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Choosing the Right Kind of Paper For Your Copier Or Printer

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Any copier service technician that a majority of their service calls are due to paper jams. You may not realize it, but the type of paper you put into your copier or printer is very important. In fact, using low quality paper in your high-end laser printer can have disastrous (and expensive) results. Knowing which kind of paper you need for your specific copy machine or printer will help you keep your office running smoothly without having to stop production due to a malfunctioning copier, printer or fax machine.

Walking into any office supply store, you'll notice the many different types of paper available to you. Some of the paper is very expensive, while some paper may be sold in bulk quantities for a price that looks too good to be true. So how do you determine which type of paper is right for your business?

Costs as well, the paper you need is the one that can perform optimally in your machine. Modern printers and copiers have one of two engines: ink or toner. Laser printers and copiers use toner, while inkjet printers use ink. Toner is a very fine powder that actually resembles a liquid. This toner is more expensive than inkjet ink cartridges.

If your printer or copier is a laser model, you need to buy paper that is optimized for printing with toner. Laser printers fuse the toner to the paper when printing. This means the engine inside the printer or copier must heat up in order for the toner to be printed on the paper. The paper you buy must be able to handle the heat and the toner. If you buy the wrong type of paper, it can become curled when exposed to the heat. Also, paper designed for use in inkjet printers can absorb the moisture during the printing process, making it more difficult to smoothly pass through the copier's internal mechanisms. This causes jams and can be damaging to the expensive printing equipment.

On the other hand, using paper designed for use in laser printers in inkjet printers will result in poorly printed papers as well. Inkjet paper is designed to absorb the ink, while laser paper is designed to have toner fused to it. Prints made on laser paper in inkjet printers will produce copies that take a long time to dry, because the paper can not properly absorb the ink.

When you determine what kind of printer or copier you have (either laser or inkjet), read the owners manual and look for the manufacturer's recommendation on the type of paper that should be used. They may list a certain weight or type that is optimal for use with that particular brand of paper. Then, simply match up these specifications with the paper in the office supply store (or online through a dealer). You will not have to worry about frequent paper jams again when your find the right paper for your printer or copy machine.

Source by Bill Abernathy

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