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Electric Powered Cars

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Gas prices are on the rise and the Jones's do not know where to turn. Unfortunately employers do not pay more to compensate for the escalating cost of fuel. This leaves families struggling to figure out the means to deal with the extra cost of travel. Less families are going on vacations, visiting relatives and taking unnecessary trips away from home.

More and more people are turning to electric powered cars, but trading in your car to incur the added expense of a new vehicle just is not viable for many families. In fact, it might not even be the wisest choice. The practical choice would be to simply convert your existing vehicle into an electric one. This would give you all of the benefits of owning an electric car, without the hassle of car shopping, giving up a vehicle you love and are used to, and eliminating getting yourself into high payments.

Converting your vehicle into an electric powered vehicle is actually quite affordable, much more so than today's gas prices, and it is definitely more affordable than purchasing a new vehicle. Plus, you are saving yourself the added problems and worries that come with purchasing a new vehicle. Keep the car you already committed to and turn it into a vehicle that fits your needs.

What is entailed in the electric car conversion is the removal of the gas engine of your vehicle, replacing it with electric car such such as electric motors, water pump, batteries, and several other parts needed for an electric vehicle to run. Typically, you can just follow instructions given in the electric car kits for the entire procedure.

While one does not have to necessarily be a professional mechanic to convert their current vehicle to an electric one, you should have basic skills and knowledge of how the engine works to install the conversion kit yourself. If you have no knowledge, that's okay, there are many good mechanics out there that would install your electric conversion kit for a reasonable price. Remember, in the long run the one time fee of a mechanics services would be well worth it. In the future, while everyone else is still sighing over the rising price of gas, you can be relishing in the fact that you still have the car you originally bought, picked out because it suited your wants and needs, all while bearing those ridiculous prices at the pump.

So before going down and trading in Bessy for a new and more expensive, electric car, consider instead turning Bessy into that inexpensive to run car that she used to be, and you hop that she would one day be again.

Source by Sandra Maria Stammberger

Broadview Advisors Decreased Schlumberger LTD (SLB) Holding By $317400; Anika Therapeutics Has 1.42 Sentiment

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  1. Broadview Advisors Decreased Schlumberger LTD (SLB) Holding By $317400; Anika Therapeutics Has 1.42 Sentiment
  2. Schlumberger (SLB) Given a $80.00 Price Target at B. Riley  ClickLancashire
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Free Computer Parts

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There are companies offering free computer items for qualified orders. Free computer parts are not exchangeable. When buying a computer, one should also inquire about the availability of free computer parts or accessories that comes along with the package. It varies from company to company.

Many times, at the end of the year, free computer parts are available or sold very cheaply to clear out old stock. Some of these parts can be modified to suit the exact needs of your computer for a very reasonable cost. Software can be considered free computer parts as well. Free antivirus software is available that helps protect computers from virus.

Other free computer parts include screen savers with the latest electronics and technology. You may have to pay a little for them, but the discounts are fantastic. There are many screen savers that are offered for free. Depending on the brand of your computer, you will find some companies also offer free printers along with other software. Some drivers are also included 'free' as part of a packaged computer purchase. In order to show their appreciation for your business, some companies offer you free items with your purchase if you spend a certain amount of money. Choices include free computer cases, free system accessories, free power supplies and other miscellaneous items. Some even offer clothing accessories like hats, shirts and jackets embossed with the company's logo.

Finally, you can also check out websites like This site has hundreds of items that students and people who are moving are looking to get rid of. Often times, there are several computer parts and accessories listed.

Source by Eric Morris

Girl Scout cookie season begins

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Online Trading Through Electronic Manufacturers

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Electronic manufacturers are available on the internet if you need to buy high end aircraft parts. There are several manufactures listed that can be consulted for buying aircraft machinery. All you need to do is find the right one which can give you all the details regarding the purchase. The overall performance is simply outstanding and staggering. You can find various electronic devices on the internet which can be installed in your aircraft. The design and make of such manufacturers is outstanding and ensures to be abided by international standards. Buying machinery for obsolete aircraft can be difficult if you do not have the right tools. These are those aircraft which are no more in production; they are still present because they are serving more than their expected life. The sole reason for so much performance is only because of top notch parts installed in the aircraft.

