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Copper Versus Aluminum Wire

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Okay, we have two things to compare here: copper wire and aluminum wire. Let's get straight to the point. However, if we do not tackle each topic topic thoroughly before we compare it, we will not be able to unwisely make a comparison at all. Now to make this comparison, I have searched some important stuff about copper wires and aluminum wires. Only by doing this will we find the difference between the two and compare them and come up with the answer to "which is better?" or is it possible that the other one is better than the latter or are they both the same?

Anyways, let's start with aluminum wire. It is widely used to transmit electricity from generating stations to the hundreds and thousands of houses. It has been used by United States Electric companies for over a century. It is convenient to use aluminum wire because it only takes a little less amount to transmit electricity. Compared to copper wires, it would only take 1 pound of aluminum to do that, and copper needs two pounds. These enable companies to create transmission lines with fewer structures because of its lightweight properties.

Copper wire is also an indispensable material. It is widely used on almost all mechanical devices. It is used in electrical wiring to make transmission of electricity as convenient as possible. It is also widely used for many purposes inside the house. You could almost find it in any mechanical and electrical device. On the TV, Refrigerator, radio; name it, you can find copper on it. Plus, the value of scrap copper is very high. You can sell it and make a profit out of it. That is why copper is also valuable. Compared to aluminum, it is much safer and much more efficient than aluminum. No doubt about that.

Now, which is better? I can not actually say because they both have useful purposes. However, if you would talk about specific purpose like transmitting electricity and stuff like that. Aluminum wire makes things lighter and copper are tougher and much safer. So depending on the type of need that would arise, that's the time that you could tell which is better. But if you talk about profit, scrap copper is the winner. Aluminum does not cost that much on the market. Copper on the other hand is very valuable. Copper mining is a difficult and dangerous task and you can not acquire that much copper in one sitting. Plus, the demand is continuously on the rise. Add also the facts that copper mines are not renewable; it's a finite material that makes it a bit expensive. It's so valuable that it is also available on the black market. Also, this makes the scrap copper valuable. Manufacturers have no choice but to recycle copper or buy recycled copper than to depend on the copper mines because it does not supply their demand. Good thing copper is highly recyclable. You can melt it and reshape it into whisper purpose it might serve these manufacturers.

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