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How can women make financial progress?

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  1. How can women make financial progress?  The Sentinel-Echo
  2. 5 Reasons Not to Retire Before 66  Brinkwire (press release)
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Advantages of Generating Your Own Electricity

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The technology of solar and wind power systems are quickly developing. So the opportunity is available for anyone today to be able to generate their own electricity.

New renewable energy systems for solar energy and wind power are being created more so now than ever before. Making it more affordable and easier for people like you and me to construct and install our very own system.

Not long ago producing your own electricity for your own home was just a fantasy. But times have changed due to more awareness about our non-renewable sources of energy being exhausted and of course the rising costs of electricity today. Its never been easier now with some amazing renewable energy systems available for us to be able to install and generate electricity ourselves and power our own homes.

Lets take a look at some renewable sources that can generate electricity:

– Hydro-electric generators using water
– Solar energy using solar panels
– Windmills or Turbines / Generators using wind
– Hydro-electric Generators Using Water

This method can be used to generate electricity by using large amounts of water which is stored, using gravity the water falls down onto the water turbine. The speed and height of the water falling is what starts the rotation of this turbine.

These water turbines consist of blades which also rotate once the water falls, this too will rotate the shaft which is connected to a generator which in turn generates the energy ready to be used.

The water supply needs to be constant and the lie of the land needs to be suitable. This method of power generation is not as simple as solar or wind power generation. You would also have to consider the cost and maintenance of this method which is a lot higher than solar or wind power systems.

Solar Energy Using Solar Panels

With the resources available today solar energy systems are a fantastic way of power generation. The energy produced this way is free clean energy. A direct current can be generated to power your home through using solar panels. Small photovoltaic cells make up the solar panel which will consume the energy from the sun. A flow of voltage is created in these smaller cells creating energy ready to use at home.

Since the suns rays are not available to us 24 hours a day, a battery stores the energy for use in the evening or when the sun is not shining.

Having a solar energy system installed for you by outside companies can be expensive. Many people today are constructing their very own solar system for their homes using one of the many DIY resources available today.

Wind Energy Using Wind Turbines (windmills)

Electricity is generated by this method typically in an area where there is an above average amount of wind blowing. Usually the amount of energy produced depends on the intensity of the wind. Wind energy is another way of generating clean energy which I may add is also free of cost.

The wind turbine is a similar principle to the water turbine. When the force of the wind hits these blades it starts the rotation, which in turn rotates the shaft. Energy is produced by the generator connected to this shaft. If you are living in an area where the wind is constantly blowing you would be crazy not to try out your own wind turbine.

Building your own windmill would be the way to go, with solar and wind energy becoming all the rage, like the solar energy system, a windmill can easily be supplied and installed but again this can be quite costly. What would save you $ 1000's is doing the research and looking out for a guide which will give you all the information you require to be able to construct your very own windmill.

Source by Justine Olausen

Report: Waymo, Uber settle stolen trade secrets lawsuit for $245 million

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  1. Report: Waymo, Uber settle stolen trade secrets lawsuit for $245 million  New York Daily News
  2. How Artificial Intelligence Is Edging Its Way Into Our Lives  New York Times
  3. Uber Agrees to Pay Waymo $245 Million Equity to Settle Suit  IndustryWeek
  4. Waymo accepts $245 million and Uber’s ‘regret’ to settle self-driving car dispute  Reuters
  5. Wells Fargo Sent People Free Money Too  Bloomberg
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How Our Personal Ascension Process May Cause Migraines, Ringing in the Ears and Head Pressure

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Ascension is the process of evolution in life, which we notice through our conscious awareness.

Human consciousness has been refining and, over the last 50 years, has been transcending the structure of physiology; so that we have become conscious of finer and finer states of being.

As we become aware at the molecular and atomic levels of our being, we start to experience the ‘grains of awareness’ or the quantum excitation at the finest level of our physical existence.

We experience this by hearing a ringing in our ears; and/or seeing the grains of the individual photons of light; and/or feeling the grains of magnetic energy flowing through our auric field.

This is a multi-dimensional experience, since we also experience our consciousness at grosser and finer levels simultaneously.

The secret of dealing with these experiences is through acceptance and understanding. We cannot fight our Self and win. The best way is to accept and understand the experience and the blessing which comes into our life through this increased awareness.

When we become aware of the field of consciousness – as opposed to the individual thoughts in our head – we experience greatly enhanced comprehension, expanded awareness and a feeling of bliss-consciousness – i.e. the graininess in the silence, as bubbles of consciousness become manifest in our awareness. Migraines may occur in a four-week cycle, where we experience them more when we come to full moon and they may become less frequent and severe as the emotional energy drops in the lead-up to the new moon.

