot fishing pier, 150 campsites, pavilions and picnic tables, tackle shop and everything to entertain you and your family. Watch the giant cruise ships come in with the dolphins leading the way or relax at your campsite. I moved to Florida a few years ago and my family and I have enjoyed Jetty Park many weekends. Here is some basic information about the park so you can call them to get more information and to make your reservation. Jetty Park is a great family place to enjoy the beach, pier, camping and each other.

Campgrounds at Jetty Park fit everyone's style. From rugged small tent locations next to the fishing pier to the lush tropical grass areas for RVs with full hookups. Over 150 campsites to meet your needs. Facilities offered are water, electricity, sewer, hot showers, laundry facilities, grills, picnic tables, playground, picnic pavilions, bait & tackle shop, beach snack bar, camp store, dump stations and 24 hour security.The campground sites are:

– Sites 1-82 = 20 and 30 amp electric service
– Sites 83-120 = 20,30,50 am electric service
– Sites 1-117 = Water and electric
– Sites 201-217 = No service, only tents
– Sites 301-324 = Water only (closest to water)
– Sites 401-423 = No service (closest to water)

About half the sites also have concrete slabs. Checkout is 12:00 pm. See rates below for costs. They also do allow dogs but you need to get all the rules that apply. I have never taken my dog ​​.. only because he loves swimming so much I am afraid he would swim away …

BEACH enough for all. Jetty Park has a nice clean beach and can be seen from the pier. Lay in the sun and watch the kids in the water. A lifeguard is on duty at select times, please ask the Jetty Park team when. If you have ever been to Cocoa Beach or any others on the east coast of Florida, this is the same. With the rocks on the left side however, it looks more tame for children. Great sand and great water and waves … that is what the beach is all about.

JETTY PARK FISHING PIER is 1200 feet of quality. The first two thirds is like a boardwalk only 4 feet off the jetty. The last third of the pier is a steel raised pier about 20 feet off the jetty water. The fishing comes and goes but is always fun. I would recommend you try to be there during the Mullet run late September through early November. A river of Mullet and enough Blue Fish and Lady Fish for everyone. The best fishing I have ever had.

But the pier is much more than just for fishing. It is a great place to take a walk and see the water. It is also incredible to see the giant ships come in and out with the dolphins leading the way. Maybe best of all is the fact that very seldom have I ever gone to the pier that there was not a few Manatee right next to the pier swimming.

Meetings at Jetty Park are reasonable. I will provide you with some of the basic rates but please call Jetty Park to ensure these are the current and correct rates for your trip.

PARKING (car = $ 5.00) (RV = $ 7.00) (Bus = $ 12.00)
ANNUAL PASS for cars (res of Port area = $ 10.00) (res of Brevard County = $ 20.00) (res of other area $ 30.00)
CAMPING SITE ($ 24 tent site) ($ 28 water / sewer) ($ 31 water / electric / sewer) (about 20% higher January-April) (Brevard residents pay about 20% less)
OTHER FEES ($ 2 pet) ($ 2 reservation) ($ 10 late checkout) ($ 10 extra tent) ($ 50 large pavilion, $ 75 weekend) ($ 25 small pavilion)

So come on out and have a great time with your family. Nothing is better.

Source by Dan Mccart

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