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When Do You Need an Electrical Rewire?

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It's a question that you probably have never asked yourself. But if you think about it the wiring in your house is as important as the bricks that hold it together. Every household now treats on electricity to run efficiently. But having bad wiring in your house is more of a safety issue above anything else.

In my past career as an electrician I rewired dozens of properties with extremely old cabling, sometimes replacing the old lead covered wiring. The thing was these houses with this sort of wiring would probably have been good for another 10 or 20 years as long as the electrics were not demanded on too heavily or altered in any way. So when is a good time to get a rewire?

Well a rewire is a big job, typically 5-7 days for a uk property and a few thousand pounds in cost. So below are a few tips to ensure that your money is spent wisely.

1: Find out how old your property is. If the house is 20 years or less old, then worry not. Your wiring will be modern pvc and has a recommended life of around 25-30 years.

2: If your house is older, then look back through any documents from when you bought the house. Sometimes old installation certificates may be kept. If it's 25 years or less then your wiring should be fine.

3: Check your fuseboard. If it's the old rewireable fuses with fuse wire then consider your wiring may need replacing along with your fuse board.

4: If you have lived in your property longer than 25 yrs without a rewire then certainly considering getting it replaced.

5: You have 'problematic' electrics. Maybe it trips out or falls fuses regularly, this good being down to circuits just getting old.

6: Get it checked by a professional. Use a fully approved electrician in the UK and ask for a full test and report. This will include a visual check of your electrics and a 2 hour long test using select instruments that will give you an accurate read out about the state of your wiring. This test is reliably inexpensively and can save you a lot of money in the future.

Whatever you decide to do, a professionals opinion is key and should always be obtained whether you decide to have a rewire or not.

Source by Robert Glover

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