Internet is one of the preferred sources through which you will be able to hunt down electronic component distributor. There are numerous websites present which deal in such business. A good search will help you out in selecting the right one. Before selecting the right brand you need to search well, find those websites which are offering the same product for fewer prices. Find the features associated with the product you wish to buy and then search for alternate website. The nature of performance parts will depend on the type of manufacturer you choose. Capax Switches Parts is one of the preferred brands that are available in the market when it comes to aircraft machinery. The overall performance of this brand is top notch and preferred in the market. Distinguish two different websites when it comes to pricing. Yes, the online world will provide you options of comparing two or more websites at one time. This is one of the high end features of online websites. Most websites will also give you delivery options where you might not spend on transportation, avoid money on transportation. Before selecting an online brand always look for comments and testimonials posted on the websites. These testimonials will give you the reputation of the online electronic manufacturer you wish to purchase through. Finding the reputation of the selected electronic component distributor is important for avoiding loss.

Purchase genuine parts through online electronic manufacturers. Always prefer original parts as they last long and have high end performance. Their overall capacity of reliability is much more than duplicate parts. Capax Switches Parts can be installed within minutes as they come with an installation installation.

Source by Albert J John

Walmart Supercenter in Sacramento slated to close Feb. 9

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Terrorism – A Threat to Global Peace

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Nowadays, no one seems to be saved in the world. Terrorism, an ugly development which has compelled the world leaders as well as the public figures to spend millions of dollars beefing up their security, has become a global threat. Amidst this seemingly tight security and threat, thousands of innocent souls have lost their lives to the annihilation called terrorism.

Statistically, it has been proved that no country of the world is exceptional to terrorist attacks. Pius Odiaka writes on the palpable fear pervading world following the series of bombings in some countries. He declares in the Guardian Newspaper, Friday, July 29th, 2005, (page 24) that “No part of the world has been left without terrorist bloodshed. From Kenya, Algeria, Egypt in Africa to many countries in the middle East and the Gulf; Indonesia, Philippine, Pakistan and India across Asia; Washington and New York in America; Spain and now London in Europe, many innocent souls have been sniffed out of existence.”

The paper will present how terrorism is a threat to Global Peace. It will enumerate the category of acts of terrorism. It will also examine the causes and implications of terrorism in human advancement especially in the area of peace building and keeping. Above all, it will provide recommendations by referring to the United Nations recommendations for a global counter-terrorism strategy. It concludes by affirming that the global peace can only be achieved if the world- the leaders and the followers-condemn terrorism in all forms and ramifications, and act unconditionally and justly in their quest to providing everlasting solutions to peace, as it constitutes one of the most serious threats to global peace and security.


In human history, terrorism is widely recognized as the world most famous enemy of mankind. As history itself will admit that terrorism is annihilation with far-reaching and destructive effects, it is the cruelest of crimes against humanity. Its remains have turned neighbours into enemies and have made our societies and the whole world unsafe for living. Its aims and applications are global and uncompromising. Neither terrorism nor is perpetrators are new. Even though it has been used since the beginning of recorded time, not history itself can keep, with precision, the number of lives and properties lost to terrorism.

No doubt, terrorism with its destructive power has reshaped the world we live in. We now live in the world characterized by rising violence and conflicts. This, in turn, has led to the world of growing mistrust, fear, division and represents a significant new threat to international justice, peace and security. This ugly development thus made Amnesty International to observe in its 2004 Report the lasting effects of the crime on humanity.

This report and others provide a valid point on how terrorism or terrorist acts have made the world unsafe and how it has threatened global peace.

