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Electric Grills – A New Choice in Grilling

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First there was the old charcoal barbeque. You had to feed it briquettes and a lighter fluid. A possible danger of setting fire to more than you intended if you were not careful. And how many of us have experienced with dangerous gasoline when the steaks and the diners are ready, but the old lighter fluid tin is empty and no open shop nearby. Then there was the unevenness of the cooking because getting all those briquettes to burn equally at the same time is not a simple task. Even if all went well, not everyone liked the taste of burnt charcoal on their food. Then there was the chore of cleaning the thing. Not an easy task and the grill never looked clean after first use.

Then came the gas grill with its re-fillable gas tank. Big improvement. The food cooked more evenly. The grills could have made much larger than the old charcoal variety enabling one to grill greater quantities of food. Of course there were the unavoidable occasions when the tank ran empty before you finished grilling. It's hard to calculate how much gas you need to cook a specific meal and whether or not there is enough gas left in the tank to accomplish the job. And you did have to regularly drag the tank with you to a re-filling outlet. Also there have been cases of people igniting themselves or their property due to unsuspected gas leaks or trying the old match to light the gas when the igniter knob fails to do its job. Sometimes models came along that could have hooked up directly to your home's natural gas inlets, if you were lucky enough to have them. That eliminated the empty tank syndrome but did not eliminate danger due to gas leaks or using a match in place of a failed igniter knob. If you had porcelain covered grill plates they cleaned up pretty well, otherwise you had the same cleaning problem as with charcoal grills. Unfortunately porcelain covered grill plates only came with the smaller grill sizes. Also a gas grill has even more surfaces to clean and de-grease than its charcoal counterpart.

Now we have something even better. Electric grills! Just plug it in and you have constant fuel supply. They come in a variety of sizes just as the gas grills do. But they are much easier to use and pose no more danger than any other electric appliance. For this reason, some of them are suitable for indoor use! Now that's a real innovation. You can not do this with charcoal or gas grills as they emit noxious fumes and pose a fire danger. So, imagine having a barbeque meal inside your home when the weather is atrocious out there. Some of us die-hard grillers have endured bitter cold or pouring rain to stand outside to grill and then bring the food indoors. No need for that with an indoor / outdoor electric grill. Others miss out on the health benefits of grilling, where fat and grease is drained off, when no one is willing to brave inclement weather to grill outdoors. Now there is no reason not to enjoy a grilled meal whenever you want to. Cleaning an electric grill is also so much easier. They are as easy to clean, and use, as any other electrical cooking kitchen appliance you have in your home.

There are many different brands and models of electric grill available. As these tend to be more expensive than their charcoal or gas counterparts, make sure you purchase one with a good warranty. You want this grill to work as long as any of your other major kitchen appliances. If the product is good the manufacturer will stand behind that product with a decent warranty.

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