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Is Buying A Battery Powered Fan A Good Option?

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The sudden increase in high rise buildings in Atlanta has brought about a drastic change in the weather conditions in the city. There are more cars on the roads, and many more manufacturing units are being set up in the city on a regular basis – all of which have resolved in soaring mercury levels in the city, especially during the hot summer months.

Ceiling fans have proven to be an effective way to beat the heat in Atlanta and are being installed by Atlanta electrical contractors in the homes of many residents. There are a large number of Atlanta residents who are now opting for battery powered fans as compared to conventional fans, and for good reason.

A standard ceiling fan is usually affixed to one place and is powered with the help of electricity from the main power supply. On the other hand, a battery operated ceiling fan is portable and is powered by batteries, rather than the conventional power supply. These fans are lightweight and are mostly wireless so that they can be easily transported from one place to another and can even be used in a room where there are no electrical outlets for inserting the plug.

A battery-powered fan also proves to be extremely useful in providing air circulation during outdoor activities, picnics, sporting events, camping, etc. where there is restricted access to power supply.

Advantages of using a battery powered fan

Several Atlanta electricians recommend using battery operated fans because of their proficient cooling, portability, and in-built power source. These fans are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The numerous other reasons to opt for these lightweight energy efficient devices are as follows:

  • The same fan can be used in different places as per your need. These fans are available at cheaper prices as compared to normal ceiling fans. You can also seek help of electricians to install solar battery fans that are now easily available in the market. These solar powered devices would help you lower your electricity bills further, as they make use of a renewable source of energy for charging the battery.
  • These fans are easy to use and have excellent safety features. Battery fans are generally wireless devices, so, you do not have to worry about injuries caused by normal wired table fans due to tangled wires lying all over the floor.
  • A battery-powered fan could be used for cooling the room even during a power outage during hot summer months. These fans help in removing dampness in the room and also increase the airflow, which helps in dispersing odors.

These above advantages make it very clear that a battery-powered fan is certainly an excellent option. Based on your location, a battery-operated fan can also be a necessity. Talk to your electrical contractor in Atlanta and learn more about these useful devices today.

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