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What Is PEX and Where Can You Use It

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Unlike regular pipes made of iron, PEX is a flexible material. When it comes to resistance and germ free water, the PEX pipes are stronger than PVC, and much more durable.

The PEX polymer pipes can be blended together easily by a set of tools that insure a proper fixture without any water dropping out of the pipes. PEX polymer pipes are also used for gas installations, being able to bend themselves to 90 degree angles, thus reducing the need for dangerous fittings.

Because this material is easy to manipulate, in shipping but also in house installations, it is a lot cheaper and much more preferred by people and plumbers.

Polymer pipes are divided into PEX a, PEX-b and PEX-c piping. PEX a is also known as the Engels method, PEX-b is referred to as the silane method and PEX-c is called radiation method of obtaining PEX supply.

The method A and B are using high temperatures to melt the polymer and obtain a strong material by cross linking the carbon atoms. The C method for obtaining polymer in pipes uses radiation and thus no heat is needed, and no residual materials are left behind.

Polymer has been used in Europe since 1970, and it has reached America only ten years later. Its first use was for water pipes, and then extended to gas and electrical cables.

But beside the resistance and good looks, the polymer pipes hold another great advantage over other types of materials used for pipes. The PEX supply materials are very cheap when comparing to iron pipes that can be even 10 times more expensive.

The polymer tubes do not make an annoying sound whenever hot water passes through them, such as cooper pipes do plus, the polymer pipes hold in heat better than iron tubes, thus preserving larger quantities of energy.

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