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Dow plunges 666 points amid rate-hike fears after strong jobs report

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  1. Dow plunges 666 points amid rate-hike fears after strong jobs report  USA TODAY
  2. Stocks Fall to End a Bad Week, and a Boom Begins to Look Shaky  New York Times
  3. Dow sees worst day in two years as bond yields jump  Reuters
  4. Dow drops 666 points and posts its worst week since 2016  Washington Post
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Colds Remedies – Discover 7 Little Known Natural Home Remedies

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There is no need to suffer from a cold, as there are many alternative colds remedies available. These are the least well known, but just one of them might be what you are looking for. They are all natural homeopathic remedies which have stood the test of time. There are over 150 types of virus which cause a cold, which explains why children have repeated colds and middle ear infections. There is no cure for the common cold, but this selection of herbs will reduce the symptoms. Here are some tried and tested remedies for colds and flu.

Cold remedy #1 HYSSOP: These are perennial plants usually cultivated for their medicinal qualities. As a member of the mint family it has a strong licorice-minty flavor. It is used to relieve coughs and colds and treating lung infections. As a matter of interest, the camphor like oil of the Hyssop is used as a key ingredient of Benedictine and Chartreuse liquors.

Cold remedy #2 GINGER: This horn shaped herb, available in most stores induces perspiration and eases coughs colds and flu and boosts the immune system. An infusion (tea) is an excellent remedy for colds and can be made from ginger, honey, and fennel. Ginger is also used as a treatment for motion sickness and nausea and helps in morning sickness.

Cold remedy #3 BORAGE: An ideal remedy for lowering temperature by inducing perspiration and relieving cold and flu symptoms. A tea infusion can be made from a liquid tincture or by adding leaves and flowers to boiling water. The flowers of this plant have been used traditionally in cough mixtures.

Cold remedy #4 MYRRH: Mentioned of course in the Bible used extensively in the Middle East for catarrhal and sinus problems. A gargle made fro this herb is effective against colds, sore throats and coughs. Myrrh also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities. Used also as a treatment for gum disease.

Cold remedy #5 THYME: This herb has along tradition of use as a remedy for colds, dry coughs asthma, and bronchitis and has excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities when used for external applications via a tincture.

Cold remedy #6 PROPOLIS: A natural product made by bees made from tree resins to sterilize the hive. Used as a tincture with many uses. Recommended as a preventative rather than a cure during the winter when colds and flu abound. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of propolis work to raise the body’s natural resistance to disease by stimulating the immune system. Also known as Russian Penicillin as it was used with success for treating slow healing wounds during the Boar War and again during the Second World War in Russia. Obtainable in capsule, as a tincture, or now available as an ointment, soap, and toothpaste.

Cold remedy #7 EUCALYPTUS: Originally a native tree of Australia known as the blue gum tree whose extracts produce the well known oil of eucalyptus is used as a very good nasal/sinus decongestant for colds and sore throats. Also used as a chest rub for bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory complaints.

It must be stressed that where health is concerned there is no substitute for seeking advice from a qualified physician or herbal practitioner. Never disregard expert medical advice or delay in seeking medical advice or attention due to this articled information, particularly if you are pregnant

Source by Colin Platt

Humane Society CEO Wayne Pacelle resigns after sexual harassment allegations

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  1. Humane Society CEO Wayne Pacelle resigns after sexual harassment allegations  Chicago Tribune
  2. Humane Society CEO Wayne Pacelle Resigns Following Sexual Harassment Allegations  TIME
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Bathroom Vanities, Plumbing & More – Average Costs of a DIY Bathroom Remodel

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You have decided to remodel your bathroom, but need to set a budget. Before you can do this, you will need to have some expectation of what an average remodel costs. For the do it yoursfer, you can save a lot in labor costs alone. But it depends on your experience too. There are some elements to remodeling that are simple, and there are some that require skilled trades. This article provides some average costs for the major items involved in a typical bathroom remodel.

This can vary broadly. For low end, paint grade unfinished cabinets, you can spend an average of $ 75 / linear ft, to the upper end of $ 250 / linear foot with an additional $ 100 / foot to finish.

The average price of the plumbing will depend on how much work is involved. Do you plan to just install new fixtures, or will you need to move the toilet or shower from the existing location? If you are just changing fixtures, you can expect to spend an average of $ 600; If you need to make major plumbing changes, you could spend up to $ 2,600. Adding a Jacuzzi tub can add at least $ 1,000 to the budget.

Budget $ 200- $ 500 for mirrors. Mirrors can be as simple as standard size mirrors with no framing to custom cut mirrors from a glass shop or decorative mirrors that match your design.

Lighting & Electrical
Changing out light fixtures can start at an average of $ 100 and up; to change the layout of the existing lighting, adding recessed can lights and installing quiet exhaust fans can cost up to $ 1,500.

