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Wind Power, Pollution Free Electric Supply

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With more emphasis on going green and the ever growing demand for power, it is wise for us as a society to take measures to conserve power. In addition to being aware of the power that we use in our homes, we can definitely benefit from wind power. Electricity generation by means of solar or wind power are the most efficient and cleanest methods.

Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar can reduce the power bill and help the environment.

There are cost-effective solutions that can be utilized at home. In order to be able to get the most output, there are requirements that should be met.

You need to have enough land. To set up a farm of wind turbines and get any significant output would require over an acre of land. You want to have plenty of space for all the wind turbines so that they can operate without mechanical or aerodynamic interference.

Typically wind speeds are about 5 to 10 miles per hour. You want to have the turbines installed so that they can get the most air flow.

A single turbine consists of a tower, generator, housing, and the fan. Wind moving through the fan forces it to turn. The fan is connected to a generator. When the fan turns, the electric power is generated. As long as you set your towers high enough to capture consistent wind, you should have no problem generating electricity from wind.

Wind powered systems have power storage options available. Electricity can be generated and stored in batteries for later use.

Utilizing wind power is a wonderful solution for coping with the increased power demand of society. Generating electric power by wind is clean and efficient. The energy is renewable. Additionally the usage of alternative energy in the form of wind can cut electric power costs.

Source by Paul RJ Wilson

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