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Fisker Debuts $129000 Tesla Killer at CES 2018

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  1. Fisker Debuts $129000 Tesla Killer at CES 2018
  2. Fisker Eyes A Comeback With A Stylish, Self-Driving Electric Car  Forbes
  3. Fisker EMotion EV and flexible solid-state battery debut at CES  Autoblog (blog)
  4. Fisker is following the Tesla playbook to the letter with its EMotion car  Mashable
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Acupuncture, Electropuncture & Aquapuncture – Will They Help My Dog's Arthritis?

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Unlike conventional veterinary medicine, which is usually comprated of harsh pharmaceutical chemicals, acupuncture is a safer and more exact form of pain relief for dogs that are suffering from ailments, such as allergies, hip dysplasia, paralysis, arthritis and respiratory problems.

Most people think of acupuncture as a healing therapy designed only for humans, but dogs, cats and other animals can benefit very much from the use of acupuncture. In fact, during the Jin dynasty period of China, about 4500 years ago, the very first case of using acupuncture on an animal was recorded.

This healing modality was quickly spread and was first used by veterinarians in the USA in the 1970's. It then evolved into aquapuncture and electropuncture.

Acupuncture involves inserting a thin needle into specific points on a dog's body in an attempt to treat any pain. Acupuncture is believed to enhance and restore a dog's natural flow of energy (qi) in their body. The qi energy runs along 12 meridians with each meridian linking up to an internal organ and its operating system. The thin needles are placed at certain points along these meridians to stimulate the flow of qi energy, which in turn benefits the dog's muscular, skeletal, hormonal and cardiovascular systems.

Western acupuncture specialists explain that there are 365 main acupuncture points in an animal's body which are all located at little clusters of nerves and blood vessels. Through stimulation of these cluster points with the needles, physiological effects are triggered within an animal's body, and this actually helps to increase the animal's own healing abilities within their body.

The acupuncture helps to rapidly release neurotransmitters inside the dog's body such as endorphins, which are the body's natural pain killers, as well as small amounts of cortisal, which is an anti-inflammatory steroid.

Aquapuncture is another form of acupuncture that some dog owner's prefer for their dogs. It uses a hypodermic syringe and needle to gently inject a solution into the acupuncture points. For quite a few days after this solution has been injected under the dog's skin, it will continue to either pilot or sedate the acupuncture points. The solution is commonly comprised of lidocaine, saline, and vitamin B12, together with a homeopathic remedy. Aquapuncture is good for dogs that have severe back or hip pain which is caused from vertebral spondylosis, arthritis or hip dysplasia.

Electropolitation is also another alternative to regular acupuncture. With electropuncture, an electrical device is used to stimulate the acupuncture points in the dog's body. This is done through the use of wires attached to the acupuncture needles. A mild electrical charge is then sent at variable frequencies through the needle and into the acupuncture point on the dog's body. Electropolitation is an excellent choice if your dog has severe paralysis.

Most acupuncture, aquapuncture and electroporation treatments last between 10 seconds and 30 minutes, although it does depend on the ailment for which the dog is being treated. Moreover, some dogs will have to have 4 to 6 treatment sessions before there will be any real improvement, although some dog owners are able to see immediate improvements in their dog's overall health after just one or two sessions.

Even though the above treatments will not cause your dog any pain, they are time consuming and do require your dog to lie still for long periods of time.

If you do not think that your dog will be able to withstand an acupuncture session, it is too costly or if you want to make sure that you are doing everything possible to strengthen your dog's acupuncture, aquapuncture or electropuncture treatments, there is an herbal tonic that you can try called Joint Resolution.

Perfect for dogs feeling the discomfort of arthritis or hip dysplasia, Joint Resolution's herbal blend of boswellia, devils claw and licorice work together to reduce inflammation and pain as dandelion eliminates toxins from your dog's body.

It also contains New Bio Cell Collagen Type II, which aids in building new cartilage, rejuvenating worn tissues and promotes improved joint mobility and flexibility. Joint Resolution is easy to manage via a few drops on your dog's favorite treat.

There are definitely many all natural and holistic remedies and treatments for your suffering dog to try before going with more harsh methods like drugs and surgeries.

