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Electric Smoker Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Electric Smokers

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Electric smokers can indeed be a good alternative to all the other smoking technologies available, but only if they are chosen wisely, because each single feature can have a major impact on the results they obtain.

But choosing the best electric smoker will be easy if you just pay attention to some details as follows:


Without being superficial or taking sides, some companies are better than others, having a long tradition in providing practical solutions to common needs, in the shape of reliable and functional appliances.

When choosing your electric smoker, you should make sure it was produced by a company with some experience and a solid reputation in the field, thus making sure that the product you buy will have a long life span and that spare parts will be available for years to come.

Temperature Adjusting System

The greatest thing about electric smokers is that temperature can be adjusted automatically, without any effort or intervention on your part. That is achieved with the help of two different system components: the thermostat and the rheostat.

The difference between the smokers running on a thermostat and those running on a rheostat consists in the fact that, while the ones in the first category stop functioning completely until the temperature decreases and start back automatically when it reaches the minimum value, those from the second category only reduce their capacity to adjust temperature.

The electric smokers in the first category are preferable because they allow minimum temperature fluctuations and electricity savings.

Technical Specifications

There are several details that can determine an electric smoker’s functionality, such as electricity consumption, power supply requirements, storage capacity, construction technique and materials, overall size etc.

As far as the electricity consumption and the power supply requirements are concerned, the choice should be simple: go for electric smokers with minimum consumption and supply requirements as close to your resources as possible, to avoid having to make improvements on your home electrical network.

The storage capacity is usually a subjective criterion, as only you can determine what your needs are. While inferior capacity might mean faster smoking or savings on electricity, you can never know when the family gains a new member or visitors who will stay for dinner.

As for the construction technique and materials, you need to keep your eyes open for quality and reliability. Stainless steel might be a good choice and don’t forget about the sealing, because it can thoroughly influence the results of your smoking projects.

Financial Implications

Electric smokers come with prices that usually reflect their features and capabilities, so this is one of those cases when considering the lowest price tag is not going to work, especially since we are not talking about a product you can replace every month or every year.

A small price difference can often cost you spare parts and paid repairs, higher electricity bills or poor taste and dryness of the smoked products.

The Key to a Choice You Won’t Regret – Comparison

Now that you know what to look for, the choice should follow naturally. Just compare the details, keep in mind your needs as a family and what you can afford to pay, and there is no doubt you will be able to identify the one model that offers everything you need for a competitive price.

Don’t rush into any decision until you have analyzed at least four or five electric smokers, so that you will have a general idea on price levels and main features.

Amateur Smoking Golden Rule

To improve the taste and flavor of the meat, scald it or let it marinate in sauerkraut juice spiced with pepper, laurel leaves and rosemary for a couple of minutes before smoking it and add one or two pieces of charcoal to the wood box.

Keep in mind all the tips above and you will surely find the best smoker to fit your needs, and make the best out of it.

Source by Ringo Johnson

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