Historical Background of terrorism

It is pertinent to recall that forms of society and governments in the past differ from what they are today, when describing the history of terrorism and the use of terror through time. Not until 1648 (Treaty of Westphalia), there was nothing like modern nation-states. More recent is the state’s monopoly on warfare or interstate-violence. The absence of central authority gave many more players opportunity to participate in the game of warfare. However, this did not make the use of terror a method of affecting a political change. In contrast to the modern era, where only nations go to war, the involvement of players such as religious leaders, mercenaries, mercantile companies, national armies and many more was considered to be lawful and normal.

Terrorist acts or the threat of such action have been in existence for millennia. So, in narrating the history of terrorism, it is important to talk about the various types of terrorism and terrorist individuals and groups. Below is the summary of the history of terrorism.

Ancient World:

Sicarii Zealots

Political scientists see the radical Sicarii offshoot of the Jewish Zealots as one of the earliest forerunners of modern terrorism. Like modern terrorists, they intended their actions to suggest a message to a wider target audience: in this instance, the roman imperial officials and all pro-Roman and collaborationists


The Hashshashin (also Hashishin, Hashsshiyyin or Assassins) were an offshoot of the Isma ili sect of the Shiite Muslims. After a quarrel about the succession of leadership in the ruling Fatimide dynasty in Cairo around the year 1090, the losing Nizariyya faction was driven from Egypt. They established a number of fortified settlements in present day Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon under the charismatic leader Hasan I Sabbah.Persecuted as infidel by the dominant Sunni sect in the Muslim world; they sent dedicated suicide murderers to eliminate prominent Sunni leaders whom they considered “impious usurpers.” The sect was decimated by the invading Mongols, their last stronghold being flattened by Hulegu Khan in the year 1272.Many scholars believe the term Hashshashin, a name given to them by their enemies was derived from the Arabic “hassasin(hashish user),which they are alleged to have ingested prior to their attacks, but this etymology is disputed. The sects referred to themselves as al-da-wa al-jadida, which means the new doctrine, and were known within the organization as Fedayeen.

Seventeenth century

Gunpowder Plot (1605)

On November 5, 1605 a group of conspirators, led by Guy Fawkes, attempted to destroy the English Parliament on the State Opening, by detonating a large quantity of gunpowder secretly placed beneath the building. The design was to kill King James1 and the members of both houses of parliament. In the resulting anarchy, the conspirators planned to implement a coup and restore the Catholic faith to England. However the plan was betrayed and then thwarted.

Eighteenth century

1.Sons of Liberty

The Sons of Liberty were an underground group opposed to British Rule in the colonies, who committed several attacks, most famous among these was the Boston Tea Party. No one was killed or seriously injured by any action that was taken.

2.The Terror (1793-1794)

The Reign of Terror ( September 5 1793- July 28 1794) or simply The Terror ( French: la Terreur) was a period of about eleven months during the French Revolution when struggles between rival factions led to mutual radicalization which took on a violent character with mass executions by guillotine.

The victims of the Reign of Terror totaled approximately 40,000.Among people who are condemned by the revolutionary tribunals, about 8 percent were aristocrats, 6 percent clergy 14 percent middle class, and 70 percent were workers or peasants accused of hoarding, evading the draft, desertion, rebellion, and other purported crimes.

Nineteenth century


Anarchists was the most prolific terrorists of the 19th century, with the terroristic tendencies of both nationalism and political movements of Communism or fascism still in there infancy. The disjointed attacks of various anarchists groups lead to the assassination of Russian Tsars and American Presidents but had little real political impact.

