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Top 10 dream cars: List starts with Mustang, Tesla, Jeep

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  1. Top 10 dream cars: List starts with Mustang, Tesla, Jeep  USA TODAY
  2. Tesla is about to suffer the same fate as Ford  Business Insider
  3. 9 Down, 1 To Go — A Personal Tale Of 7 Years With Electric Cars  CleanTechnica
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PVC 18 AWG Wire, Flexible and Robust Electrical Lines

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Knowing the basic features about various kinds of multi conductor electrical wires and cables is necessary if you want to make sure that your building project will be done within the allotted time. Construction jobs are not that simple and one of the most important and critical aspect has something to do with wires and cables. In this line, you should check out the superior quality PVC 18 AWG Wire that is being sold on the web.

The best thing about PVC is that these robust wire covers can last for a longer period of time. Aside from this, there is no question when it comes to the flexibility and strength the merchandise. However, you have to make sure that you are placing an order for the most ideal multi conductor. Identify the most suitable wire and cable that will be used for your project and compare the features of the items that are being sold on the net.

Even though this kind of activity is time consuming, the main point here is for you to find the best device. Nowadays, you can seriously find a room which does not contain any kind of electrical wire or cable. In order for you to accomplish the construction job at the right time, you should eliminate the risks that are associated with wrong purchase. Each and every room has to have the correct set of PVC 18 AWG Wire.

Expert builders and contractors will tell you that among the different aspects of their building project, the handling of electrical connections is the most difficult part. If you think that you can simply place an order for any type of multi conductor wires and cables then you are wrong. This particular task is not that simple. All the portable gadgets that you use will surely work perfectly when connected to the PVC 18 AWG Wire.

Power supply should be continuous so as not to hinder the accomplishment of your work. The proper installation of wires and cables is vital so as not to bypass the complex circuitry. Be sure to find a good electrician to help you find the best types of wire and cable for your particular job. Hiring an electrician might com with an expense though it is hard to put a price on the correct installation or your electrical wire and cable nevermind the possibility of someone being hurt in the process.

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RSP Permian Inc (RSPP) Insider Wallace Family Partnership, Lp Sells 32623 Shares

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  1. RSP Permian Inc (RSPP) Insider Wallace Family Partnership, Lp Sells 32623 Shares  Newburgh Gazette
  2. Analyst Research Roundup:, Inc. (JD), RSP Permian, Inc. (RSPP)  GkMen
  3. Stock Showing Surging Activity: RSP Permian, Inc. (RSPP)  Alive For Football
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Electrical PAT Testing – Understanding the Regulations For Electrical PAT Testing

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Fires caused by faulty electrical appliances are one of the most common causes of fires in places of work. The problems that cause these fires are not always obvious to the untrained eye, so can only be discovered by carrying out a proper series of tests on the equipment. On some occasions, however, faults should be patently obvious to anyone who looks at an appliance (eg exposed wires, broken casing, etc), and the main problem is just inadequate maintenance and checking.

As an employer you have duty under UK law to properly maintain portable electrical equipment in good working order, and to test it at regular intervals. The main pieces of legislation that set out PAT testing regulations are the Electricity At Work Regulations 1989 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. Failure to fulfill this duty could result in prosecution, but more importantly, could lead to serious injury to your staff and possible serious disruption to your business if you suffer a fire.

What Is A Portable Appliance?

Portable electrical appliances are those pieces of equipment which can be moved around, rather than being fixed or permanently wired into the building. There is a tendency to simplify this definition to doing a portable appliance check on anything with a plug on, but while this may work in the majority of cases, it does not cover all situations. The best definition of a portable electrical appliance is that of something which is designed to be moved while connected to a supply of electricity.

The regulations do not just relate to equipment which is the property of the business. The responsibility of the employer is for any electrical equipment brought onto the premises. So you must have systems in place to deal with contractors or temporary workers who may bring their own equipment in to use. Do not forget that it would also apply to any electrical equipment not directly related to carrying out your core work. Things like the sound and lighting system for the Christmas disco, or curling tongs or hair dryer brought in by a member of staff who plans to get ready at work before going straight out.

Who Can Carry Out The Testing?

The explanation in the regulations regarding who must carry out your electrical testing is that it should be Competent Person. This is taken to mean that they have to know what they are doing, and must therefore have had the appropriate training or experience. Many companies use specialist contractors to do this and others put their own staff through training so they can carry it out in-house.

