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Electricians – "Duties" and "Safety Precautions"

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Every home is incomplete without perfect electrical fittings. For fixing good electricity connection throughout the house an Electrician is very important. He embellished your house by lying underground wiring below the roof or floor, installing hidden cables inside the walls and running wires through the decorated lamps, fans, bulbs and other equipments that work with the help of electricity. Apart from setting-up and installation an electrician also helps in maintaining the proper wiring, testing faults, repairing the electrical supply routes, verify the proper functioning of the electrical appliances, check out the fuses. They do all these works in residential as well as commercial areas.

Since, electricity is the key ingredient for any home, so electrician is always in great demand. He had both theoretical and practical knowledge to deal with all types of technical issues.

Theoretical knowledge

Electricians had normally undergone a proper training of electrical studies where they learn various electrical rules, theories and codes. They also study various mathematical calculations to measure different required parameters and art of drawing to make circuit level diagram of electrical systems. They also had good understanding of English as all the study materials, device specifications and data sheets are printed in English.

Practical knowledge

They are dexterous in the practical field and have learned to make holes on the electric-board at right place depending upon the switch position, attach the switches and conductors with the screws on it, check the cables, wiring and switches for safe installation. They can efficiently utilize the multi-meters, watt-meters and testing tools to maintain the voltages, currents and power up to given standards for safe working of the appliances and reducing the risk of accidents or electric shocks in future.

The job of electrician is very much risky, full of dangers, ongoing under all the seasons and different types of places. As they had to deal with the ‘Electricity’ and that can becomes very sensitive and life-stacking during the time of rainy season. For such reasons safety considerations are very important. A proper insulation of hands, feet, head and eyes are very important. They are usually provided by professional safety clothing from the company they are working for.

The electrician sometimes had to climb high buildings, pillars and electric-poles. Sometimes they had to work fitting themselves in a small place. They even hang from height to fix the problem, and find difficulty in holding heavy equipments or testing tools at the site of installation or repair. Proper clothing not even provides them safety against the dangers of shocks and wounds, but on the other hand makes them tension free to do their job comfortably with ease of movements as they require.

Apart from clothing there are certain things that a good electrician always needs to keep in mind. One thing is that they never wore or put anything along with them which can act as a carrier of electricity. Other thing is to keep the head covered with a hard helmet like cap. This saves them from anything that is falling from height.

In commercial areas electrician often uses ear-capping, these dampers the loud noises arising from heavy machinery or automobiles. The rubber shoes and gloves are also very powerful safety assets that are the part of the clothing. These help them from any unknown accidents from unseen open wires which they might touch unknowingly. Sometimes these open wires can carry as much as Thousand of watts power that is definitely life ending. Boots also help to create a friction against slippery. Safety Goggles also adds a lot by protecting the eyes from the metallic dirt, welding gases, or debris flying in the air.


A good electrician is physically fit to turn their body as per the place and situation of the job. They are very brave to climb the high electric-poles and building. Their profession needs to be saluted as they are vital part of our livelihood.

Source by Shamima Khatoon Quadri

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