2.Tsarist Russia

In Russia, by the mid-19 th century, the intelligentsia grew impatient with the slow pace of Tsarist reforms, which had slowed considerably after the attempted assassination of Alexander II of Russia. Radicals then sought instead to transform peasant discontent into open revolution. Anarchists like Mikhail Bakunin maintained that progress was impossible without destruction. With the development of sufficiently powerful, stable, and affordable explosives, the gap closed between the firepower of the state and the means available to dissidents. The main group responsible for the resulting campaign of terror-‘Narodnaya Volya’ (people’s will) (1878-81) – used the word ‘terrorist’ proudly. They believed in the targeted killing of the ‘leaders of oppression’; they were convinced that the developing technologies of the age-symbolized by bombs and bullets- enabled them to strike directly and discriminately.” People’s Will”, possessing only 30 members, attempted several assassination attempts upon Tsa. Culminating in the assassination of Tsar Alexander II on 13 March 1881, killing the Tsar as he was traveling by train.

3. Irish Republican Brotherhood

In 1867, the Irish Republican Brotherhood, a revolutionary nationalist group with support from Irish-Americans, carried out attacks in England. These were the first acts of “republican terrorism”, which became a recurrent feature of British history, and these Fenians were the precursor of the Irish Republican Army. The ideology of the group was Irish nationalism.

4. Nationalist terrorism

The Fenians/IRA and the IMRO may be considered the prototype of all ‘nationalist terrorism’, and equally illustrate the (itself controversial) expression that “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter’. At least one of these groups achieve its goal: an independent Ireland came into being. So did an independent Macedonia, but original IMRO probably contributed little to this outcome. Some groups resorted to the use of dynamite, as did Catalan nationalists such as La Reixa and Bandera Negra.

5. John Brown

John Brown was an abolitionist who advocated armed opposition to slavery. He committed several terrorist attacks and was also involved in an illegal smuggling of slaves. His most famous attack was upon the armory at Harpers Ferry, though the local forces would soon recapture the fort and Brown, trying and executing him for treason. His death would make him a martyr to the abolitionist cause, one of the origins of American Civil War, and a hero to the Union forces that fought in it.

6. Ku Klux Klan (1865)

The original Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was created after the end of the American Civil War on December 24, 1865, by six educated middle-class confederate veterans from Pulaski, Tennessee. It soon spread into nearly every southern state of the United States. The Klan has advocated for what is generally perceived as white supremacy, anti-Semitism, racism, anti-Catholicism, homophobia, and nativism. They have often used terrorism, violence and acts of intimidation such as cross burning to oppress African Americans and other groups. The name ‘Ku Klux Klan’ has been used by many different unrelated groups, but they all seem to center on the belief of white supremacy. From its creation to the present day, the number of members and influence has varied greatly. However, there is little doubt that, especially in the southern United States, it has at times wielded much political influence and generated great fear among African Americans and their supporters. At one time KKK controlled the governments of Tennessee, Indiana, Oklahoma and Oregon, in addition to some of the southern U.S legislatures.

Twentieth century

Suffragette, Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand (1914), KKK(1915),Irgun (1936-1948), World War II, Nationalism and the End of Empire,Cold War proxies,,IRA,,ETA, Aum Shinrikyo (1984-1995), Achille Lauro Hijacking (1985), Lockerbie bombing (1988), Umkhonto we Sizwe (South Africa 1961-1990), PLO (1964-c.1988), Columbian terrorist groups, Munich Massacre (1972),Matsumoto incident(1994), Sarin gas attack on Tokyo subway(1995),and Oklahoma City bombing (1995) are types of terrorism and individual terrorists and groups that operated in the twentieth century.

Twenty-First Centuries

The well-celebrated September 11 (2002) attack and the Beslan school siege are recent terrorist attacks of the twenty-first century.

Terrorism: Definition of a Phenomenon

As clearly stated above, terrorism has established itself as a world phenomenon before 1648. But then, it becomes imperative to look into the true meaning of the term.Although providing a definite definition for it has been accorded with series of controversies, etymologically, the term emanates from Latin, “terrere”, meaning “to frighten” via the French word terrorisme, which is often associated with the regime de la terreur, the Reign of Terror of the revolutionary government in France from 1793 to 1794.The Committee of Public Safety agents that enforced the policies of “The Terror” were referred to as ” Terrorists”.