There is no compulsory qualification that you have to gain in order to undertake this work. There are many one day courses which are available all around the country, most of which will provide a certificate, and some of which offer the City and Guilds 2377 qualification. There are also online or DVD courses available. If you are going to undertake electrical PAT testing in-house, you will also need to invest in PAT testing equipment.

Regulations are suitably vague on this point and the end result is that the employer has to be responsible for assessing the degree of risk with each appliance and making a judgement about the frequency of testing. On average once a year is reasonable though some items definitely require more and others will be fine with a less frequent portable appliance test. A hand drill, for example, gets moved around regularly and is far more liable to damage than, say, a computer printer. A quarterly check may be more appropriate for the hand drill, with a visual check each time it is used.

The frequency of testing that you decide upon can of course be adjusted according to your experience. If you find that you PAT test something and there is never any problem, you may be able to reduce the frequency, whereas something that regularly fails or has faults could probably do with an increased frequency of checking.

The regulations are not precise on this point, but it makes good sense to record your results. Why go to the trouble of doing all your tests and not record the fact that you have done so. If anything goes wrong you will have no evidence to prove that you have complied with the law and taken reasonable steps to prevent problems.

Downloadable PAT testing equipment has software that records all the test results and enables them to be downloaded to a computer. This is extremely useful and will also print labels for all items, displaying the PAT test date, when the next PAT test is due, the test result (pass/fail) and a unique ID number to aid reporting.

There is no ambiguity in the PAT testing regulations about the actual need to testing equipment, so if you are an employer or the manager for a workplace then you personally have a legal obligation to ensure that all portable appliances brought onto those premises undergo regular checks and are well maintained and safe to use. It is best to view your duty under the regulations not so much as an onerous chore but as a sensible measure to help protect your business and your workforce.

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Trump deserves credit for strengthening America’s business-friendly economy, Nissan chairman says

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  1. Trump deserves credit for strengthening America’s business-friendly economy, Nissan chairman says  Fox Business
  2. Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi sets up $1 billion fund for auto-tech  The Times of Israel
  3. Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Launches $1B Innovation Fund With Tel Aviv Office  NoCamels – Israeli Innovation News
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How Leading-Edge Technologies Have Changed The Diners Business

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Technology has a significant impact on every business. Competing with the market without opting for innovative technologies is difficult. Diners are also striving hard to meet market standards, and these standards are 80% based on technology. If you are new to this restaurant industry, then you will have to opt for all the possible techniques to seek the attention of foodies. Now a days, only those are successful that hit big with latest technologies. By reading this article, you will get to know how leading-edge technologies have revolutionized the restaurants. It doesn’t matter whether they are running big cafeterias or smaller ones, cutting-edge technology has mesmerized the diners across the globe.

Moving on to Social media

Social media has wiped out all the traditional promotion techniques that were widely used a few years ago. Now diners don’t have to go door to door for pamphlet distribution or take help of TV advertisements. They just have to publish their upcoming deals or succulent food pictures for promotion. Social media has blessed all the restaurants with huge customer traffic, but the competent handling of social media profiles is another dilemma. You have to stay responsive for different customers’ inquiries. It helps Restaurateurs in improving their business.

Online ordering

Due to busy life, it’s difficult for everyone to visit your restaurant every day. Either customers have to postpone their plan till weekend or have to take out time from hectic routine just to visit your place. Now technology has made this option hassle-free for all the epicures. Online ordering has made all the foodies lives convenient through a click, and getting the desired meal in few minutes has become much easier than ever. Just hold a smart phone, download the relevant restaurant app and place your order by choosing anything from the menu to put an end to your craving. If you want to enjoy the ambiance then you have to pay the visit otherwise online reviews and other customers’ feedback help you know the whole story.

Hassle-Free Payment

Online payment method have brought tremendous change in the life style of foodies. In online ordering, you can pay on the spot pay form your bed room or even pay for your family or friends, regardless of their distance from you. Numerous diners have developed payment systems just to accelerate the speed or accuracy especially in rush hours. Chances of miscommunication at the counter will be greatly reduced. Pay your Meal bills without carrying cash.

