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Six Energy Saving Tips For Winter

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1. Replace your regular bulbs with compact fluorescents (CFL's). This means your lamps, overhead fixtures, hall lights, lights in the bathroom, foyer and do not forget porch lights! CFL's are very efficient and will save you money. They use 75% less energy and give off the same amount of light. Most types of CFL's are warranted to last for 5 to 9 years!

2. During the winter heating months, set your thermostat at 68 degrees during the day when you are home and 60 degrees at night – put more blankets on the bed and you will be snug as a bug in a rug! Keep this same setting of 60 when you are not at home. These settings will make a definite difference in your monthly electric bill.

3. Change the filters in your heating system every month. Check out the new HEPA filters. They cost more, but keep your circulated air cleaner over a longer period (3 months) than a standard filter.

4. If you have a fireplace, install a glass screen. When you close the flue, close the screen and you will keep the warm air in your fireplace instead of having it go up the chimmney.

5. Are your drapes or furniture blocking heat vents? Make sure that all of your heat vents are not obstructed.

6. The first six feet of cold and hot water pipes connected to your water heater should be insulated. Foam tubing is readily available at hardware and home improvement stores and easily installed.

5. Believe it or not, if you wash your clothes in cold water, they will be just as clean. Use spot treatment and bleaches to brighten. You will save as much as $ .40 per washload.

6. Check your water heater and set it at 120 degrees. The preset temperature for many water heaters is higher and will cost you more.

Source by Lois Dewitt

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