The English word “terrorism” was first recorded in English dictionaries in 1798 as meaning “systematic use of terror as a policy”. The Oxford English Dictionary still records a definition of terrorism as “Government by intimidation carried out by the party in power in France between 1789-1794.

The controversial issue is that the vocabulary of terrorism has become the successor to that of anarchy and communism the catch-all label opprobrium, exploited accordingly by media and politicians.The difficulty in constructing a definition which eliminates any just cause for terrorism is that history provides too many precedents of organizations and their leaders branded as terrorist but who eventually evolved into respected government. This has applied particularly to national liberation movements fighting colonial or oppressive regimes, engaging in violence within their countries often as a last resort. Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya spent years of his life lobbying the British government before his involvement with the Mau Mau rebellion. Nelson Mandela, a hero in his continent and beyond, is another convicted “terrorist” belonging to this class.

Before making a valid point, it is important to say that this piece would like to consider further statements and criticisms on the issue and recognized that there are other valid arguments on these controversial issues. However, they are not within premises of this paper.

Arriving at a universally accepted definition of terrorism which narrows down to a specific method of conducting violence instead of “all its forms and manifestations” or which makes it possible to refer terrorist acts to an international court, as for genocide and other war crimes or which makes it impossible for individual countries to outlaw activities they choose to classify as terrorism perhaps for their own political interest is a great challenge in the study of terrorism.

While the United Nations has not yet accepted a definition of terrorism, the UN’s “academic consensus definition,” has been put forth for consideration. And they are available for public evaluation.

In final analysis, although, it is not clear the actual number of definitions of terrorism; but it is clear that terrorism does not have respect for human lives and values. It has claimed thousands of lives of innocent souls, rendered millions of people homeless and economically handicapped. Alas, it is clearer that terrorism has turned our world into a place conducive for its existence and spread.

Effects of terrorism on global peace

Indisputably, terrorism is a threat to global peace. As it thrives well in a world such as ours- where violation of human rights, rising violence and conflicts, ethnic, national and religious discrimination, socio-economic marginalization and extreme ideology, dehumanization of victims are prominently in practice, it has succeeded in disregarding human lives and values, launching war on freedom and peace, multiplying violence and conflicts, and posting challenges of solving the problem of injustice, insecurity and declining economy.


In accordance with the United Nations in a report titled: Uniting Against Terrorism-Recommendations for a global counter-terrorism strategy, this paper hereby presents the following recommendations;

(1)All stakeholders-the leaders and the followers, individuals and institutions must dissuade people from resorting to terrorism or supporting it.

(2) All stakeholders, in all ways and at all levels, must deny terrorists the means to carry out an attack by:

– denying terrorists financial support.

-denying terrorists access to deadly weapons, including weapons of mass destruction.

– denying terrorists access to travel.

-denying terrorists access to their targets and their desired impact.

(3) All stakeholders, in all capacities, must deter States from supporting terrorists groups.

(4) All stakeholders must develop State capacity to prevent terrorism by:

– promoting the rule of law and effective criminal justice systems.

– promoting quality education and religious and cultural tolerance.

– countering the financing of terrorism.

– ensuring transport security.

– preventing terrorists from acquiring nuclear, biological, chemical or radiological

materials, and ensuring better preparedness for an attack with such materials

-improving the defense of soft targets and the response to their attack.

– promoting United Nations system-wide coherence in countering terrorism.

(5) All stakeholders, collectively, must defend human rights in the context of terrorism

and counter- terrorism.

Even though my recommendations are fashioned out of United Nations recommendation for a global strategy, they represent a holistic and realistic approach to fighting or countering terrorism. However, if these recommendations are given the opportunity to operate or if implemented and executed properly and continuously, they are effective strategies of countering terrorism and, at the same time, ensuring a world free of violence and conflict, violations of human rights, ethnic, national and religious discrimination, political exclusion, and socio-economic marginalization


As you will agree with me that terrorism affects all of us, our approach to fighting or countering terrorism and ensuring a safe and peaceful world must be collective. However, it is worth noting that the world leaders, followers and stakeholders have vital roles to play in the fight against terrorism and in achieving our goals of global peace and security.

