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The Infamous Towel Method As an Xbox 3RRoD Fix – Is it Worth It?

Posted on January 14, 2018 By In Uncategorized With no comments

Most Xbox 360 gamers looking for different ways on how to fix red rings online have probably read several articles about the infamous towel method that can temporarily fix the dreaded Xbox 3RRoD. The towel method has been tried and tested to get most 360 consoles that have the red ring problem to work again for a week or less; but then this quick fix is ​​only temporary and it actually poses different hazards that you should be aware about.

If you want to fix Xbox red rings permanently, then the towel method is definitely not for you. As much as possible, if your console is still covered by the warranty (which was extended by Microsoft) then you should send your damaged console to the manufacturer for a free professional repair or even a possible free replacement. This permanent fix may take two months or more but it is definitely safe and worth it.

The following are reasons why you should not do the infamous towel method for a quick temporary fix:

• Covering your console with towels while it is powered can cause further damage to your console as the heat made by your Xbox is trapped inside. As the temperature increases and circulates inside your wrapped 360, there will be a higher chance for the internal parts to melt and acquire serious damages.

• There will be high chance that you set the towels on fire as it is in contact with heat and electrical materials. Mishandling can also cause different injuries on your part so this quick fix is ​​definitely not worth it at all.

If you are looking for the best quick fixes online for the dreaded red ring of death, may it be temporary or not, the towel method is definitely a no-no as it can only cause different hormones to you and your Xbox 360.

Source by Paul N Johnson

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