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T-Mobile says it’s best in customer satisfaction. Who’s worst?

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  1. T-Mobile says it’s best in customer satisfaction. Who’s worst?  CNET
  2. AT&T plans 12-city mobile 5G network by year’s end as Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile bicker over ‘real 5G’ plans  VentureBeat
  3. AT&T says it will start rolling out true mobile 5G by the end of 2018  9to5Mac
  4. Speedy 5G service is coming to smartphones later this year, AT&T says  USA TODAY
  5. AT&T to provide 5G to 12 markets by end of 2018, fibre to 82 metros by mid-2019  ZDNet
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Learn How to Install a Car Stereo

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Do not remove all of the wires now. Purchase a car stereo that will fit your car. Attach the antenna wire. Remove and reattach the wires in the following order: the positive wires, then the negative wires, then the ground (black) wire. Remove the front dash panel according to the directions in your owner's manual. Consider putting all of the screws into a small plastic baggie to make sure that they do not get lost during the car stereo installation process. Unscrew and pull out your car stereo unit and look at the back. One of the easiest ways to save money on car stereo systems is to install them yourself.

Disconnect the negative battery cable so that you can work safely. Slide the new car stereo into the mounting bracket. Slide the stereo into place but do not screw it in until you've tested it.For the installation, you'll need your owner's manual, a screwdriver and / or socket wrench set, and wire strippers. For some people, a great-sounding car stereo system is an essential piece of equipment. Then attach the constant and ignition power wires.There's nothing like driving down the street and listening to music with the windows down. You need them as a map to help you attach the new car stereo system. Your manual should show exactly how to do this.When testing the stereo, use the balance features to listen to each car stereo speaker and make sure that it's working properly. You will either see one plug that is attached to all of the wires or a bunch of wires that are individually attached to the stereo. The ground wire should be attached to metal.It's also a good idea to look for a system that is wired specifically for your make and model if you can find one.

If you do not have a plug, you'll need to wire it manually. It will save you a lot of time and effort. If you have a plug, all you need to do is remove it and plug in the new one.If everything's working right, go ahead and screw in your new stereo, put on some music, and enjoy!

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Intel shares fall as investors worry about costs of chip flaw

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  1. Intel shares fall as investors worry about costs of chip flaw  Reuters
  2. Intel CEO Krzanich Slashed Stock Holdings at End of Last Year  Bloomberg
  3. Intel’s CEO Just Sold a Lot of Stock  Motley Fool
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Global Robotics Market in Paper, Printing, and Publishing Industry 2017-2021 with ABB, FANUC, KION, Midea …

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  1. Global Robotics Market in Paper, Printing, and Publishing Industry 2017-2021 with ABB, FANUC, KION, Midea …  Markets Insider
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Cutting 8 AWG THHN Electrical Wire to Length

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We all know that buying more of something usually gets you a better price per unit in almost every industry out there. In the wire and cable industry buying more will definitely get you a better price but it may not always be the best option for you or your company.

Many suppliers of 8 AWG THHN electrical wire have started to cut it to the exact length the customer needs in order to avoid waste on each job. Yes, the installer or contractor will get a better price per foot if they buy 500 feet instead of 120 feet but how much waste will that yield? It’s going to be different for each job but once that spool of 500 feet gets down to 80 feet it’s going to be much more difficult to find a use for it. The spool might sit there for quite some time and, in the mean time, you have to order another spool of 500 feet in order to prepare for the next job you have.

Buying online has become much more common than 5 years ago. Many online suppliers of 8 AWG THHN wire will let you buy to the exact foot you need on their website. Some even offer free shipping to anywhere in the USA once you hit a certain dollar amount. The main thing to be sure of is the length of your run because there’s nothing worse for you or the supplier when you wind up a couple of feet short and need to return the spool you have in order to get the right length.

8 AWG electrical wire is typically used by electricians, contractors and installers. The most common colors are black, red, white and green. Green is usually designated as the ground wire instead of a bare copper ground because when it’s being used outdoors it needs the protective insulation to resist water and gasses that it will come in contact with.

Suppliers that will cut 8 AWG electrical wire to length for you will most likely cut Romex®, UF-B cable and MC cable to length as well. The fact is that suppliers cut multiple lengths per day while contractors only order a couple of times per month. The higher turnover allows the suppliers to have minimal waste at the end of each month and be able to supply their customers with exactly what they need. It makes life easier for the installer to be able to price the full job without having to factor in waste.

Source by Chris G Bell

Tesla’s Model 3 Delivery Miss Gives Fodder for Both Stock Bulls and Bears

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  1. Tesla’s Model 3 Delivery Miss Gives Fodder for Both Stock Bulls and Bears
  2. 2017 was the best year ever for electric vehicle sales in the US  Ars Technica
  3. Tesla’s New Trip Planner Gives You Free Insight to the Model 3 Experience  Fortune
  4. Why Are You Even Reading That Tesla Announcement?  Bloomberg
  5. Is The Risk-Reward Now Favorable For Tesla Shares?  Seeking Alpha
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Caring For a Pregnant Akita

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Caring for an Akita bitch during pregnancy is basically commonsense. She should be watched carefully and made as comfortable and happy as possible. You should ensure that she has a dry bed, ample clean drinking water and regular feeds of good quality. For the first five weeks she will probably behave quite normally. She may have her “off” days. She may be extra hungry. She may display a slight change in temperament and be more careful how she carries herself, but so long as she is obviously healthy and happy, that is all that matters.