The average floor labor install can cost between $ 4- $ 6 / square ft, and the material can cost $ 2- $ 20 / square ft. Most bathrooms have tiled floor, but concrete, vinyl and wood are also alternatives.

An average one piece surround shower will cost $ 400; If you plan to add a tile shower, you can expect the rates to be similar to the flooring rates above above. This will be highly dependent on the material you choose. Adding a frameless shower door can average $ 1,000.

Drywall / Paint
For simple textured walls, an average budget is $ 600, while an artistic or plaster finish can cost up to $ 2,500.

A prefabricated cultured marble top with integrated sink can cost $ 100. A natural stone top, such as granite or marble can cost an average of $ 65 / square ft, which includes material, fabrication and installation.

Accessories include towel bars, toilet paper holders and hooks. A good budget amount is $ 100- $ 500 depending on the finish. Simple chrome fixtures are at the lower end; oil rubbed bronze is considered higher end.

Labor costs will be the largest factor to consider, and is dependent on your labor market. Before starting any remodel project, make a list of all planned changes, and prepare a detailed budget for each item. It is easy to go over budget on any remodel project.

Source by Julia Ritzenthaler

Wells Fargo Banned From Growing in Fed Crackdown After Scandals

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  1. Wells Fargo Banned From Growing in Fed Crackdown After Scandals  Bloomberg
  2. Fed hits Wells Fargo after scandals, says bank can no longer add assets  MarketWatch
  3. Fed Orders Wells Fargo to Halt ‘Growth’ Over Compliance Issues  U.S. News & World Report
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Must Have Checklist – Choosing a Surge Protector

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Power surges happen all the time in homes and businesses. Simple daily activities such as starting the dryer or dishwasher, running the garbage disposal, operating the copier, turning on the air conditioner or opening the garage door cause power surges. These small, frequent bursts of electricity can slowly deteriorate the internal circuitry of any device that is plugged in to a power outlet, phone line or cable.

Spikes of electricity, from lightning for example, are rapid and infernent but much more powerful and destructive to computers, TVs, and other electronic devices.

Surge protectors are designed to prevent damage due to electrical surges and spikes. They act like a sponge, absorbing excess voltage before it reaches devices that are plugged into them. This protection is exceptionally important for valuable electronics and devices that store important data. Devices with microprocessors or "chips", which are commonly used in most electronic devices, are particularly sensitive to voltage fluctuations.

Consider using a surge protector on these electronic devices:

o Computers, laptops and portable hard drives
o Printers, copiers and scanners
o Phones and fax machines
o Scanners
o TVs and surround sound systems
o VCRs, DVRs and DVD players
o Game systems and stereos
o Microwaves, convection ovens and other kitchen appliances
o Medical equipment
o Tools and machinery
o Anything that's recharging

When shopping for surge protectors, compare them for these features:

o UL clamping voltage – The lower the UL clamping voltage, the better protection. Make sure the rating reflects 500 amp test results for household or office use.

o Joules – The higher the joule rating, or MOVs, the more energy a surge protector can absorb before reaching its limit. A higher rating means better protection longer.

o Circuit breaker – When a circuit overloads, a breaker stops the flow of electricity (this is separate from surges and spikes).

o 3- line protection – Surge protectors should include protection for hot, neutral and ground lines.

o Response time – The faster a surge protector can respond, the better.

o Cable / satellite / phone lines / network / DSL – In addition to power outputs, surge protectors come with jacks for cable, satellite, phone lines, networks and DSL. They may include built-in splitters plugging in multiple phone cords.

o Indicator light – Shows the surge protector is on and protecting. Once the surge protector has absorbed its limit of extra power, the light will go out and the unit should be replaced.

o Power shut down protection – When the surge protector reaches its capacity to absorb extra electricity, it will turn off electricity to all of its outlets.

o Alarm – An audio alert that the surge protector is "full" and must be replaced. This is important if power shut down protection is not included and / or the indicator light is out of sight.

o Ground indicator light – shows that the surge protector is properly grounded for safety.

o EMI / RFI – Interference (electromagnetic and radio frequency) can cause "noise" on an electrical line leading to data loss. Wider frequency ranges (kHz to MHz) and greater noise reduction in decibels (dB) is better.

o Multiple chargers – Widely-spaced power outputs in the surge protector allows for multiple chargers to be plugged in at once.

o Child protection – Sliding guards cover unused outlets for safety.

o Cost – Surge protector prices range between $ 10 and $ 40, the most common difference being how long they will last before they need to be replaced and manufacturer guarantee.

Keep in Mind

o UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supply devices combine surge protection with battery backup for electronic devices. In the event of a power outage, these devices will keep a computer running long enough to save any data and shut down normally. Cost is usually around $ 100 – $ 150.

o A power strip is different than a surge protector – it only provides extra outputs.

o Be sure to plug cable, satellite and phone lines into a surge protector as well. These lines can have power surges and spikes just like electrical wiring.

o Follow manufacturer guarantees carefully, and many will provide free data recovery (which usually costs hundreds of dollars) for a computer hard drive damaged by surges or spikes.