For the world leaders and stakeholders, these roles transcend attending or organizing world summit, conferences, seminars, e.t.c on the topic, and consenting to Global strategy to counter terrorism on papers. They need to commit more resources, at all levels, to the cause, be more sincere and objective in their judgments, more practical in their approach, and create enabling environments conducive for justice, conflict resolutions, human right protection, equality, stability, unity, prosperity, tolerance, peace and security.Above all, they need to promote and support ultimately because that have respect for human lives and values.

For followers and individuals, we need to carry out the message beyond conferences that terrorism is inexcusable and unacceptable. We need to engage in one- to -one education or group discussions enlightening ourselves on the devastating and destructive effects of terrorism on our lives and values, and emphasizing that terrorism is not an effective way of championing a cause, whether political, religious or otherwise. We must recognize that peace is the most precious need of humanity.

Source by Azeez Olawale-Arish Yusuff

Nu Skin Review – What 97% of Nu Skin Reps Don’t Know

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In this Nu Skin Review, I will give you the scoop on the company, history, products, comp plan and, most importantly, why 97% of Nu Skin reps are failing.

First of all, I want to say that Nu Skin appears to be a solid, legitimate company. There will no bashing in this review. They have been an MLM industry leader for the past two decades. They have reportedly created 700 millionaires globally and some sources claim the company is creating a new millionaire every 10 days. So how can you dispute stats like that?

The Company

Nu Skin was founded in 1984 by a brother/sister team (Blake and Nedra Roney), their good friend Sandi Tillotson and Steve Lund. Back in 1984, they started with a $5,000 investment and a dream that today has resulted into a billion dollar company that has over 820,000 active distributors in 48 different countries. This company has a long-standing positive revenue history with projected revenue for 2011 being $1.60 billion. Since its inception, Nu Skin’s mission has been to improve people’s lives through quality products, rewarding business opportunities and an uplifting, enriching culture.

Nu Skin is also very big on giving to those in need and supports humanitarian efforts around the world. Their efforts began in 2002 with their Nourish the Children Initiative which now provides about 80,000 meals every month to the children of Malawi. In 2006, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation founded the Mtalimanja Village project (this project was named by the people of Malawi – Mtalimanja means “long hands that give”). This Village Project created a “living classroom” for about 40 Malawi farmers and their families to be educated and trained in fish farming, drip irrigation, sustainable farming, forest conservation and tree farming. Founder Steve Lund stated that these programs are not about giving hand-outs — it’s about empowering people to become self-reliant and achieve a better life. As of this writing, the first student families have spent nearly two years in the village and will soon be returning to their own villages to teach these new principles to others.

The Products

In 1984, Nu Skin Enterprises was founded and had an original product launch of 12 products. Today, they have literally hundreds of products which address a variety of skin-related issues with many focusing on anti-aging. They also offer men’s care, body cleansers, body exfoliants, hair care, oral care, sun protection and cosmetics. Because of the enormity of the inventory, only the most popular and effective (as advertised) products will be explained below.

ageLOC. To put it simply, ageLOC is the science of targeting aging at its source. Nu Skin collaborated with scientists all over the world (i.e., Stanford, Purdue and LifeGen Technologies) and was able to identify SuperMarkers called Youth Gene Clusters which are functional groups of genes that regulate how we appear to age (no other company is said to have identified these gene clusters). They state that ageLOC’s propriety science understands how to reset these Youth Gene Clusters to their youthful patterns of activity. Dr. Joseph Chang, Chief Scientific Officer of Nu Skin, states “There is no doubt that in order to retain a youthful appearance, genes must regain their youthful activity patterns. By analyzing human tissue at the genetic level, we’ve learned the crucial role of gene expression in retaining one’s youth.” The ageLOC skin care line was launched in January 2010 and has broken all records. As these statements about being able to reset genes to restore youth are nothing short of miraculous, many people are reporting their age being reduced by five, ten and some even say twenty years. With the skin care line being dubbed “the tip of the iceberg”, Nu Skin recently added a nutritional supplement called Vitality to its ageLOC line. This is a nutritional product said to be able to reverse the aging process (from the inside). Imagine what it would be like to “reset the clock”! This is causing quite a stir as you can imagine. People are coming out of retirement just to get back into Nu Skin and market this amazing product. There will be a LOTof money made on this one….

