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Total Home Renovation For People With a Handicap and/or Disability

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A person with a physical handicap or disability has many options to make his/her home more accessible, livable and enjoyable.

The first step is to find a general contractor with experience and skills in renovating a home for someone who is

physically handicapped or disabled.

Finding a general contractor familiar with accessibility construction and design can be a real challenge.

However, there is one general contractor in Atlanta, Georgia that provides disability access services

in Atlanta, the Atlanta Metro Area, and throughout the Southeast.

This general contractor is Mike Rogers, founder of Distinctive Renovations by Design

Distinctive Renovations by Design uses adaptive equipment and accessibility products and

specialize in wheelchair access renovations projects, roll-in showers, door enlargement,

computer aided designs (CAD) and products information.

Mike Rogers is the founder of Distinctive Renovations by Design, and has experience and solutions

to the obstacles that seniors and the physically challenged face.

“We can renovate a home specifically for the needs of a handicapped or disabled client,” says Rogers. “In fact, a

handicapped or disabled person has many options to make his/her home more accessible. From a

total home renovation or home remodeling to just a few adjustments to entrances and exits, there are many options.”

According to Distinctive Renovations by Design’s Rogers, there are 9 areas to consider when renovating a home for

handicap access and disability access.

In this article, we will take a look at the first 4 of the 9 areas.

The first area is Audio/Visual. For someone in a wheel chair or bed, Audio/Video monitors and controls need to

be more easily accessible

than in most homes. Distinctive Renovations by Design provides installation and service for TV monitors,

home entertainment systems, interior and exterior sound systems, surveillance CCTV systems, and

intercom call systems. All of the Audio/Visual components are installed for handicap accessibility as well as disability


A second area is bathrooms. Home bathroom renovation and redesign centers around

the installation of wheel chair accessible showers, walk in showers, roll-under vanities,

specially-designed and custom bathtubs, Jacuzzis, and flooring using non-porous

(to protect flooring from water damage) material such as non-slip tile or vinyl.

Next is doorways. Distinctive Renovations by Design can expand and remodel doorways to provide for

a greater ease of movement from one area to another. In addition, they install automated doors which

can be controlled from any remote location. For example, an exterior door can be set to automatically

open as a handicapped or disabled client’s vehicle approaches, as well as automatically close

once the vehicle starts to leave. An interior door can be automated as well so that access through

doorways inside the house is made easier. Automated doors are low-voltage, require

very little maintenance, and can be custom designed to suit the needs and living patterns of any client.

Electrical outlets that drive electrical appliances are also something to consider when renovating or remodeling

a home for handicap and disability access. Rogers of Distinctive Renovations by Design mentions, “We routinely

adjust the location and height of electrical outlets in order to suit our clients with reach and/or

movement limitations.”

In conclusion, Rogers points out that “Before you start on a total home renovation or home remodeling job that is

focused on a person with a handicap or disability, make sure the general contractor you use can offer a

total consultation which includes designs created by CAD, or Computer Aided Design.”

“We use Computer Aided Design (CAD) to complete a 3-dimensional drawing of the existing home

layout and incorporate all of the required items into a new design. Included is a summary of

changes and a cost breakdown so the client can closely examine the investment required to

renovate his/her home. This cost breakdown is also invaluable information when it comes

to working with insurance companies.”

We hope this article helps you with your total home renovation or home remodeling for your handicap access and/or

disability access needs.

Please stay tuned for our next article that will cover elevators and lifts, flooring, kitchens, ramps and

walkways, and walls…all of which are focused on giving handicapped or disabled person

options to make his/her home more accessible, livable and enjoyable.

Source by Jamie Quintana

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