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Rope Lights

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Rope lights are a special type of lighting system used for decorative lighting. They are used in commercial, residential and industrial environments. They have both indoor and outdoor applications. These lights have a special role in accentuating the important features within your building during social occasions such as parties, wedding receptions and formal or corporate events.

Rope lights are special type of illuminative lights which consist of a series of micro-bulbs of half watt to 2 watts, spaced about one inch apart inside a clear or colored flexible plastic cord. These micro bulbs inside the tube are maintenance-free and non-replaceable. The life span of these lights is about 25,000 hours. They come in long tubes that can easily be installed anywhere you want. They can be bent, cut or twisted.

Manufacturers produce different types of rope lights. There are standard rope lights, mounting rope lights and mini 12V rope lighting for vehicles. The latest model, LED rope lights are in the front of rope lighting technology. They are unique as they last longer and save more energy.

You can buy rope lights from hardware and lighting stores, electrical retailers and home centers. A wide variety of rope lights with different colored tubes are available. Rope lights are sold in a number of different ways. They are sold in coils, kits, pre-made designs or in increments. Price of rope lights depends on the number of fixtures and the type of material used.

If you are planning to buy rope lights, buy rope lights sold in complete kit with all the functional components. A rope light kit consist of a 30- to 50-foot long coil of lights, a 120 volt power cord connector, and a competent of mounting screws or self-adhesive mounting tape for securing the ropes in place. Rope lights are sold in coils of up to about 150 feet with splice and power cord fittings.

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