Galvanic Spa. The Galvanic Spa is also part of the ageLOC system and is used to remove wrinkles and look younger. Galvanic treatments are nothing new and have been around for over a hundred years. Galvanic treatments use mild, pain-free electrical currents in combination with topical products that also have the same charge. So, by formulating products to possess a specific charge and using mild, safe and pain-free electrical currents of the same charge, the currents are able to “push” the product directly into the skin. These treatments, through a gentle massaging action, help to focus cellular energy and enhance circulation. These treatments also stimulate blood circulation, bringing a number of benefits to the skin. Until the hand-held controller was created, galvanic spa treatments could only be done at salons or spas and was a very expensive affair (many people paid hundreds of dollars per treatment). Nu Skin created their own award-winning, patented hand-held device that delivers all the benefits of a galvanic spa without leaving your home. They also reduced the price of the galvanic spa treatments down to about $10 per treatment and the treatments can be done in less than ten minutes a day. This has caused MASS appeal and the demand for this product is huge.

Pharmanex. This isn’t really one product in particular but a range of products that offers a complete approach to anti-aging with nutritional supplements formulated to nourish and protect the body against the ravages of time. ageLOC Vitality is part of this Nu Skin product category. This vast product line carries a range of nutritional products such as: reverse gene therapy (through ageLOC science), cell protection, energy and stamina, heart health, immune support, mood support, men’s health, women’s health, bone and joint support, memory support, specialized needs (i.e. eyes, veins, detox), digestive health and weight management.

The Compensation Plan

Welcome to the “smoke and mirrors” part of this review. Seriously, that is how most network marketing plans come off when you research them. A lot of jargon and complex words and phrases all to make it sound “official” and really probably more than it is. The bottom line for making money in any network marketing company is VOLUME. You are going to have to sell on volume to make any money. Nu Skin pays out about 45% and they have a history of paying the highest percentage of commissions out of any billion dollar network company around. Check it out for yourself – this is public information as Nu Skin is a publicly traded company and they have to report this information (and their reporting has to be accurate).

When Nu Skin opened it doors in 1984 they had the “old school” comp plan… and yes they still do (stair step break-away). In fact, their plan has hardly changed in 25 years. That would scare quite a few people but then why should it? Reiterated again (from the intro section of this review): Nu Skin has created over 700 millionaires globally and is said to be creating a new millionaire every 10 days.

The company’s compensation plan is doing its job and seems to be encouraging the right kind of behavior from its distributors. Don’t be fooled by all the hype you read on network marketing companies. If they are a publicly-traded company, this kind of information is easy to find and very accurate. This comp plan is creating new blue diamonds on a weekly basis, which is a testament that the compensation plan is solid.

Why 97% of Nu Skin Reps are Struggling and Failing

Ok, so you have this supposedly good company with solid history, good products, good comp plan and solid plans for the future. So why the heck are 97% of Nu Skin reps failing miserably? There are reportedly 700 millionaires in this company, so what about the other 819,300 reps? You can bet that most of these people are at the bottom with no upline support and struggling and, if they have not already given up, are on the verge. Why? Please see the explanation below.

First, its NOT the company’s fault. Just look at the facts of this review. The only negative that can be seen with this company is that there are a LOT of distributors and the products have already been exposed to millions of people. But Nu Skin is always coming out with something new and are said to be way ahead of their competition in their niche. So you really don’t have to worry about that. As far as the number of distributors go… yes 820,000 is a lot, but with the economy the way it is and people needing to supplement their income, you have enough NEW people every day looking on the internet for home business opportunities that you shouldn’t worry about that either. It is said that now has never been a better time to start a home business. And the MLM industry has created more millionaires than any other industry out there.

