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Build Your Own Solar Panel – 5 Easy Steps to Generate Your Own Electricity at Home

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Learn how to build your own solar panel by downloading PDF formatted instructions from do-it-yourself websites on the Internet. Fabricating and installing a series of energy producing solar panels free you from having to pay for conventional fossil fuel generated electricity each month. Because of its simplistic design, you can easily start small by building a simple single do-it-yourself solar power panel. Over time you can increase the dimensions of your solar power system to a size large enough to supply all the energy requirements of your home. Applying these five simple steps can make a dramatic positive change of living a greener lifestyle, by producing your own electricity each day.

Acquire the Necessary Information – Solar power PDF formatted information, instructions and guidelines can easily be found online, searching for "do-it-yourself solar power" or "DIY solar panels". Take the necessary time to understand thoroughly exactly how solar power systems work, what materials will be required and how to follow the schematic drawings.

Source All the Materials – Although the material list is minimal, you will need to purchase the materials required to build a simple container, along with wiring, which can be found at your local hardware store. Both simple and complex solar panels require a photovoltaic solar cell, the working part of the system that collects energy from the rays of the sun and converts into electricity. The photovoltaic cells can be purchased online, directly from the manufacturer, or at discounted prices at online auction houses including eBay.

Generate Your Own Power – Once you have a firm understanding of the construction process, and have acquainted all the necessary components, you can fabricate your first solar panel in just a few hours. The moment you have finished its construction, it will begin producing electricity, as long as it is in contact with the rays of the sun. A simple small photovoltaic solar panel can generate enough electricity to supply necessary energy to run a small appliance or light. By attaching a battery to the system, you can produce and store enough electricity to use the object after sundown.

Increase the Solar System Size – A large solar panel system, or whole house system, is nothing more than large group of small single solar panels connected in the series. The construction of a larger system may include batteries, or be connected directly to your local utility company. Batteries offer homeowners the freedom of generating electricity in locations where conventional fossil fuel electrical power is not provided. Alternately, connecting your system into the national electric grid, and using a reverse electric meter, provides the opportunity to generate electricity, during the day, which can be sold to your utility company. After the Sun has set, simply purchase that same electricity back from them. This will save you the cost and maintenance of using batteries.

Maintaining Your New Solar Panels – A well-built solar power panels system can last for decades. Because photovoltaic cells have no moving parts, maintenance is typically not required once the units have been installed. You may be required to simply wash the panels every few years to remove any grime that might have accumulated.

With the continuous rising cost of conventional supplied electricity, it makes sense to find creative ways of generating your own energy through free renewable resources. Even do-it-yourself beginners with little or no construction experience can fabricate their own solar panels and install them on the roof, or any nearby location with direct sunlight through most of the day. Other alternative energy sources to consider include manufacturing your own simple energy producing windmill or solar water heater. All the information, instructions and guidelines you need can be found online searching for DIY solar power info.

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