Source by Alex Valentino

VIDEO: Worker Steps On Fish In Chinatown Food Market’s Display

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  1. VIDEO: Worker Steps On Fish In Chinatown Food Market’s Display
  2. Chinatown Market Slapped With Health Violations After Video Shows Worker Standing on Fish  The Epoch Times
  3. Worker filmed stepping on fish for sale at market  Metro
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Low-Emission Cars on the Second Hand Vehicles Market

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Reduced CO2 vehicles move onto the second hand car market

New sub-100g / km cars are selling increasingly well. But will that rise in demand continue onto the second hand vehicle market? Let's look into it.

What are the advantages of reduced-emission vehicles for businesses and consumers?

European has set CO2-targets that car manufactures have to live by. This is why almost all car makers have developed strategies for reducing emissions. But consumers and businesses are also wising up to the benefits of reduced-emission cars.

Businesses are always looking for ways to limit operating costs as much as they can without having to compromise on service levels. And that is where sub-100g / km vehicles come into the fleet! Fleet managers are putting the focus on whole-life cost and value for money and they realize how interesting low-CO2 cars can be for their fleets. Think tax-advantages.

Off course, We can not ignore external factors like natural disasters, war and civil unrest. Each of these have helped increase oil prices significantly. The effect of these factors can not be underestimated as a cause offuel-efficient vehicles demand shooting up.

Sub-100g / km vehicles on the second hand car market

Reduced-emission vehicles have only recently started appearing on the second hand car market. But we still do not see high numbers of hybrids, electric cars and reduced-emission vehicles on second hand vehicle marketplaces. That is why it would be difficult to make an accurate prediction on the success low-emission, high-mpg vehicles will have in the future.

At the moment, the reduced-emission cars supply mainly out out of petrol-electric hybrids, super-minis and the latest generation of fuel-efficient small hatchbacks. Because they are so scarce, availability and prices are the major issues for car buyers right now.

Car choices are limited because the majority of cars has a similar body shape. Moreover, the majority of second hand cars are retail rather than fleet models and tend not to surface in a wholesale car auction.

Fleet numbers, however, will eventually start growing, which will help fight the high auction prices, which currently often outweigh the benefits from reduced motor costs. Make and model, mileage, condition, desirability and presentation, on the other hand, will always be critical issues as far as pricing and demand is concerned.

Can reduced-emission cars be a remarketing success?

Whether or not it is worth to take up sub-100g / km cars in a fleet for their remarketing value, is hard to tell. We could expect that this type of pre-owned cars will remain a niche-interest sector in the short-term. But if motoring costs keep climbing and the low-CO2 second hand vehicles remain tax-friendly then demand could increase sturdily. But it is more likely that fleet managers will be driven toward these cars by tax advantages rather than their remarketing value.

Source by Katrien Tans

Coal mogul: Trump should fire energy officials for rejecting Perry plan

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  1. Coal mogul: Trump should fire energy officials for rejecting Perry plan  The Hill
  2. Coal executive blasts federal energy regulators for ‘bureaucratic cop-out’ on Trump administration power plan  Washington Post
  3. Federal Regulator Rejects Energy Department’s Bid To Prop Up Coal, Nuclear  NPR
  4. What Killed Trump’s Cockamamie Coal Plan  Bloomberg
  5. Energy regulator rejects Perry’s plan to boost coal  Politico
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Bend Oregon Mortgage Defaults Skyrocket

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The Bend Bulletin reported Sunday that the Bend Oregon real estate market is not doing well. There were 788 notices of default filed in Deschutes County for the first six months of 2008.

A notice of default occurs when the mortgage lender files a notice of foreclosure. Lenders generally file notices after a borrower is two to three months behind on their payments. As foreclosures increase lenders tend to file notices sooner to try and cut their losses.

There were 192 notices of default filed in 2007 over the same time period. This year’s defaults show a 410% increase over last year. Prices continue to fall as more bank repossessions come on the market.

The Bulletin reported that 75% of the notices of default filed this year were on homes purchases made in 2006 and 2007 at the peak of the Bend Oregon real estate market. Not all of these notices of default will result in foreclosure. Borrows have an opportunity to bring the loans current. If they do the default notice and foreclosure proceedings will be stopped.

Most homes purchased in 2006 and 2007 are currently worth substantially less now than they were then. If a purchaser bought a home during these years with nothing or little down they cannot sell their homes and pay off the mortgage.

Some lending institutions are allowing owners to sell their homes for less than they owe. The bank takes the loss. These are known as “short sales”.