Source by Yung Trang

Exxon Sees Oil Demand Down 20% in 2040; Or Maybe It’ll Be Up

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  1. Exxon Sees Oil Demand Down 20% in 2040; Or Maybe It’ll Be Up  Bloomberg
  2. Exxon, Chevron shares plunge after weak results spook Street  Reuters
  3. Exxon, Chevron fall short despite rising oil price  MarketWatch
  4. Exxon Mobil Corporation – XOM – Stock Price Today – Zacks  Zacks
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Both Women And Men Alike Prefer Braun Electric Shavers To Eliminate Undesirable Hair

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Braun Electric Shavers are revered and popular for great reasons. That's just what we like to discuss today.

It's true that males and females have completely different skin and hair hits. Usually, men have fuller hair compared to women and their hair also develops more quickly. Aside from having thinner hair, majority of the women, however, have more delicate skin as opposed to those of men. This is why both of them need different shavers specifically designed to their needs. With this particular thought Braun electric shavers come in numerous perfect models to clean up excess hair of both women and men.

Braun is aware of such differences between males and females, that's why there is a wide array of models ideal for both men and women. Unlike the Remington electric shavers, Braun has several versions perfect for house and travel use. A few versions ie the Braun series 7 are best for home use while Braun mobile shavers are perfect for jet setters who are always on the move. Among the Braun shavers you will find the best electric shaver for just about any function.

Braun features an excellent shaving technology, leaving your skin without any trace of hair or nicks. The blades are very developed to properly trim hair just above the top of your skin to avoid quick re-growth, but is absolutely safe in preventing nicks and cuts. Moreover, they feature a three-stage cutting system that cuts short and lengthy hair follicles.

Unlike the rare-to-find components of Remington shavers, Braun replacement parts are easy to find. Braun shaver parts are typically available at the local grocery store, but you also get them easily online. Your Braun replacement parts and Braun shaver spares will be sent in only a matter of days after you ordered them on the net.

Much more than having an excellent cleanup mechanism, Braun Electric Shavers also comes with a good price tag so that you may adapt your budgets depending on the type of functions that you need.

Just what makes Braun shavers unique is the fact that the majority of its models have a self-cleaning function for easy maintenance. This technology is the well-liked "Clean and Renew System" that instantly cleans, lubricates, dries out, and recharges immediately during its dock. This function makes Braun electric shavers last longer. They absolutely belong to the best electric shavers available on the market.

Source by Juergen Kosel

US seeks ‘substantial’ fines in Fiat Chrysler emissions case -source

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  1. US seeks ‘substantial’ fines in Fiat Chrysler emissions case -source  Reuters
  2. US Seeks Major Fines, Recalls in Fiat Diesel Settlement  Bloomberg
  3. FCA, Toyota Exploit Super Bowl’s Uncrowded Auto-Advertising Lane With Record Numbers Of Commercials  Forbes
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Braun Shaver is Again Voted As the No 1 Electric Shaver

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Gone are the days when electric shaver can not perform a clean shave like normal blades. There are many electric shaver which now give a clean shave and comfort that most normal blade can not do. Braun shaver is one brand men love to purchase with pride and feels proud to own it. Well, there is a reason to that. Braun electric shaver is very much into quality, technology and performance that the output is obsession from users across the globe.

Of course, there may be some people who do not agree with negligible reasons but remember critics is always there no matter what. Braun and Gillette technology are both subsidiary of Proctor and Gamble and are way ahead of their competitors in various manners.

Braun use foil and cutter block for the shaver's head which is preferred over rotary head in most cases for better performance. In some series they combine the technology of Gillette giving user the edge of superior quality and functionality. The futuristic features available with Braun shavers are classy and no other brand comes near to what they can offer.

The series 7 of Braun electric shavers use LED and LCD on various models to display information and status of your shaver like battery status, hygienic level and parts replacement. A fully charged battery can give you about 50 minutes of cordless shaving which is an advantage while traveling.

Braun uses clean and renew technology to clean the shaver's head and keep the performance of the foil like a new one. Through the clean and renew system you save time cleaning it normally with brush and more importantly gives you a new like experience. It also includes other accessories like the case, cleaning brush, clean and renews refill, wall mount, protective cap and power supply plug with cables. The foil and cutter block last for more than 18 months without any problem.

Unlike most of the electric shaver out there in the market you will not experience any allergy and rashes on your skin while shaving. Braun shaver has no shortcoming for heavy bearded man as their technology captures more hair without any extra effort from the users. These are some of the reasons why Braun shaver continues to dominate the market as the no.1 voted electric shaver for years after years.

Source by Terry Connel