As soon as you suspect that she is pregnant, it is a good idea to contact your vet so he can enter the date of the expected birth in his diary and monitor the bitch’s progress. Akitas do not carry much water with their puppies, nevertheless a considerable amount of weight will have to be carried as the weeks progress. It is generally not advisable to give lots of extra food in the early weeks. Experience has taught us that overloading a bitch with food will put weight on her puppies, and she will also put on extra weight. This causes two problems. Firstly, she will not exercise so well, and so she will not be keeping her muscles toned up. Secondly, the puppies will be fat, which means they will be larger and will experience a more difficult passage down the birth canal. And when they are born, they will be fat and lazy.

It is far better to have an active mother and lean, vigorous puppies, who will fight to get to the teats to fill themselves with that all-important mother’s first milk. We have found the best policy is to feed a balanced diet with an increase in food after about five weeks. Naturally the future mum will be hungrier, but rest assured that whatever food you give to her she will pass on to her unborn babies before she takes it herself. She is a natural in parental care. Additives in the form of calcium and perhaps iron are a good idea, again after the five-week deadline. These days most foods are carefully balanced and numerous additives should not be needed. Indeed, the general view is that they can do more harm than good. But if the bitch suggests that she may have a deficiency, you should take her to the vet so that proper tests and analysis can be undertaken.

Akita bitches “hide” their puppies very well until at least five weeks, more often six. They may show no signs at all that they are pregnant, and this can be extremely annoying to the owners, who obviously want to know if they are to expect a litter so they can make the necessary preparations. Probably the best indication is a swelling of the bitch’s teats. From as early as three weeks these can “pop”, or enlarge slightly and become pinker in appearance. In our experience this is the only “sure” sign. Ultra-sound scanning can also give a definite diagnosis, but this is costly and sometimes the hair on the bitch’s side or underside has to be removed.

Your bitch may show signs of thickening in the rib or loin earlier, but it is most unlikely. Akita Inu bitches do not generally carry their babies across their loin like most breeds. They hide them under their ribs and then later “drop” them and carry them in the belly, rather like a cow carries its calf. Whether you observe positive signs or not, it is wise to contact your vet and book the expected date of birth into his diary so he will be available if necessary.

Seven weeks into the pregnancy, introduce the bitch to her whelping place. A suitably sized box should be prepared and the absolute minimum measurements for this would be about 4ft 6ins by 3ft. This will allow the bitch to lie fully stretched on her side. The box can certainly be larger, but not so big as to allow the puppies to crawl away from their mother and so get lost. Make sure the bitch is happy with the box and its position. After a few days she will welcome the peace, quiet and solitude of this area and so will accept it as the natural place when the time comes to give birth. If she is at all unhappy you must give in to her and make other arrangements. She probably has a good reason for not wanting things the way you do. So listen to her and adjust. She may accept the box, and then on the day of whelping, she changes her mind and wants to go somewhere else. Again, you must give in to her request. She may return to the box after she has had her first puppy, but let her decide. It is worth all the upheaval to have a happy, contented bitch who comes through her pregnancy successfully and delivers her puppies safely, without causing you – – or herself – – any undue anxiety.

Source by Amy S Morin

No New Crypto: Coinbase Squashes Exchange Listing Rumors

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  1. No New Crypto: Coinbase Squashes Exchange Listing Rumors  CoinDesk
  2. Coinbase CEO shoots down rumor that Ripple will be added to supported assets  ForexLive
  3. Coinbase Will not add new Currencies for the Foreseeable Future  Live Bitcoin News
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What You Need to Know About Wholesale Dropshipping

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Now that you have already seen lots of advertisements about wholesale dropshipping but you are unsure if this is good as it sounds, you need to do a little research first. To help you with it, here are some explanations about what you need to know before starting your dropshipping business.

The first thing that you should do is to have a clear understanding about wholesale dropshipping. To be brief, you are a marketer of a specific product and you decide on the price of the product that you want to sell. Once you have sold the product or the item to your customer, you immediately get the payment for it by simply submitting the order to your dropship supplier.

The dropship supplier takes your order and accomplishes it by shipping them to your customer. You get your profit on your sale in such an easy way. You do not have to do any messy inventory and spend most of your time in shipping your products.

See how easy this business is! There are some people who get involved in wholesale dropshipping and they find it overwhelming, but this can be very simple if you focus on some keys that that you should learn before getting started. Here are some of the few keys that you might want to consider in establishing this kind of business:

• Spend some time in researching. Finding a product that most manufacturers drop ship does not mean that there is a viable market for it. Market research is the best way for you to succeed. If you think that the market research takes too long, see how much time you spend in setting up a successful business by doing market research.

• Start your own wholesale dropshipping business by spotlighting few products.

• Find a reliable and reputable supplier that you can trust. Nowadays, wholesale dropshipping has become very popular. This is the reason why there are lots of suppliers who have begun changing the model of their business in order to allow their products to be dropshipped. However, you have to be very careful because there are also lots of middlemen who are not trustworthy and for sure will rip you off. Look for suppliers that are part of the better business bureau so that you can check all the complaints from a particular supplier.

• Make sure that you are prepared in any competition. In order to be competitive on your wholesale dropshipping, make sure to write a good description of your products and try to consider offering a free bonus for each purchase.

• Make sure to operate as a true business. Joining the better business bureau can help you build good reputation with perspective customers. Like you, customers are also looking for trustworthy retailers because they do not want to end up being ripped off. One good way to earn the trust of your customers is to join trusted organizations.

Usually, wholesale dropshipping can be a profitable business opportunity but it is helpful if you consider the tips mentioned above before you start a business. There's nothing worse than getting involved in a business without spending some time to figure out what you should do when you are already into it.

Source by Alana Olson