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Home Improvement

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Whether you’re improving your home to sell it or just to improve living conditions your neighbors will appreciate the changes. Any home improvements you do to raise the value of your home raises the home values in the entire neighborhood as well. Here’s some simple things you can do right now.

Minor “cosmetic” repair can be done yourself with or without the help from friends and family members. For instance mowing the lawn and pulling the weeds can easily be accomplished and instantly gives your house a not so run down appearance. A new coat of paint can also boost your homes appearance and although it can get tedious anyone can do it or get your friends to help.

If you’re selling the house first impressions are important. Most folks don’t want “fixer uppers” and will low ball you on the sales price if your house appears the maintenance is lacking. A well maintained yard, new paint, a clean house, carpet and curtains will do wonders.

If you’re handy with your hands and a “do it yourselfer” many home improvement stores carry fixtures and appliances that you can install yourself. Cabinets, counter tops, ovens, stoves, sinks, vanities, tile and ceramic tile, moldings, trim, plumbing and electrical supplies and more.

For some of the bigger jobs you might consider hiring a professional, such as re-roofing, moving a plumbing fixture, electrical wiring, etc. But be sure they are bonded and have a contractors license or you could be left holding the bag with some unfinished work.

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