We may become aware of our bodily functions, like the beating of our heart and the functioning of the other organs. Our whole body is a living organism with the electromagnetic field of consciousness permeating even the finest levels of our physical existence, continuing down to our light-body and soul, which underlie our physical structure and create the ‘energetic blueprint’ that the body grows into.

Please love and accept these new experiences when you become conscious of them. They are a gift and if you consciously breathe into them with acceptance you will transcend the pain they may cause and your physiology will be able to change to accept and use this new awareness.

We may feel pressures within the body as the energy centres – the chakras – become active and restructure the physiology to accommodate themselves. For example, as the Third Eye opens it may cause head pressure. If we are relaxed and accepting, this process happens so much easier.

We may notice our sleep patterns changing, with wakefulness at night as we start to witness our sleep. Our physiology may restructure itself when we are asleep, causing sweating and hot flushes.

If you witness these – if you relax and just watch – you will wake in the morning feeling refreshed just as though you had slept ‘normally’. Therefore, be relaxed and observant, and realize that you are benefiting from your ‘sleep’ even when you feel ‘awake’.

These changes may also affect your diet and weight; bloating and weight gain are frequently reported by persons moving rapidly on the ascension path. Having a large proportion of (raw and/or cooked) fresh vegetables and fruit in one’s diet can help with this process; and sipping water every so often from a glass that you keep next to you can help maintain the body in a hydrated state and flush out any toxins.

You may also become sensitive to spiritual energy coming around you. These days ‘orbs’ are often captured on digital photos. As these orbs and other non-physical entities come close to us, we may sense their presence through goose bumps/goose pimples; or a feeling as if cobwebs were brushing against our skin; or a tingling in our feet, as we feel the connection to earth energy.

Please keep an open mind and when some symptoms are experienced, take time to be aware of them. Breathe into that region of the body and, especially, love yourself and your experience in a relaxed and accepting way.

This will help the experience to become integrated into your being. You can then move on to the next finer level of experience and integration, as you grow in wholeness and oneness both within and without on your ascension path of evolution and growth.

Source by George Lockett

Barnes & Noble cuts staff after dismal holiday season

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  1. Barnes & Noble cuts staff after dismal holiday season  CNBC
  2. After Reports Mass Layoffs At Barnes & Noble, Amazon Lays Off Hundreds Through Force Of Habit  Dealbreaker
  3. Barnes & Noble, Inc. (BKS) EPS Estimated At $1.01  Frisco Fastball
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Small Micro Hydro Electric Power Generator

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Hydro power depends on running water to turn the turbine and produce electricity. A small scale Hydro Power Generator is often called Micro Hydro Electric Generator. A Micro Hydro Plant usually produces electricity below 100kW.

Recent interest in Small Scale Hydro Plants as part of movements in producing more cleaner and greener energy has attracted many researchers to study and develop many improvements in Micro Hydro Technology.

Micro Hydro Plants can produce useful amount of electricity even from just a small stream. For houses that has access to streams can consider to set up a Micro Hydro Plant to produce reliable electricity supply at lower cost than other renewable technology sources.

One main reason why many people turn to Hydro Electricity Plant is because it is a renewable energy, meaning it will not be depleted over time and it will consistently be refurbished. It is also a clean energy source, as it does not emit any toxins. Other reason many turn to Micro Hydro Plants is because it's reliably more cheaper than other green technologies in converting energy to electricity and can be used almost immediately when turned on to meet the demand for electricity.

How Does a Micro Hydro Plant Work?

This Water Powered Electricity Generator works by relying on Potential Energy that is contained in water that is stored in height. You may be wondering what is Potential Energy anyway? Well you can imagine it as gasoline in your car that is parked in your garage, it has a potential to move your car but your car is still parked in your garage, but once you start the engine the potential released into movements.

So, when the water falls down from height it converges the Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy. This Kinetic Energy will then turn the turbines. The internal mechanic in the turbine will then produce electricity for you.

For Small Hydro Plant (Micro Hydro Plant) it can converges about 60% -80% of Kinetic Energy into Electricity. If you're really interested in creating your own Micro Hydro Electric Power you should read a book from a professional Author that's been in the business for years …

Source by Juandy Liem

Tesla has transformed the car industry — but its biggest strength could become its greatest liability

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  1. Tesla has transformed the car industry — but its biggest strength could become its greatest liability  Business Insider
  2. Tesla: 2018 Revenues Expected To Double, Stock Likely To Rebound And Proceed Higher  Seeking Alpha
  3. Jeremy Clarkson Reviewed The Tesla Model X With A Team Of Six Lawyers  Jalopnik
  4. Tesla’s 100k Annual Truck Sales Goal Meets Skeptical Industry
  5. Sanjeev Gupta challenges Elon Musk in race for electric car supremacy  The Australian
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What’s the Best Mini Fridge for a College Dorm Room?