Advanced POS Systems

Now a days, different restaurants have their own advanced POS systems. These systems are helping restaurateurs to manage inventory, daily sales, staff’s performance measurement, sale insights, table reservation details and much more. Various softwares are available in the market that are intelligent enough to meet all the diners’ needs. This is imperative to achieve business standards by adding such systems into your business. Later on, you can integrate add-ons as per your business requirement.

Quick Table Reservation

Table reservation has expedited for both diners and epicures. They can quickly check the table reservation. Management can evaluate easily about how many tables have been reserved yet. Table booking system allows the manger and the customer to book or find vacant tables, without any communication gap. Now by sitting at home you can assess all the details or majority softwares have table selection option too.

Restaurant Sale Insights

A few years ago, there was a time when sales insights were hard to check. It was impossible to track the sales that went beyond past three or four months. Now powerful online tools and softwares, such as POS has allowed us for rapid sale calculations. These softwares can even make projections of future sales and estimate the seasonal trends. Hasn’t this become easy? Detail insights help all the restaurateurs to figure out the failure reason as well. So we can say that these are the best gifts of technology where everyone in the restaurant industry can optimize their performance.

Safe environment

Diners are not working only for ambiance, food and sales. They are also offering a safe environment to their valuable foodies. Numerous restaurants have installed the CCTV cameras and other monitoring systems to keep an eye on all the restaurant activities. Safer environment would give peace of mind to all the people for safe dining, which leads to a more delightful experience and the best customer’s reviews.

An Entire new look of the restaurant

Countless blessings of technologies have left us spellbound. You might have a complete idea now about multiple technological features of the restaurant. It doesn’t matter whether clients are reserving a table or placing the order, everything is designed to satisfy customers. Customer comments and reviews can give a hint to future clients about restaurant ambiance, taste and other aspects through these 3D videos. A perfect feature can be used for promotion of your place.

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The Latest: Ford to bring out 40 electrics, hybrids by 2022

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  1. The Latest: Ford to bring out 40 electrics, hybrids by 2022  Washington Post
  2. Ford Increasing Electric Vehicle Investment to $11 Billion by 2022  Wall Street Journal
  3. Ford taps Postmates for edge in self-driving delivery race  euronews
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3 Main Causes of Kernel Errors

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A kernel error is a failure in some code critical to Windows. If you have ever encountered a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), then you have seen a kernel error. Windows is actually several layers of programs made to work together. You can think of Windows as if it were your body, with many pieces working together to make a whole, and, like your body, some parts of Windows are more important than others.

The kernel is the most important part of Windows. It includes critical programs to handle things like memory management and device drivers for the graphics card. These programs are like a body’s heart and brain. If something in the kernel crashes, it will often cause all of Windows to crash.

Software Failures

Because there are a lot of programs in the kernel, there are many opportunities for bugs to appear. Although Microsoft does extensive testing to get rid of bugs, their testing facilities cannot run through all the combinations that billions of computers use with Windows when some bugs get through.

However, many of the kernel failures are in device drivers written by companies that make hardware, not by Microsoft. Your graphics card, for example, probably uses a driver created by the video company. These companies often work with Microsoft to test their drivers, but having companies work together adds an additional layer of complexity.

Hardware Failures

A hardware failure can cause a kernel error. If your graphics card fails, it can send bad data to the graphics device driver, which then crashes, creating a kernel error. If your hard disk fails, it can corrupt files used by Windows and cause the programs that use those files to crash.

Registry Failures

Registry failures can cause kernel errors. The registry is a database of information that Windows uses to store information about programs. If the registry gets corrupted, the programs that use it can cause kernel errors.

Registry corruption can come from either software or hardware failures. Software corruption can come from a bug in one of the programs that writes information out to the registry. Or if you turn off your computer without doing a complete shutdown, the registry files may not get completely written to the disk. Hardware corruption can happen when the hard disk fails causing parts of the registry files to be lost. It’s a good idea to do some research on kernel errors and other registry issues.

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Dover (DOV) Touches $104.40 High on Jan, 12; Slap Has 2 Sentiment

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  1. Dover (DOV) Touches $104.40 High on Jan, 12; Slap Has 2 Sentiment  GkMen
  2. Dover’s (NYSE:DOV) Hold Rating Reaffirmed at Royal Bank of Canada  Newburgh Gazette
  3. Bullish Chart Formation for Dover Corporation (DOV) After Forming Bullish Wedge Up Chart Pattern  KL Daily
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Employment Law – Discrimination – Disability Discrimination – Duty to Make Reasonable Adjustments

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The recent case of McHugh v NCH Scotland [2006], concerned an allegation of disability discrimination. The employee employed employment as a project manager for the employer, a children's charity, in 1997. In 2001, she was certified unfit to work on the grounds of depression.

