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Types Of Candle Supplies

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Candles today go beyond their original purpose of being a source of light. They are used more as decorative articles to beautify homes. They are also used during religious occasions, such as for lighting an altar. Many still use them as an emergency source of light during electrical failure. There are different types of candles such as soy candles, oil candles, gel candles, floating candles and many more. All candles are made out of different candles supplies.

To make soy candles a person has to combine soy wax, dye, and perfume. The required molds are also necessary. A Soy Wax Candle Kit includes everything needed to make three 16oz candles. It includes 100% soy wax, wicks, wick stickers, safety labels, three-fragrance oils, and complete instructions. These kits are easily available in the market and even online, with complete instructions.

Originally, candles were made of tallow or wax, with a wick. These were considered the best variety in the olden days. However, their main drawback was that the wax dripped constantly, leaving wax stains on the floor. These were difficult to remove. Moreover, it was always risky because when people kept candles near the window, curtains would occasionally catch fire.

The key ingredient needed to make oil candles is paraffin wax or normal wax. These are also available with additives such as dyes, fragrance oils, seashells, or beads. Other things required are metal molds or simple designed molds. Many popular photographed and non-spotted oils can be mixed (in desired proportions) while making candles. Oil is generally used to make the candles glossy and scanned. Oil candles possess a simple yet classy design that is a beautiful addition to any décor. They make a perfect accent to any piece of furniture, such as a living room coffee table. Oil candles can light up any room with style.

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