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Moving to Boise, Idaho? A Little Information on the Neighborhoods

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In Boise, Idaho, you will find a variety of unique neighborhoods – with mixed-class suburbs in Meridian (without the suburbia feel), the more affluent communities of Eagle, the historic North End in downtown Boise, and everything in between. Each area has its own distinct feel, collectively offering something for everyone.

Each area has its own attractions as well. For instance, Meridian appeals more to the younger people, who are maybe buying their first house or starting a family – new neighborhoods are being developed frequently, and many appeal to a ‘lower’ budget (i.e. homes starting around $170,000). The area is home to Meridian Speedway, which offers a 1/4 mile oval track for all types of cars and drivers. Wahooz Family Fun Zone is also in the area, offering miniature golf, laser tag, bumper boats, and arcade games. Right next to Wahooz is Roaring Springs Water Park, the only of its kind in the area.

Eagle’s main appeal is affluence; the area draws a number of the older population, and has several upscale golf courses in the vicinity. Boise’s North End is also one of the more affluent areas of the city – historical buildings and high-value lots are characteristic of the North End. Also characteristic of the North End is a generally liberal population (on, it is dubbed the “liberal bastion of Idaho”). Such liberalism is indeed characteristic of Boise – particularly the downtown area – as a whole, despite Idaho being a largely Republican state.

Boise is ‘growing up’, as they say, with a steadily climbing population and consequential development – the city is growing all the time, though it still somehow keeps some of the small-town appeal that it has always had.

Source by Aidan Wardein

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