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Entrepreneurs Need Balance To Be Successful

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As an entrepreneur I often find I have a constant struggle with balance. I've checked this out with fellow entrepreneurs and found that there are a number of us who feel that way. The reason seems to be that we love what we do and have some ambitious goals, so balance becomes easy to overlook. Even if you love what you do and are passionate about building your business it is still necessary to get away from your day to day business activities every now and then. The time away offers balance and feeds your creativity so you can have a fresh perspective on moving forward.

Balance is a way to recharge your batteries so you can keep on building your business while having a well rounded and fulfilling life. A good rule of thumb is to aim to step away from your work every 90-120 minutes for a 10-15 minute break. And if you work more then 8-10 hours a day as most entrepreneurs do, be sure to take a 60-90 minute lunch break. If you work from home this is an ideal time to get out for some fresh air with a walk around the block.

Balance needs to also include your health and fitness and not just recreation. Working out and eating right is not only good for your body but also great for your mindset and can improve your confidence as well. Entrepreneurs need to make room to support a well rounded lifestyle that includes more than just the day to day activities that are necessary to make their business grow. Make up some new rules for yourself that will help you improve and increase the balance in your life and you will see that you get even more accomplished during business hours.

Source by Helen Raptoplous

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