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Room Additions – Basic Requirements

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Room additions require many basic requirements. The products that you are going to use in the installation of your room need to be listed and the basic price for the products in board feet or unit prices need to be included. The walls and roof of the room need much consideration and review. Permits are usually required by locales and heavy fines which can result in the failure to obtain these permits. Municipalities have the authority to tear down any structure that they consider to be unsafe or not built according to the codes. Structural stability may be called into question if not done by Knowledgeable builders. Electrical components need to be installed by an completed electrician. The alternative is to have a room that is unsafe and unusable. Permits are required in order to insure the home owners safety and the safety of the community. Air conditioning and heating units that have been installed incorrectly are a waste of time and money.

The walls of the room should be installed with straight sections that are built on correct centers. Correct centers will insure that the insulation and wall covering that you select will fit properly. Care should be taken on existing foundations and the correct methods should be used to correlate with those foundations. A slab or an extension of the foundation must be built to coincide with the size and weight of the room. Correct roofing materials should be purchased to coincide with the rest of the house. Knowledgeable workers must install the roofing material to protect the room from water damage.

It is a good idea to weather proof the room as soon as possible. That entailing putting on a roof and installing the walls onto the foundation. Doors, windows and ceiling panels can now be added. Once this is accomplished you can begin electrical work. Installing air conditioning systems can be next in accompaniment with the installation of the ceiling. Different materials are offered to the consumer for this purpose. After the electrical wiring has been installed in the walls and ceiling insulation can be added to the room. The location of electrical outlets, ceiling fans and lights have to be planned in advance. It is best to do this work while the walls are bare. Wall coverings can now be installed. Sheet rock, wood paneling and other decorative materials are offered for your convenience. Edging and molding can now be added along with the finished electrical parts. The flooring can be next. Carpet, tile, wood flooring and other products are offered to the consumer. If carpet is desired for the flooring a carpet pad should accompany this installation.

The exterior of the room should be treated with paint or siding to insure it's weather protection. All parts and components to the room should meet strict coding requirements. The right gage of electrical wiring should be used along with the strict enforcement of building codes. According to your specific regional climate situations your addition can be Taylor made to meet the requirements of your area. Weather proofing the room along with the need for structural integrity head the list of priorities. An architect or a reputable home builder may insure that the building process ends on a safe and well constructed note.

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