If a loan is not brought current after 90 days of the notice of default the lender will put the home up for auction on the court house steps. If the home isn’t sold for more that the delinquency the bank takes possession. Thus the name “bank repo”.

The increasing number of short sales and bank foreclosures will add additional lower priced homes to the market and continue the price decreases we are currently experiencing. Prices are currently down approximately 23% from this time last year.

The latest market report for Bend showed that the median prices of homes rose slightly for June 2008 over June 2007. Statistics can be tricky though. There were 22 homes sold over $500,000 and one of those homes was a sale for $3,000,000 during that period. Naturally that increased the median price substantially. The average price per square foot was up also.

The fact is our prices are still falling and will continue to fall until bank foreclosures slow down considerably. A decrease in notices of default will predict a decrease in Bend foreclosures. The current amount of notices of default guarantee more bank repos will be hitting the market this year.

Bank repos can sometimes be a good buy. The banks have to sell them to get them off of their books. Country Wide and other lenders made mortgage loans of question over the past several years and they are now coming back to haunt the banking industry.

There are currently many homes on the market in Bend that are over priced. The values continue to fall and people won’t lower their prices to market value to sell their property.

Inflation is up. Gas prices are up. Unemployment is up and it seems that interest rates are inching up also. I don’t think the Federal government will let interest rates get too high. But you never know. They raised them to 16% in 1981.

Keep an eye on mortgage notices of defaults and they will tell you where the real estate market is headed in Bend Oregon.

Source by Jimmy D Johnson

Amazon Alexa is coming to Toyota cars

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  1. Amazon Alexa is coming to Toyota cars  USA TODAY
  2. Toyota will add Amazon Alexa to select cars in 2018  CNBC
  3. Amazon’s Alexa Voice Assistant Coming to Toyota’s Cars This Year  Bloomberg
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How to Buy Handbag Hooks at Wholesale

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Handbag hooks have become famous not only for ladies but also for men. They have invaded very careful and elegant buyers who wish to be stylish while maintaining comfort all for their convenience.

These hooks serve the purpose of carrying the bag while connected to a table or a flat surface. In this manner, the owner does not have to put his or her bag under the table or on top of it. Owners do not need to place their bags beside them. This small functional object can be bought for a very cheap price since a typical handbag hook is priced from $ 20. However, this can be far cheaper if one would buy this by bulk or wholesale.

Buying wholesale handbag hooks is not just for people in business. This can also be done by those who want to have a different holder, particularly one for each day. This can be compared to wearing clothes which people have the option of changing every day. Anyways, it is priced reasonably so women can just have 2-3 of them or even at least 5 handbag hooks.

When buying wholesale handbag hooks, remember to randomly check the handbag hooks in order to know if there is any damage. Also, keep in mind that these wholesale handbag hooks come bundled with the "no-return no exchange" policy, especially if it has been past several days already.

Buyers can also check the part which is attached to the table to know if it can really stick to the table or not. The hook that holds the bag should be strong enough to handle heavy objects, which is its main purpose.

Buying wholesale hooks for handbags is cheaper because the production cost is shared by many items. This is the advantage of buying by bulk. Also like shirts, there is also a need to check the design especially if the purpose of buying wholesale is for business since there is a much bigger need to be meticulous and careful.

The material of the hook should also be checked according to the purpose of the person who will be using it. Copper, gold and some metals are more elegant to look at especially if it has crystals on top of it. Young adults frequently prefer colorful plastic materials, quite practical for them because teenagers often like to buy new ones every now and then.

It is important for a person to take a closer look at every aspect of the handbag hook before buying wholesale handbag hooks to save time and money. It's good to be wise when buying wholesale handbag hooks since you would not want to waste your time returning any handbag handbag hook now and then, or worse: selling one of your customers a defective handbag hook.

Source by Cherrie Simmon

Democrats vow to force vote on net neutrality

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  1. Democrats vow to force vote on net neutrality  Reuters
  2. Net neutrality activists are celebrating as Democratic senators clear key hurdle to voting against the FCC  Washington Post
  3. GOP senator says she’ll vote to restore net neutrality rules  Ars Technica
  4. Claire McCaskill on Twitter: “30 is the magic number of cosponsors needed to get a #NetNeutrality vote in the full …  Twitter
  5. All you wanted to know about Net Neutrality  Hindu Business Line
  6. Full coverage

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