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Wire electrical discharge machining is a method of cutting conductive materials with a traveling wire that separates material in a controlled manner. The wire used is electrically charged and actually arcs with the part to be cut.

The purchase of a wire electrical discharge machining system is a heavy investment and it should be made only after all questions are answered. The initial queries regarding the wire electrical discharge machining are concerned with its working. The system uses a thin brass wire as an electrode. This is controlled on a computer and runs close to the part to be cut, without touching it. The small gap produces sparks of 10000 C that vaporize the small particles of the piece, as the wire moves.

Simultaneously, the dielectric fluid flushes away the disintegrated particles, enabling the wire to advance further. The movements of the wire are operated with the help of a computer program. The other query that comes up is concerned with the materials that can be cut using wire electrical discharge machining. The system works on the principle of electricity and virtually any conductive metal can be processed.

It is advisable to confirm with the dealer if it is required to pay for special industrial tooling or fixtures, when using wire EDM to cut the pieces. Some inquire about the kind of tolerance that can be expected while using the wire electrical discharge machining.

Similarly, queries do come up about the finishing of the output, after it is worked upon and machined, using the wire electrical discharge machining. The queries may also include the doubts regarding the range of finishes that can be achieved for typical surfaces. There are questions on the specification and capacity of the system and its ability to assist in production and manufacturing of the prototype parts.

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