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A mini fridge is a great alternative to a full sized fridge. It can offer the same cooling power but on a more compact and more energy efficient scale. When it comes to mini fridges there are a lot of options. There are lots of different brands, different sizes and different capacities. The smaller it is, the easier it is to place in the corner of a room, but at the same time you will have less space to store all of your items. A balance is needed, and only you can decide what balance is right.

Having said that, if you are a student looking for a mini fridge there are a few core considerations to take into account. The mini fridge has to be cheap so you’ll have plenty of money left over for beer (and maybe some books). It also has to be reasonably small, but powerful enough to cool all the essentials. You’re going to be sleeping with this device in your room for a long time, so it also has to be quiet (so you can study in peace, of course).

The capacity of most mini fridges ranges from around 3 to 125 liters (or 0.1 to 4.4 cubic feet). However, anything less than 48 liters (1.7 cubic feet) just won’t be large enough for all of your essentials and probably not likely to be powerful enough to cool them. Anything over 95 liters (3.5 cubic feet) is probably too big. At the smaller end of the scale you are going to get two shelves large enough to store a small amount of basic items and a door shelf capable of holding most soda bottles. At this level you’ll be paying between $70 and $110. At the larger end of the scale, you’ll be able to fit a whole array of items – it is essentially just a smaller version of your fridge in the kitchen. However, for this you’ll have to sacrifice a bit more space in your dorm room and be willing to pay a price tag of 150 – 250 dollars.

Excellent fridges at the smaller 50 liter range include the Danby DAR195BL. This is a great all-rounder but a little noisy. Another option is the Haier HSR17 for only $70 – it is cheap, compact and quiet but it is not the coolest fridge available. The Danby DAR259BL 2.5 cubic feet is an excellent option if you are willing to sacrifice a little more space in your dorm to fit it in. However, you must also be willing to sacrifice $140.

At the larger end of the range an excellent fridge would be the Danby DAR123SLDD 4.4 cubic feet mini fridge. This comes packed with features, a stainless steel front and a glass top. However, it has a hefty $245 price tag. A cheaper option would be the Haier HNSE04BB – still a great fridge and costs a lot less at around $150.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something cheaper and portable to keep a few cans chilled, check out the Wagan 2577 Personal. This is comes with a built in chargeable battery to keep items cool on the go, and even has a car connector to keep you going on long journeys.

Source by Kieran Cooper

CNN boss Jeff Zucker slashing digital operations by cutting jobs, scaling back ‘high profile’ initiatives

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  1. CNN boss Jeff Zucker slashing digital operations by cutting jobs, scaling back ‘high profile’ initiatives  Fox News
  2. CNN set for layoffs: report  The Hill (blog)
  3. CNN Restructures Its Digital Efforts, Planning Cost Cuts And Some Layoffs  Deadline
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Generate Electricity Using a Permanent Magnet Generator

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Energy generated with magnets has always been debatable. Over the past few years, it has been a top priority to find renewable energy and so far one of the best options has been magnet generated energy. Energy in this form is highly Earth friendly, plus will definitely save you a great deal money money on electricity. If you want to generate energy with magnets, your home will need a permanent magnet generator, which is a special energy system. With a small investment to build a generator, you'll have the ability to generate all the magnet energy you want, all free to use.

You can power your household once the magnets inside the generator have created the energy. Similar to the poles repelling and opposites appealing, the magnets use great force to create energy. Maintenance of the permanent magnetic generator is quite possibly the cost you'll end over the years of using one.

Homeowners who are using generators to create magnetic energy have reported that maintenance costs are quite low. Reports are showing, compared to solar systems or other energy efficient devices, the maintenance costs for a generator is next to nothing. These generators have no harmful effects on the environment, which is a major plus for people that are concerned about energy efficiency.

There are never any worries about toxic fumes being released into our atmosphere while these generators are being used to create magnetic energy. A lot of people ask how much energy can magnets make? A permanent magnet generator is capable of generating up to 7,000 watts. This certainly gives you the potential to eliminate your electric bill once and for all. If you're ready to begin harnessing the power of magnets, then you need a permanent magnet generator to get the job done. Start generating energy by using magnets and you will get off the grid completely!

Source by Gallen Ho