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Commercial Fryer Thermostats

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Commercial Fryer Thermostats are one of the first things to go in an oven when it breaks down. The thermostat is the part of the Fryer that regulates the systems temperature so the setpoint you set remains the temperature for the duration of the cooking. It works by switching cooling and heating devices off and on, the heat transfer flow is regulated in turn maintaining the correct temperature.

There are various different methods of manufacturing a thermostat, the different methods use different sensors to detect the temperature changes, the different sensors all have the same goal (to control the cooling or heating) they just function in different ways. Some of the sensors used are as follows:

o    Bimetallic Electrical or Mechanical Sensors

o    Thermocouples (Electrical)

o    Semiconductor Devices and Electronic Thermistors

o    Wax Pellets (Expanding)

The newer thermostats found in most new fryers are now digital and do not have any moving parts to detect the temperature and regulate the heat, instead they rely on semiconductor devices like a resistance thermometer or thermistors. Fryers that use this digital method will have a small LCD Display built in to them that will show you the current settings and the temperature the fryer is at, some of them even have a built in clock and other little functions.

Fortunately if the Thermostat goes there are companies that are able to supply these as spare parts and you will not have to replace the whole fryer. The part can be quite difficult to replace depending on the fryer and so some companies will fit it for you.

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