In August, the employee's GP told the employer's occupational health adviser that the employee continued to suffer from moderately to severe depression but would be able to return to work when her mood had adequately recovered. In December, the employee met with the employee in order to discuss the possibility of a staged return to work. The employee enquired as to whether the staged return to work would be possible to occur in the training section of the organization. Unfortunately she was informed that there were no vacancies.

On the 1st of February 2002, the employee requested early retirement on the grounds of ill health. The employer told the employee that her application had not been submitted for approval as it had not been supported by the occupational health adviser, who on the basis of medical information from her GP, did not consider her to be permanently incapacitated as a result of her illness.

At a meeting in May, the employee and employer agreed to seek direction from a specialist medical report. The employer stated that it would welcome the employee back to work through a managed program, which would require an indication of a return date as indicated by the results of a consultation with her GP.

In June, the employer was advised that the employee had instructed a solicitor and that it should not communicate directly with her.

The specialist report indicated that it was possible that the employee would return to health over a period of six to twelve months, but that it was unknowingly that she would be able to return to work in her previous capacity and that early retirement should be considered.

Based on that report, the occupational health adviser indicated to the employer that he did not consider the employee permanently incapacitated, as there was a possibility that her health could improve. In April 2003, at the request of the employee, the employer submitted a further application for early retirement to the occupational health adviser. The occupational health adviser refused to support the application.

A further independent medical assessment was then transported out. However, it also refused to support an application for early retirement. In May 2004, the employee resigned with notice.

Subsequently the occupational health adviser stated that he was unable to certify that the employee fulfilled the conditions for early retirement and that it would not be unreasonable to terminate her employment on the ground of capacity. As a result, the employee brought proceedings before the employment tribunal claiming unlawful disability discrimination.

The tribunal allowed the claim on the grounds that the employer had failed to consider making reasonable adjustments in the form of increased physical support. The employer appeared against the decision to the Employment Appeals Tribunal ("EAT"). The employer submitted that the tribunal had erred in failing to consider justification for the breach of duty pursuant to s.5 (4) of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 ("the Act"). It argued that the tribunal had bought to have addressed whether the employer had failed to make reasonable adjustments, rather than whether it had failed to consider making reasonable adjustments.

Furthermore, it was submitted that the duty to make reasonable adjustments was not triggered during the time when the employee was off work as there was no indication of a return date.

The appeal was allowed for the following reasons:

– it was common ground that there had been no finding on justification. It was held that was a matter of substance, as the employer had contended that the failure by the employee to consider (in conjunction with the employer) any further steps after she had insured that all communication was to go through her solicitor instituted justification for any failure to comply with the duty. That was deemed both material to the circumstances of the case and substantive pursuant to s.5 (4) of the Act. It had been an error by the tribunal to make no finding on justification, which was an employee's defense to a finding of breach of duty. The finding of unlawful discrimination therefore had to be set aside.

– the duty was to make reasonable adjustments. The tribunal had recognized that the principal issue in the instant case was the failure of the employer 'to consider' reasonable adjustments. It found that it had so failed, and that that the judgment was inconsistent with previous authority and so could not stand.

§ In this case, it was unreasonable for the employer to pursue the possibilities which the tribunal had noted until there was some sign that the employee would be returning to work. Had the relevant previous authority been cited to the tribunal, it would have been bound to find that the duty to make reasonable adjustments had not been triggered by the time the employee had resigned. If the only errors found had been the failure to consider justification and the misdirection as to the duty to make adjustments, it would have been appropriate for the EAT to have sent the case back to the tribunal for reconsideration. However, none of those points, even if reconsidered, could have overcome the fatal effect of the judgment on the point relating to the triggering of the duty to make reasonable adjustments. The degree of error involved made it inappropriate for the instant case to be sent back to the tribunal. Therefore the judgment would be set aside and the appeal would be allowed.

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© RT COOPERS, 2007. This Briefing Note does not provide a comprehensive or complete statement of the law relating to the issues discussed nor does it determine legal advice. It is intended only to highlight general issues. Specialist legal advice should always be taken in relation to particular circumstances.

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