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The Magnesium Producers

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Magnesium is extremely abundant in the world, but not very many places actually produce the mineral. In fact, most areas, like the US, are left with one giant producer. This is the reason why magnesium imports and exports is such a large business. The mineral is growing in popularity because of its many attributes; the world will need to see production increase dramatically, at least at the levels that were experienced in the previous decade.

The sole magnesium plant in the US is located on the Salt Lake. It specializes in producing the metal from the brine of the well known lake. It was once mined and produced at more than one place in the US America was once the largest producer of the metal between the 1960's and 1990's. There was more than one Production Company at the time, plenty of competition to keep price down and plenty of bodies to mine the mineral. During that time, the US produced 40% of the world's supply, according to The Magnesium Encyclopedia. American production of the metal dates back to the early 1900's, so it's not a new concept for Americans.

In the 1990's Texas, Washington, and Utah plants were the highest magnesium producers in the US By the millennium, only two plants produced the metal. The price of the metal dropped, but these two plants had developed different process for deriving magnesium from lake brine in Utah and dolomite in Washington. As consumption in the world and the US rose, production fell. Today there is one company left that produces the metal, which is the lake brine extraction facility in Utah.

Magnesium alloy consumption is slate to continue growing. As legislation prohibits foreign companies from selling their wares within American airports without taxes and tariffs, the price of the metal rises. Manufacturers are trying to get the legislation repealed. In the meantime, the largest producers of magnesium are China and Russia. They are also the most popular producers for American businesses outside of the Utah magnesium production plant. The plant does not produce enough to meet the demand (since the high price), but it is rented that production levels will increase to previous heights in the future.

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