It’s also NOT the distributor’s fault either. They don’t start a business with the thought of intentionally making it fail. They want money and success and all the things that go along with a successful home-based business. The secret is in WHAT THEY ARE BEING TAUGHT.

Leadership – How to Become One of the Top 3%

The only way you are going to beat that 97% failure rate and get the leadership status you want is by KNOWLEDGE. All I can say is learn, learn and learn some more. There are a LOT of people who are “getting it” and using what’s called “attraction marketing” to build very successful businesses. Do some research on these successful people (and attraction marketing) and learn from them.

You need to BECOME the leader and stand out. Believe in yourself AND your business. Don’t take the answer NO from yourself. From now on, do everything in EXCELLENCE and don’t expect anything less. Make this happen… there is no excuse.

Source by JoKarol Dean

Electric Smoker Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Electric Smokers

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Electric smokers can indeed be a good alternative to all the other smoking technologies available, but only if they are chosen wisely, because each single feature can have a major impact on the results they obtain.

But choosing the best electric smoker will be easy if you just pay attention to some details as follows:


Without being superficial or taking sides, some companies are better than others, having a long tradition in providing practical solutions to common needs, in the shape of reliable and functional appliances.

When choosing your electric smoker, you should make sure it was produced by a company with some experience and a solid reputation in the field, thus making sure that the product you buy will have a long life span and that spare parts will be available for years to come.

Temperature Adjusting System

The greatest thing about electric smokers is that temperature can be adjusted automatically, without any effort or intervention on your part. That is achieved with the help of two different system components: the thermostat and the rheostat.

The difference between the smokers running on a thermostat and those running on a rheostat consists in the fact that, while the ones in the first category stop functioning completely until the temperature decreases and start back automatically when it reaches the minimum value, those from the second category only reduce their capacity to adjust temperature.

The electric smokers in the first category are preferable because they allow minimum temperature fluctuations and electricity savings.

Technical Specifications

There are several details that can determine an electric smoker’s functionality, such as electricity consumption, power supply requirements, storage capacity, construction technique and materials, overall size etc.

As far as the electricity consumption and the power supply requirements are concerned, the choice should be simple: go for electric smokers with minimum consumption and supply requirements as close to your resources as possible, to avoid having to make improvements on your home electrical network.

The storage capacity is usually a subjective criterion, as only you can determine what your needs are. While inferior capacity might mean faster smoking or savings on electricity, you can never know when the family gains a new member or visitors who will stay for dinner.

As for the construction technique and materials, you need to keep your eyes open for quality and reliability. Stainless steel might be a good choice and don’t forget about the sealing, because it can thoroughly influence the results of your smoking projects.

Financial Implications

Electric smokers come with prices that usually reflect their features and capabilities, so this is one of those cases when considering the lowest price tag is not going to work, especially since we are not talking about a product you can replace every month or every year.

A small price difference can often cost you spare parts and paid repairs, higher electricity bills or poor taste and dryness of the smoked products.

The Key to a Choice You Won’t Regret – Comparison

Now that you know what to look for, the choice should follow naturally. Just compare the details, keep in mind your needs as a family and what you can afford to pay, and there is no doubt you will be able to identify the one model that offers everything you need for a competitive price.

Don’t rush into any decision until you have analyzed at least four or five electric smokers, so that you will have a general idea on price levels and main features.

Amateur Smoking Golden Rule

To improve the taste and flavor of the meat, scald it or let it marinate in sauerkraut juice spiced with pepper, laurel leaves and rosemary for a couple of minutes before smoking it and add one or two pieces of charcoal to the wood box.

Keep in mind all the tips above and you will surely find the best smoker to fit your needs, and make the best out of it.

Source by Ringo Johnson

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