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Plumbing Opportunities

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The £ 1000 per week part time diy plumbing business plan for inexperienced operators.

24 years ago I set up from scratch my own Plumbing, Electrical & Heating Installation and Repairs Company. This company is still running, and forms my main source of income every day. I was trained for five years as an electrician and hold a City & Guilds qualification as an approved electrician. The company I worked for carried out small plumbing tasks which supplemented the owner's income. I never actually did any of the plumbing jobs myself as my main interest at the time was electrical.

Small plumbing repairs and alterations was all they wanted to do, after all, they were an electrical contracting firm. I had this in mind when I started in 1982, and decided to operate in a similar way.

What I could not have imagined was the degree of success that is possible from the "Plumbing Business" alone. The fact is; plumbing is probably one of the last high income opportunities for handy practical DIY type individuals left. I say this because almost all other "Easy Set Up" trades are now so regulated and certification orientated that it is almost impossible to set up without very long and extremely expensive formal training.

Plumbing has yet to be regulated in such a way and still is a very serious proposition for introducing and handy DIY individuals. I honestly believe from my long experience in the business that plumbing can be a fabulous opportunity for people with a genuine desire and at least some practical skills.

I'd go one better than this even; most of the work could be transported out easily by ordinary individuals with a minimum of training. Handy DIY people are perfect for the job, including the ladies.

Now, I'm not suggesting you could start tomorrow and install your own central heating system, but within a week or two of reading my guide, and self teaching, a competent level would be possible to carry out tasks such as small leaks, ball cock replacements, tap washers, washing machine installations and other simple tasks.

You will learn how I have achieved high incomes regularly and still do today. Not convinced?

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